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Romantic heart -shaped diamonds not only have white diamond yellow diamonds, but also cherry blossom pink diamonds, ice and snow, blue diamonds, charming

The heart shape is simple and straightforward. Since ancient times, it is the best representative element of love

Essence Brand jewelry is also colorful for heart -shaped elements, and will be selected




Waiting for precious heart -shaped gems to make jewelry, diamonds made in the king of gems are the most commonly used. Different such as other single -colored gems,

Romantic heart -shaped diamond

Not only

Shining white diamond


Warm yellow diamond

,and also

Sweet cherry blossom drill

Cold ice and snow and blue diamonds

, Very charming.

Heart -shaped diamond is the most romantic diamond shape

It symbolizes sweetness, fairy tales, dreams, etc., every girl’s heart lives a fairy tale, and heart -shaped diamonds have the magic of bringing girls to romantic fairy tales. White diamonds are a common diamond, colorless transparency, bright and dazzling, with a touching and touching glory.

This 92.15ct

White diamond


Type IIA type

The heart -shaped cut diamonds, the color and the clarity reached the highest level. After GIA identified as D colors, the symmetry and polishing of the cutting work are


, No fluorescent. Heart -shaped main diamond use

Four -claw inlaid design

On both sides of the claws on the top, one is embellished with one

Round bright cut diamond

, Natural transition into a rounded pearl necklace.

Yellow diamond

It is a type of color diamond. It is relatively common than pink diamonds and blue diamonds, and the value is relatively low, but it is still higher than ordinary white diamonds. During the formation process, the yellow diamond

Nitrogen atom

Replace some of the diamond crystals

carbon atom

At that time, began to absorb blue and purple light, so the diamond appeared yellow. Warm and bright yellow, especially charming.

This yellow diamond ring comes from


, The main stone is one

9.03 carat


Heart -shaped yellow diamond

, Embed one on each side

Long stairoidal cutting diamond


, The square -shaped square claws are inlaid, and the simple contours of the center -shaped yellow diamonds are shining.

Colored diamond

It is the color that changes in the particles in colorless diamonds. Different changes will produce different colors. Like this

Pink diamond

The reason for the color is carbon atoms or internal lattice deformation. When the atoms are misplaced or the lattice deformation reaches a certain volume, the diamond will change quality, such as absorbing green light waves, making the diamond showing dreamy pink.

Pink diamond is one of the rare color diamond colors

Heart -shaped pink diamond

Romance and precious, like love. This ring is inlaid


3.05 carat

Heart -shaped cutting powder

On each side, a pear -shaped cut diamond is embedded on each side.

Essence Heart -shaped cutting

The large powder drill is very rare. The rare thing is that the heart -shaped cutting of this pink diamond is also perfect. The proportion and fire color are impeccable and extremely rare.

Rose gold water droplet claw


, Left and right sides


Pear -shaped white diamond


Modern and simple 3 stone style


If you want to choose a heart -shaped gemstone to express love, this is the most basic style choice.

Natural blue diamond

It is a very rare color in colorful diamonds. The blue diamonds on the market are very rare. Its status is second only to red diamonds. Before pink diamonds, blue diamonds with high quality levels are rare and rare. value. During the formation of diamonds, the trace amount is absorbed


, Diamonds are blue -green or blue belt green. Different from other color diamonds, blue diamonds

With conductivity




Blue diamond ring

7.02 carat

Heart -shaped cutting blue diamonds, reached

Fancy blue

Color level, surrounding inlaid


Code cutting,

Pear -shaped


Blue Diamond

Bright cutting, round cutting

The total weight of blue diamonds and pink diamonds is 3.60 carats. The precepts are made of rose gold.

The luxurious color diamonds like this are rare in the market. Therefore, many people think that diamonds have only white diamonds. In fact, colorful diamonds such as pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and blue diamonds are really romantic and beautiful, and they are rare and precious.












, The main stone is one


Pink diamond

Pink diamond