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“Great Wind Cloth” is completely lost! This spring is popular “suit vest”, the atmosphere is fashionable

In the season of the first spring, most women will wear windbreaker, take the coat, down the down jacket. It is nothing more about every year.


In the spring of 2021, it is better to come to a “suit vest”, the atmosphere is fashionable, wearing it is just right.

The retro trend will continue, each time you think that the item associated with its style is

Gripet, floral


etc. To be honest, these items have been wearing too common, and this retro style is not new. And Get a suit vest, can wear refreshing and clean, more impressive, and a gentleman or elegant charm.

How does suit vest presented outstanding effects in wearing? The following small bracelets with everyone to unlock the trendy match of suit vest, so that this spring has become the brightest in this street.


The main module of this article:

▪ On the origin of “suit vest”

▪ Trendy “suit vest”

▪ The laminated road of “suit vest”

About the origin of suits vest


The origin of the suit vest should be traced back to Europe, it is originally a single product that fishermen to wear, because in the sea, it is convenient to play with the scatter, and the slightest style can make a lot of fish, so the prototype of the vest begins to appear . The suit vest and suit is unprecedented by the European royal family, suits vests and shirts are divided into three-piece, so it is originally worn as a suit.

Later, as fashion trends, the suit has gradually improved, and the in-suits of the suit also enters the Volkswagen, and it is slowly peeled off in the suit jacket into a single item that can be worn. Therefore, this simple and high-level suit vest has continued to this day.


Let’s take a look at the trendy sense of “suit vest”

The suit vest and suit started in the eyes of everyone, but with the continuous injection of fashion elements, there are also various types of improvements, and the suit and suit vests have gradually become a single product accepted by everyone. It officially has a feeling, even can create a street wind, so let’s take a look at the fashionable vest!

NO.1 long policy

☞ Short suit vest

Short paragraphs can show a profound in the body, and its length is generally in the position of the waist, and can be worn as a linear. If it is worn as an inner, this vest is best to choose a slim style, which makes the body more curved. If it is worn as an outer wear, the vest should not be buckled, and it is open to wear more taste.

The advantage of the short suit vest is to have the role of lifting the waistline. If you are a small child or a little short-legged girl, you should choose this style. It allows the wearing a short-length effect, and the lower body is long, in order to make the whole need to achieve a significant role.


☞ Long suits vest

The long vest is generally a position that covers the hips, which is more suitable as an outer tile. It can do not have a short vest’s cleanliness, but it can wear wind and temperature. Therefore, its version is loose. It is recommended that no matter what the girl is, wearing this vest, to increase the role of self-cultivation.

Borrow belt


It is a good choice.

Creating the madness of the lower body

: Small children want to drive this long suit vest, to create a lower body disappearance, it can modify the body of the lower body, the whole wearing a sexy taste. It is more advanced than wearer, but also a hierarchical effect, more thin and slim.

No.2 Classic paragraph of suit vest

The different elements of the suit vest can enrich the wear vest’s wear, but also let the suit vest will no longer tune people, create more novel wearing methods.


Simple solid color suit vest


: The solid color vest is the most basic style, so it is a wild and simple effect, especially when matching with complex items, solid color can weaken the sense of visual fatigue.

Classic plaid suit vest:

In fact, the vest of this element has been popular for centuries, and its classic and non-lost trends will continue to maintain. Putting on the grilled suit vest can let you immediately become an English gentleman, retro elegant and high.


New tide dressing suit vest

After all, the trend is constantly changing. This classic retro vest should also add some modern elements, and will not give people an older board problem. So dyeing vest can be, although color will enricher, but can make an infinite vitality, match with solid color, or the same color matching.


“Suit vest” stacking

How to wear the suit vest, tell the truth or stacking can show the value and style of suit vests, various stacked, create now popular mix and match style, will not give people a sense, but also different styles The fusion is wonderful, let’s take a look at the trendy stack of suit vest!

Look1: Classic Suit 3 Sets

The most primitive wear of suit vest is a three-piece suit in a suit, that is, a suit jacket, suit vest, and shirt, this wear is still the same. As a commuter girl, we wear the most suitable, not only shows the personal temperament, but also create an extraordinary gas field, and the whole person is very cool.

If the traditional three-piece set will be fashionable, choose the popular suit color to add the whole wear and casual feel. For example, this year’s popular tender green, not only makes the three-piece wear of the wear, but also improve the color of the whole person, it seems to be more white, with a wear five pants, can draw the ratio of legs, but also display Big woman style.

LOOK2: Matching with shirts is more daily


The suit vest does not wear it, choose to match the shirt, create a daily most basic matching method. Like a small child or a biased girl, the vest uses a short slim version that can achieve the role of self-cultivation, put all the flesh to hide, is a small-scale workplace.

Pay attention to the vest of the shirt is the style of the necklace, because the shirt itself has a collar, and the whole wear will not add a snake. To make this basic dress, present more advanced effects, shirts use bubble sleeves, it is inspired by the court, and you can bring your own noble, especially if you have a problem. Girl, wearing this sleeve design, modify the imperfect place.

In fact, the trend of the suit vest is far more than the above points, take advantage of spring this season, hurry up!