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Take off wide -leg pants! This year, these 3 shorts are popular, cool and versatile and thin legs are thin

As the temperature gradually rises, many areas in the south have entered the summer in advance. Many beautiful women have taken off the wide -leg pants and replaced with cool shorts on the street.

But I also noticed that it is also shorts,


Why do some people look good and sexy, while others can wear fat and short?

This is a bit confused.


After studying carefully, it was found that they did not choose the right style. The same person wearing different styles of shorts, the effect is really different.

The left side is obviously fatter, but the right side is at least 10 pounds.

It turns out that wearing shorts also has a lot of attention, so let’s summarize the common shorts wearing skills, so that you can also wear slender long legs.

1. denim shorts

Denim shorts are a very high appearance rate. It is very classic and versatile like denim trousers. Whether it is a T -shirt, suspender or shirt, it is completely fine, fashionable and beautiful.

But there are many places that are easy to “step on the mine”, and then look down.


How to choose:

①D version modified leg type

I have also said before that the same body wears different versions of shorts, and the effect is very different. The straight -type denim shorts are “disasters” for girls with pear -shaped figures.


The A -line version of the denim shorts is significantly thinner.


Of course, the more loose the pants are, the better. There is a detail that you need to pay attention, that is, the tilt angle of the trouser legs. If the angle is too large, it is easy to expose thick thighs.

There is also a detail that needs attention, that is

Length of pants

The length mentioned here refers to the distance between the crotch and the legs of the trousers.

Especially for girls with thick thighs, this trousers need to pay special attention,

It’s not that the longer the better

Instead, it is necessary to choose according to the thick part of the legs. The length of the pants that can cover the thicker thigh is the most appropriate.

② Reduce element accumulation


Now there are many shorts in order to pursue fashion, and various design elements will be accumulated, such as

Bittry, rhinestone, wool edge


Wait, if there are too many elements, it is too fancy, but it is easy to lower the beauty of the shape.


You only need to choose shorts with only one or no design elements in the selection. It looks cleaner and the visual aesthetics are better.

How to match: personality and fashionable

① denim shorts+knitted short sleeves


The short -sleeved knitting is the most suitable for wearing this spring and summer. It is cool and has a certain warmth. Compared with the T -shirts and sweaters of bad streets, wearing short -sleeved knitting is not easy to hit the shirt. It can be matched with denim shorts to match it. Salt is sweet.

② denim shorts+design sense top

If you go to the appointment and go out with your sisters, then there is no need to wear a very simple clothing, and it will not be very photogenic. You can choose a design with a design sense and denim shorts, which can be very rich and enhanced.


2. Sports shorts

I don’t know when the sports shorts are no longer exercised, but it has become the representative item of “pure desire”. Many fashion bloggers use sports shorts and concave shapes. Perhaps it is because it can bring youthful age reduction. The effect.


① The side split on the side shows long legs


Experience, remember to buy loose on sports shorts. Too close shorts are not only easy to stray meat, but also the effect of “pure desire”. The loose version and the side split design can extend the legs of the legs. Lines, legs are long and tall.

② The texture of the fabric is very important

The fabrics of sports shorts also need to pay attention. If it is a light fabric, it looks too ordinary. Unless you really go to exercise, the matte fabric is more versatile every day.


How to match:

① Sports shorts+loose T -shirts

The loose T -shirt can naturally bring the effect of covering meat, and can also wear a very casual and casual feeling. With sports shorts, full of youthful vitality, as if returning to the campus era.

② Sports shorts+BM wind short tops

If you want to create a “pure desire”, naturally, the BM short top is indispensable. With sports shorts, it shows slim waist and slender long legs, sweet and sexy.

3. Bermuda panties

In the past few years, there is a short panties in the fashion circle quietly, and that is

Bermuda shorts

This pants full of neutral style are not only versatile and durable, but also the effect of thinning meat is also excellent, and it has a strong tolerance for the body.

① 5-10cm above the knee is the best


The length of Bermuda shorts requires a detailed detail. If it is too short, then it is not worse than ordinary sports shorts. If it is too long, it becomes a pentage that is easy to be short. The best length is 5 above the knee 5 5 -10cm, exposed a small cut thigh, and the calf is better.


② The slightly wide version is more practical

The version of Bermuda shorts is not as better as A, especially the style of denim fabrics.

The too wide version is very rigid

The slightly wide version is just right, perfectly restores the casual laziness of Bermuda shorts.


① Bermuda shorts+printed T -shirt


Bermuda shorts are already a neutral style, so if you match a girly printed T -shirt, you can weaken the feeling of “very man”.

Make the overall style more feminine

At the same time, we must also remember the way of plugging the corner, reveal the waistline, and easily create a tall figure.

② Bermuda shorts+shirts

If you like sisters with neutral style, then it is necessary to try the way of shirt+Bermuda shorts. The tough shirt itself has a certain neutral style attribute, which is perfectly matched with the style of Bermuda shorts.

Easily create a cool and handsome handsome girl.

Well, the 3 shorts are introduced here. It’s time to take off the wide -leg pants and put on these refreshing and versatile shorts.

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How to choose:

How to choose:

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