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Yili surplus pure milk, Hold is only stylish to live in fat

“Looking at the growing figure, I feel that I am slowly abandoning the world.”


This is a lady from Weibo. After facing the daily unstoppable weight soaring, a long sigh made. I believe that for most people who have similar troubles, they can suffer.

After all, in the social concept of aesthetic premise today, a person’s good or not has become an important image display, and it is even related to the character and cultivation of your whole person.

So we can see it too,

Too many people are desperate to lose weight, too many people, although they are still slim and hold their teeth and insist on losing weight, maintain their shape, but there are too many people to taste various methods. cold.


If you are also in the same situation, a wave of “fat reduction” initiated by Yili with pure milk recently can definitely be considered your gospel. In addition, the clever strategy design of the overall movement also brings some new ideas about brand marketing.


Deeply dig the pain points of users, penetrate the important consumer scenarios of the product

Regarding whether to lose weight first or shaped first. In fact, in the industry, there is already a finalized answer: weight loss should be reduced first and then shaped, because as long as the fat is reduced and thin, the shape is effective.

Perhaps it is based on this understanding, so in the entire advertising action, Yili survive pure milk with the help of the public’s collective cognition to extend multiple life scenes about “weight loss” around the concepts they recognized.

At the same time, Yili Subtissical Pure Milk can make fat loss more relaxed and more effective. It also brings its own products to people’s various changes in various changes in their lives.


For example, Yili Skin Settlement Milk allows you to put on your favorite small clothes; Yili Subtotic Pure Milk can make it easier for you to reduce fat; Embarrassing situation.

However, if you continue to dig deeper, you can actually find that Yili surplus pure milk has a very profound impact on the lives of people who lose weight. The three scenes closely focus on the keywords of people’s fat reduction- “change”, and reflect the most authentic appearance behind the “fat man’s sorrow and sadness” with the popular story of the public.


It is also the true capture of these lives that the advertisement itself has become a collective emotional expression of the “weight loss crowd”, which makes different people trigger different emotional fluctuations when watching, and has a strong resonance.

In addition, the benefits of communicating the target group to portray the lives of the weight loss group are,

Can fully reach the diversified pain points of different weight loss people, focus on more potential customer groups, and use a core solution to trigger strong purchasing demand for the crowd, and quickly increase the market awareness and reputation of Yili Skin -Discard pure milk.



Establish a marketing matrix to create a strong interactive social topic

In the era of online information blowouts, users’ attention is scattered and the attention is reduced. No matter how good advertising creativity is, it is necessary to need a strong enough leverage to leverage.

And in the composition of the entire leverage, this time

Yili Subtotic Pure Milk also set off with the focus of users, and combined with multiple platform KOL to form a communication matrix. Through the brand effect endorsement+KOL call, strong attention to the Internet on the Internet, enthusiastically participated in the topic discussion of#0 fat -style#.


As of now,#0 fat is more type#topic


Reading over 13.14 million


Discussion reached 9000+

Its influence in the target circle can be seen.

It can be said that through such a clear theme of communication, coupled with the combination of the core target audience KOL, the most significant effect brought to Yili Subsidant pure milk is

Being able to keep the core of the product itself “0 fat” strongly occupy the minds of the people of weight loss, and make people fully realize that the practicality and necessity of Yili dehydrated pure milk must be drank, and the pure milk of Yili Disasure It may be important.


In addition, in order to make the entire communication more involved and interesting, this time Yili Subtotic Pure Milk also launched a “21 -day fat control plan” new gameplay, which not only fully mobilized the positive emotions and interactive participation of extensive target groups.

More importantly, its new concept gameplay also brings users more new consumption attempts and a sense of fat reduction.

Through the offline terminal image, and the selling points of various boxes, the selling points of the product display of the product to cooperate with the online linkage, and also allows the entire action to give users the perception and experience of users, which is more depth and three -dimensional. In the true sense, the volume of this activity was maximized.

In general, in the environment of advertising more and more fresh, stimulating and bold, it seems that it seems that it seems that it is nothing to attract consumers’ attention. But in the final analysis, it is usually the most authentic life. People boldly pursue and challenge fresh and unknown, but they are just a small episode in a long life.

Therefore,#0 fat is more type#This seemingly bland topic, in fact, it just cuts all the people’s daily life -to find their own sense of presence, and the sense of self -value realization, so as to let “reduce fat reduction reduction “This slogan has received positive response from a wide range of people.

Whether it is the popularity of the brand/product level or the transformation of the traffic at the dissemination level, it can be said that Yili’s skilled pure milk has achieved a lot of results. In the real sense, it has brought new inspiration to the industry:

As long as the two points are closely grasped, one is the basis for users to solve the pain point, and the basis that users like to adopt when solving the pain points.

After all, people always make decisions with emotional choices and rational support. The former Yili Subsidity Pure Milk’s advertising interest point output, which brings us a perceptual understanding, the latter uses the “Olympic Quality” and other endorsements of the Yili brand, as well as the trust and favorable relationship between KOL and fans, which makes people continue to face each other Yili surplus pure milk products have been recognized, so that they have completed the combination of product effects throughout the game.