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Story: She dressed as a men’s clothing to enter the military camp is an official for her brother.

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The sky is high, and the mountain ring is occasionally scratched by the rock. In the Qingling Pass on the southwest border, the Snapron Corps has been used as usual.

Several generals who guarded Guan were gathered in the handsome house. They were surrounded by the marshal of the leader, but a Jinyi boy who looked only fifteen or sixth.

The young man was asleep, and the nobleness of his body was leaning on the Tai Shi chair with a large fur. It was like a beautiful porcelain protected.

However, this porcelain has a little flaw now -the corner of the teenager’s mouth does not know who was broken, and his chin was green.

“You said, who is his coming?” He bowed on the chair with one leg, and the green juvenile voice was full of the second ancestor.

“The minister wishes Yunsheng, offended His Royal Highness, and the crime should be dead.” Under the gaze of the teenager, it was a white clothes with clear dust. At this moment, he was kneeling in a few big man wearing armor.

The nearest General Zhengnan added: “His Royal Highness is wishing the army division.”

“Zhu Yunsheng, I know you, and the regeneration of the soldiers with soldiers is like God …” Xie Ting felt that his chin and corner of his mouth were painful, and he didn’t speak very much. He remembered the shameful scene just now, his face changed, “But but” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” But, “But,” However What about that? Drag it down first! “

“His Royal Highness, this is never possible!” Several generals heard the words, and they couldn’t help it at once. They told Xie Ting with a fake and fake sound. How weak their military divisions could not take care of themselves.

Xie Ting felt that it was wrong. This military division was so weak. Then why did he put himself down?

Is he weaker?

Xie Ting’s heart suddenly became bitter, thinking that he was laughed at by the emperor’s brothers in the capital, and then he was thrown to the southwest to practice by his father and emperor.

Zhu Yunsheng kneeling on the ground is not humble, and his mouth said that he should die, and the face was still cold. Xie Tington felt uncomfortable.

He said: “Okay, then go clean my horse!”


Xie Ting just arrived in Qingling this morning.

The emperor sent the secrets of the Dark Fecan to escort, and also made people send a secret letter to Shuai Mansion.

So a few days ago, Xie Ting, who was still free at the emperor’s birthday feast, was thrown to the southwest the next day.

The reason is very simple. Well, the emperor’s wives and children have made up. It was originally a happy and enjoyable thing, but when the princes stood together, the emperor’s eyes narrowed and suddenly discovered Hua Dian.

“Queen, see, isn’t it right?” The emperor greeted his big wife.

The concubine’s eyes were better than the queen, and they immediately answered: “Oh, the nine princes are so handsome, the instrument is in the dignitaries! But the old seven old eighth and the old nine are similar.

Everyone looked at it together, and then found that in a row of one meter -eight prince, the nine princes standing on the side were near one head shorter than them.

The prince suddenly laughed, and the seven princes even had to make up again: “The concubine misunderstood, the nine brothers are the most commonplace of us. A few days ago, I still heard that he couldn’t even pull the bow. ! “”

The four princes also stepped on: “Father Emperor, the child is three years old, and he can pull the bow at the age of five. The nine brothers can only be taller than the five girls now. It’s really …”

He didn’t seem to be able to say it again, Xie Ting couldn’t help but refute: “I didn’t compare with her!”

The five princesses were only born two days earlier than Xie Ting, but they were already higher than him. The prince of the same age is so much taller than himself. Xie Ting goes to the princess higher. Isn’t this a joke?

The words of the four princes caused the emperor’s thinking. He thought about his youthful years and determined that he was not his genetic problem, even if he made a bold decision.

“Ah, the father emperor is all for you, you have to practice well when you get there!” After the meal, the emperor pulled Xie Ting’s gravity to talk about it for a long time.

The gate of Qingling Guan was closed. No matter what the guards Xie Ting said, they did not believe it. In the end, Zhou Dashuai who received a secret letter came to led himself.

Zhou Dashuai came up with a “His Royal Highness” and gave Xie Ting.

Emperor Uncle, don’t you say that your identity is confidential?


The nine princes who first arrived in the south were thinking about being pressed by the brothers in the capital, and it could not be looked down on here.

So when he first arrived at the little prince who had no knowledge, he picked up and seemed to be Sis Wenwen, and he was only half higher than himself.

Zhu Yunsheng was a little cold these days. After the medicine was finished, he was about to go to Zhou Da Shuai to discuss the matter, and he was suddenly pushed from behind.

“Call you! Didn’t hear it, right?” Xie Ting saw him stop, and was ready to talk to him. He said in his mouth, “I have been here for so long, and see you wearing such a white and clean one. Yes, in your military camp … hey, what are you doing! “

After that, Zhu Yunsheng suddenly turned around, hitting Xie Ting’s chin with a punch, and did not wait for him to return his hand, and slapped him again. The last foot of the nest, directly knocked the little prince on the ground.

Zhu Yunsheng was still the white coat, lifted his cuffs, and cleared the horse dung with the fecal fork slowly with his eyes.

He was still sick, and it was really impulsive today. But in the Qingling Pass, almost no one knew the name of his “Su Yi Army”. A stranger suddenly appeared in Bianguan, which was inevitable that he was more vigilant.

However, Zhu Yunsheng, who was accustomed to being used to the Xianshen Army, still felt that he was not so weak for the first time.

“Military division, are you okay?” General Zheng Nan didn’t really want to see it, but everyone was afraid that the weak military division would faint, so he let him come as a representative.

But who would like to watch Mr. Mr. Military Division who usually watched his average, and he folded his horses? Intersection

Moreover, if this was known by Nan Manzi, what was the power of the military division? Intersection

“I’m pretty good.” Zhu Yunsheng nodded, thinking of something, and patted the horse back, “His Royal Highness is all good horses, but this horseshoe iron costs high but not practical. Commonly used, these pairs have been sold for the army. “


“It doesn’t matter, His Royal Highness will not be used soon.” His eyes laughed and said light and light.


Ten days after Qingling Pass, the little prince of Jin Zunyu was transferred to the infantry camp.

Xie Ting was annoyed as soon as he heard the news. He heard that it was Zhu Yunsheng’s idea and rushed directly to his residence Xuelu.

“Zhu Yunsheng, what do you mean? Do you know who I am?!”

“Of course, His Royal Highness of the Nine Princes.”

The weather turns cold, but it is just a long autumn frost. Zhu Yunsheng seemed to be as weak as the generals said. He had already put on a velvet cloak early, holding a heater in one hand, and holding a bamboo book with a bamboo book in one hand.

But Xie Ting looked at the person in front of him, but he was so tight.

“If His Royal Highness is dissatisfied with this arrangement, he can return to Beijing to find His Majesty. This is Qingling Pass, and the border defense land in the south is to be enjoyed by His Royal Highness. In the case, calmness and strong look at Xie Ting, “His Royal Highness must also know the intention of His Majesty, but today your dissatisfaction can wait for the southern border and then slowly calculate the ministers.”

He was not talking tightly, Xie Ting couldn’t refute a while, and he suffered the loss.

The most important thing is that Zhu Yunsheng is right.

If you go back to Beijing without a little growing, you will be even more joke.

Xie Ting’s identity was cut in Shuai Mansion, and no one in the infantry camp knew what the prince was among them. I only knew that a recruit egg was here, and the military division was led by himself.

At first, because of the face of the military division, everyone was very polite to Xie Ting. But a month passed, and they gradually found that Zhu Yunsheng didn’t seem to care about the recruit, and he began to play crossed.

For places such as the barracks, recruits are often the most bitter.

Zhou Dashuai and several generals wanted to visit, but helplessly, Nan Man frequently jumped his feet on the border, so he had to put aside first.

After a few battles, after a short period of stability, Xie Ting had been tortured in the infantry camp for two months.

It is said that the nine princes were holding grew up and climbing to the imperial case to play with the emperor, so no one dared to see him again at this time.

So think about it, and the generals pushed this “big injustice” task to their admiration.


When Zhu Yunsheng found Xie Ting, he was taking a bath.

Zhu Yunsheng panicked out of the tent, his voice was a little unstable: “Chen … offense His Royal Highness, sin should die.”

“Why is you?” Xie Ting looked back and didn’t care about any reaction, and shouted him, “Just, you come in and help me hand over clothes, so that I can get water everywhere.”

The opportunity to take a bath alone was for two months, but he never wanted to go by the river again. But I was too happy, and the clothes were too far away.

“His Royal Highness, please take care of himself.” Zhu Yun was indifferent, and his voice came in lightly from the outside.

Xie Ting was wrong: “I told you to take clothes, but didn’t do what you said, what did you say?”

Zhu Yunsheng had to go in, quickly found Xie Ting’s clothes in the smoke, and threw him directly into the barrel.

Xie Ting responded very quickly, quickly rescued his clothes, stood up from the water, and said angrily: “Zhu Yun is sick?”

Later, he calmed down again, squinting and staring at the plain white back.

Xie Ting looked good. For a long time, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and laughed: “No, stay in the barracks for so long, is the military division not used to see it? It’s a man, what are you shy?”

“His Royal Highness laughed, His Royal Highness Yuye Jinke, the minister did not dare to offend.” Zhu Yunsheng walked out of the tent quickly, and his leaving figure was slightly embarrassed.

Xie Ting was carrying his clothes and suddenly began to think about his words that he laughed at him.

He saw it in the water mist that was steaming … Zhu Yunsheng had a lot of bloody ears

Zhu Yunsheng gave the position of the Xianshen Army for sixteen. He had more than five years in the army. He got along with men every day.

Xie Ting looked at his small figure, and touched his face again.

General Zhengnan said that Zhu Yunsheng was the best person in the Xianshen Army. Xiao thought that his woman could line up three streets, but he was not married, did he say …

Xie Ting’s eyes opened slightly.

He likes men? Intersection


The nine prince over there was holding the dirty clothes, and the Zhu Junshi who had already come out had left the matter behind this matter.

A few days ago, the barbarians made trouble and led by General Zheng Nan to fight the front line, mainly the infantry camps.

There was an accident in the several captives they brought back.

“Be careful, this person can’t get closer.”

Zhu Yunsheng’s inspection was prevented, and he glanced at her a little.

“A few days ago he suddenly mad, biting a few people, and I barely let him calm down with a silver needle. The symptoms are weird, I feel like …”

After hearing the words, Zhu Yunsheng raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the past.

The man was dressed, and the exposed skin was strangely covered with snakelin. The cold scales of color are intertwined with the blood veins, which is shuddering.

Obviously, this is different from ordinary snake Lin’s skin, it is completely like changing the snake skin.

Zhu Yunsheng retracted his eyes, and Xin Yi continued: “Nanzhu has the Miao people, they are very good at witchcraft techniques, and not ordinary doctors. This technique, this battle can be … “

Although Xin Yi is a female doctor, she is also the only disciple of the first doctor in Ning Dynasty. With her medical skills, she did not dare to make absolute guarantees. Zhu Yunsheng understood that this time it was a iron plate.

The terrain of the southwest is complicated, and the Xianshen Army cavalry is the most brave, but it is difficult to play an advantage. Therefore, in the past two years, he has always adopted a long -lasting roundabout tactics.

But now Nanzhuo uses Miao Yan, so you have to change your strategy.

“I wish …” The tent curtain was opened, and then the closed captain suddenly turned restlessly, and for a moment, he broke the rope and rushed forward.

Several people were shocked. Xin Yi quickly turned out the silver needle, but the captive moved too fast. Zhu Yunsheng frowned and drank: “Hurry up!”

Xie Ting stayed in the infantry camp for three months, and it was a bit progressive. When he heard the order, he immediately withdrew.

Xin Yi and Zhu Yunsheng followed out, leaving Xie Ting alone in place: “I’m going … what is that?”

The situation outside was even worse. The leader of the infantry battalion remembered the explanation of Xinyi and stopped letting people step forward: “Girl Xinyi, these are bitten a few days ago … what!”

No one dared to approach the soldiers. Zhu Yunsheng glanced at Xinyi and saw that she was unable to start: “Is there a way?”

Xin Yi shook his head: “Too fast, too large, I am not sure.”

Zhu Yunsheng asked again, “If you calm down, do you have a way to let them restore their minds?”

Xin Yi shook his head again: “Without this necessary, I have explored before, and the first thing I was suffering was the fear of the brain.

Zhu Yunsheng looked at the scene in front of him, thinking for a while, and suddenly left.

“Sister Xin Yi, isn’t that the captives?” Xie Ting finally reacted. The first time I saw this scene was a little surprised.

“Just glance, you have a sharp eye.” Xin Yi glanced at him, “They are in a cricket, you should pay attention not to get closer.”

Xie Ting wondered: “I just heard it, it would be contagious. Can’t you kill it directly? Several captives.”

“I wish the military teacher come here today for this matter, and then it depends on how he planned. You just come … Be careful!” A captive suddenly rushed over, Xin Yi caught a hiding and shocked.

Xie Ting almost fell, and Kankan passed him, but was quickly entangled again.

Just as he was caught by the hand again, the side suddenly broke the wind through the wind, the sharp dagger pierced the captive’s neck, and the blood also splashed towards the side, but he didn’t drip on Xie Ting. Essence

He leaned his head slightly, not far away, the white figure.


In the scattered crowd, Zhu Yun grew up his body, holding his bow and arrow. The quiet and quiet face looked focused, and every time I pulled the string, it was full of vain.

After several captives were resolved by Zhu Yunsheng, they soon fell to the ground and turned into a pool of sewage.

The soldiers took a cold breath, and Xin Yi quickly greeted people to deal with the blood of the dirt.

“… Fortunately, the military division is resourceful and has a crossbow in each camp. Otherwise, I will temporarily go to the crossbow camp. I am afraid that the scene today will be more chaotic.” “It is said that you have excellent arrow skills. The last time you see it today, it is really famous!”

“All the soldiers cooperate well, and my clumsy trick is not worth mentioning.” Zhu Yunsheng was indifferent as ever.

“By the way, how about the recruits I sent a few months ago?”

The general looked clear: “Which family is the son of the family? He adapts to fast, not shouting hard, not exhausted, the battlefield a few days ago was also on, but it was behind Fieldly … you can rest assured, it will always make people care about it! “

Zhu Yunsheng groaned with his fingers and said, “In a few days, you said to Yu Heng and adjust him to the crossbow camp.”

Shen Yuheng is the sixth son of the Shen family, in charge of the generals of the crossbow camp. The two generals personally handed over, and the leader felt that the recruits were unusual.

Zhu Yunsheng was worried about what he would see at the beginning, but later he found that he wanted to think more.

The Xianshen Army is a rough man who goes straight and goes straight. Few people can think of the surname of Xie.

Xie Ting had long forgotten the identity of his prince. He ran away to Xuelu after night, and he did something that he could not do as the standard.

“Oh, that, today … Thank you!” Xie Ting didn’t dare to look at Zhu Yunsheng, his tone was not as horizontal as before.

Zhu Yunsheng froze first, and then couldn’t help laughing.

Xie Ting’s face changed: “What are you laughing?!”

His Royal Highness was really childish, Zhu Yunsheng thought.

He was right, and slowly got up to salute Xie Ting: “His Royal Highness laughed, and today he was shocked.

“Don’t say any crime every time …” Xie Ting looked at him with a little impatiently, just collided with sight, and at a glance in the clear eyes, his head suddenly felt that his head was stuttered. “I, I came here for experience, you don’t need to take a sip of His Royal, I, I …”

“The minister understands.” Zhu Yunsheng smiled slightly and looked calm.

“Then I’m gone.” Xie Ting began to regret why he came to this trip.

After walking out a few steps, Zhu Yunsheng suddenly shouted “His Royal Highness” again, and he looked back. The man seemed to be like the pearl in the night: “Her Majesty’s secret letter specifically explained to let His Royal Highness learn to ride, and the minister has arranged you to bow to the bow. The crossbow camp. “

Xie Ting was in confusion, and he had insomnia all night.

Zhu Yunsheng likes men! Why did he be so good to himself and why do he always laugh at himself?

Zhu Yunsheng is obviously bad, and Xuelu is also a medicine. Why do you pull bow today to save himself? He has tried the bow and arrow himself before, and even holds it hard, why …

Xie Ting had a headache.

But what I like is a woman!


Zhu Yunsheng didn’t know that he had caused the little prince’s thoughts to be disordered, but he was still relaxed a lot.

His Majesty’s secret letter clearly wrote that let them teach and teach Xie Ting well, and after Xie Ting returned to Beijing, he had to grow to one meter eight.

Zhu Yunsheng’s void compared to the void, and sighed silently again.

He is no longer high in the Xianshen Army. He still needs to stop something in the boots on weekdays, but Xie Ting is shorter than himself, making him fiercely tall. It is …

Zhu Yunsheng was a little angry, and this kind of thing was thrown to them, who was the father! Intersection

Moreover, the nobleman who followed the army and the jade leaves was also inconvenient to act.

For example, today, if Xie Ting has something wrong, the anger of the emperor is afraid that he will flatten the entire southwest and the Xianshen army.

Not long after Xie Ting left, Xin Yi also came to Zhu Yunsheng. After talking with him briefly, he handed the bottle of medicine to him.

“It’s really inconvenient for you. If you don’t stop this medicine earlier, the impact on your future will be difficult to save!” Xin Yi retracted his hand that gave him the pulse, and couldn’t help shaking his head and persuading.

“I have time to worry about this. It is better to discover it before it is now. It was also his last wish to calm down the south.” Zhu Yunsheng bent his lips in disapproval, and poured two pills to import.

“You said that two years ago, and as a result, there was such a long -lasting battle here. I can say that the effect of this medicine will slowly disappear over time.” Xin Yi couldn’t help it Staring him.

Seeing that she was about to get angry, Zhu Yunsheng had to divert the topic: “I heard that the boy I sent often was often injured, and many troublesome you?”

“You care about it like this, or thank you, are you unusual?” Xin Yi snorted, “It is really delicate skin and tender meat, but there is no crying nose when dealing with the wound.”

Zhu Yunsheng said: “Then you are afraid you want to see him more.”

Xin Yi wondered, Zhu Yunsheng took a slow drool: “I sent him to Shen Junior.”

Xin Yi was surprised: “Do you both have hatred?”


Shen Yuheng is a well -known “cold noodle general”, and because of his family, the officials will give him face. Therefore, the crossbow camp under his management can almost be regarded as the “purgatory” of the entire Xianshen army.

The crossbow camp was originally a place to cultivate archers, and the body was not strong. But in the Xianshen Army, the combat power of the crossbow camp is only under the cavalry camp, which is also Shen Yuheng’s handwriting.

Even Zhu Yunsheng also praised Zhou Dashuai, saying that he was definitely the leader of the new generation of famous players.

Let this person teach Xie Ting, which is equivalent to half of the task, and Zhu Yunsheng will rest assured.

So he simply took a while and went to the bow and crossbow.

“But the military division is looking for General Shen?” It was a deputy of Shen Yuheng who came to pick him up.

“Uh, it’s really okay.” Zhu Yun nodded. What he said was not false, but if he wanted to say nothing, it is estimated that the vice general would send another soldier to receive him.

This is the crossbow camp, everyone is very busy.

After seeing Shen Yuheng, Zhu Yunsheng briefly explained to him.

“Is it going to start suddenly?” Shen Yuheng repeatedly confirmed.

“Even General Shen felt suddenly, so that they could be caught off guard.” Zhu Yunsheng held his fists and coughed his lips twice, slowing a while, “Besides, we have been preparing for a long time, and we can be at any time. The beginning is not a sudden. “

“Okay, then I will arrange it right away.” Shen Yuheng was ready to leave.

“Wait.” Zhu Yunsheng stopped him, “Did you adjust a newcomer to you half a month ago?”

Shen Yuheng seemed to think about it, and immediately nodded: “You recommended it? The foundation is a bit weak, but the talent is good.

Zhu Yunsheng said: “This operation will bring him up, let you take you, and you will take him in person.”

“Are you sure? But he is a newcomer after all, and …” Shen Yuheng had seen Xie Ting, so he must have recognized his identity.

“You can rest assured that his mother -in -law was a generation of siblings anyway, he would not go anywhere.” Zhu Yunsheng fully affirmed.

Listening to him, Shen Yuheng no longer hesitated and agreed.

Zhu Yunsheng wanted to find Xie Ting, but this time suddenly, he had not reported to Shuaifu, so he gave up the plan, and the same way to visit in the future.

Just as he was leaving the Bow Crossing Camp, he was suddenly stopped by “Zhu Yunsheng” behind him.

He looked back, the little man wearing armor.

“I have heard it! I … military division, I won’t let you down!” Xie Ting shouted in a cheerfulness.


In the spring of the twenty -first year of the Ning Dynasty, the Crossbow Crossbattack and Fire Instrument Camp of the Xiao Shen Army joined forces. With the cooperation of the heavy armored soldiers, he captured most of the barbarians in less than a month, and played the largest victory in the past two years.

This strategy was planned by Zhu Yun’s birthday six months ago, and has improved many times with several senior generals. With nearly 90 % of the grasp, he can win this win.

There was an unexpected joy in the results of this time -they caught Miao Jiang’s virgin alive.

After interrogation, the snakelin strangeness was really a maggot, and it was not much different from Xin Yi. Snakelin is mainly used to cultivate combat power to create chaos, but as long as they lose their lives, they will be corroded into a pool of blood.

“Use people to do the medium, you are really poisonous enough.” Xin Yi was born in a decent medical gate, scoffed at this means.

The maiden didn’t speak, and Zhu Yunsheng frowned, and always felt that it was not right: “Hold her alone in the dungeon, and no one can see her without any handsome.”

After the man was taken down, General Zheng Nan was relieved: “The eyes of this saint are too scary, and most people can’t fight it! Hey military division, she has been staring at you just now, can you be scared?”

Zhu Yunsheng shook his head and left a bunch of people walking out.

“His Royal Highness has always followed the minister, but something happened?” Without a long time, he stopped.

“Don’t call me His Royal Highness …” Xie Ting murmured to himself.

He sneaked and followed, and he wondered how he was found, but he could only speed up the heel: “Military division, can your arrow method teach me that day?”

Zhu Yunsheng raised his eyebrows: “His Royal Highness is talented, and he has improved his magical.

“Where, if there is no military division, I am afraid that I can’t get a bow now!” Xie Ting’s face was slightly heated, and when he touched his head, he laughed embarrassedly.

“His Royal Highness …” Zhu Yunsheng stood upright, quietly watched Xie Ting, and then said lightly again, “grow taller.”

In the five months from him to Qingling Pass, he had just changed his appearance.

Not only is it a lot taller, but even the body shape and sound are slowly transforming.

The battlefield is really urging.


Xie Ting accompanied Zhu Yunsheng for a while, chatted a few words, and successfully insomnia for a night after returning.

It is not because I am too happy after the victory, nor is it that I can finally look at the military division.

Xie Ting thought about his psychology carefully.

He is now completely gone when he first saw Zhu Yunsheng, the feeling of unpleasant eyes. It was not the awkwardness and embarrassment of Zhu Yunsheng’s “Like Men” later, but it was more fortunate.

The generals said that they were not fake. Zhu Jun teacher Yuan Qingyu, Xianzi jade, was definitely one of the best men in the end of this day.

But he is a man after all!

Is it because there is no female in this army?

No, isn’t there Sister Xinyi?

However, Sister Xin Yi is after all, and people are obviously interesting to General Shen.

Xie Ting sighed depressedly.

He thought that at the beginning, Qian Shi should not be, and he should not pick up Zhu Yunsheng to provoke.

It is normal for me to look so beautiful and prince again. It is also used to it in Beijing, but a man is here, he always sees himself …

Xie Ting thought overnight, and finally decided to hide from Zhu Yunsheng.

Just two days after his determination, Xuelu suddenly came to Zhu Yun’s serious illness.

What a sudden illness? Intersection

His Royal Highness couldn’t help anymore.

When he rushed to Xuelu, he surrounded a group of people in the yard, which was almost the same as when he first came to Shuai Mansion.

At the beginning of the attack, the military division fell down. Everyone was in a hurry to get angry, and no one went to care about the little His Royal Highness.

Xin Yi came out of the house, and a group of people hurried forward to surround her to ask.

Before Xin Yi opened, there were people who came outside again.

It was a guard responsible for guarding the dungeon.

Zhu Yunsheng did not know when he was planted by the Miao Jiang Girl.


“If you want your military division to live, let me take him back to Miaojiang.”

This is the original words of the virgin.

“Ben Shuai just met her. This was only she had this sentence, and he refused to say anything else.” Zhou Da Shuai looked dignified and looked at the generals under his hand.

“No.” Xie Ting’s first was Xie Ting. He was sitting calmly on the Tai Shi chair, and his palm was just pressing the armrest. In his tone, he had the anger that he hadn’t noticed.

“His Royal Highness?” The generals were confused about Xie Ting’s reaction.

Xie Ting’s attitude was very determined. He stared at Zhou Da Shuai: “No matter what method I use, let her go back, but the military division can’t go with her.”

“Yeah, the handsome, the end will agree with His Royal Highness. Not to mention that the military division’s body is not good, and now he has been in a cricket again. If you really go with the Miao people, the terrain of the southwestern hinterland is complicated, and the military division can not support such a tossing so tossing. Ah! “General Zheng Nan frowned.

It can be said that basically no one agrees with the condition of Miao Jiang’s maiden.

Xie Ting decided to talk again as the prince, but was stopped by Zhu Yunsheng at the door.

Xin Yi supported him and looked anxious. Zhu Yunsheng’s face was so white, and the whole person was like a thin piece of paper, crumbling.

“Let you bother to me, but I think this transaction can do it.” Zhu Yunsheng said a few words and coughed heavily. Xie Ting quickly went to the other side to help him.

“According to the news we have mastered at present, although the Miao people are one of the south, they only intervene in the war in Snakelin and this time. The old Miao Wang died, and her maiden was also new. What are the other reasons? “Zhu Yunsheng sat on the Tai Shi chair where Xie Tingfang was sitting, and said a lot of words, his voice became more and more vibblerd.

“No matter what, I will not agree with you.” Xie Ting said Shen Sheng.

“His Royal Highness’s order is difficult to obey. Among the Xianshen Army, the ministers only listen to the handsome handsome.” Zhu Yunsheng bent his lips pale, not only in danger of being dangerous.

“Zhu Yunsheng, are you all like this, are you crazy?!” Xie Ting almost couldn’t hold his anger.

In the past few months, he has seen too much life on the battlefield and on the battlefield.

In the past, he was coquettish in the palace, and he did not know the appearance of the ministers who had been ordered by his father to execute. But when he was wandering in the palace, he had also drew the corpse of the palace man who was executed.

But those are different from here.

The life that left here is the hero who sacrificed for the peace of mind.

He remembered them, but also quietly thought of selfish thoughts.

He didn’t want to wish Yun Sheng’s end.

He didn’t want to meet this breeze -like military division in the future.

Zhu Yunsheng seemed to see through his thoughts, and his cold hands gently covered his trembling hand, slowly and indifferently: “His Royal Highness, in the army, dying for the country, is glory.”

“Are you thinking about it?” The hall was silent, and Zhou Dashuai looked at him.

Zhu Yunsheng said: “Start at any time.”


The military division that Xiao Shenjun was proud of was taken away, but the instructions returned from the imperial city were asked them to continue to capture Nan Man.

Without the military division, the morale in the military for a long time. Fortunately, the generals quickly adjusted and began to prepare several strategic actions left by Zhu Yunsheng.

After Xiao Shenjun and the barbarians fought a few more staged battles, Xie Ting, who had been in Qingling for more than a year, was recalled in Beijing.

The little His Royal Highness was unexpectedly became one of the best archers under Shen Yuheng’s hands. He also hone the Cavalry Camp for several months. In the subsequent battlefield, it was promoted to the position of the deputy captain with outstanding performance.

It wasn’t until the day Xie Ting settled back to Beijing that the soldiers who lived with him knew that the original was the nine princes.

Later, at Xie Ting’s eighteen -year -old birthday party, the emperor was very satisfied with the change of his son, and immediately gave him Wang Cifu.

There were more princes in the Ning Dynasty, but the military divisions of the Xianshen army had not returned.

Zhu Yunsheng broke all the news, and the soldiers wanted to break the Miao Xinjiang several times. However, after Xie Ting returned to Beijing for half a year, the Nan Man was internal chaos, and the Miao virgin helped the people. Soon after, she unified Nan Man and sought peacefully from the Ning Dynasty.

Xiao Shenjun borrowed the situation to south, calming the entire southwest in one fell swoop.

They were stationed in the southwest for two years, and they were returned to the DPRK.

Everything is so smooth, except for a little exception.

Xie Ting met at the gate of the city. He waited for the person he wanted to wait, but the man was in a coffin.

“Raise, let me look at it.” Xie Ting was calm on his face, but Zhou Dashuai heard the trembling in his voice.

Zhu Yunsheng was lying quietly, or the white clothes, except that the tight eyes and the smile on the corner of his mouth were gone, it seemed that nothing changed.

“What’s the matter with Miao Xinjiang?” Xie Ting rejoiced a few tears from the eloquent, but couldn’t bear the sadness in his heart.

Zhou Dashuai replied: “Miao Miao said, she said to the military division that day, the purpose was to use the military division for a period of time to guide them to win the civil strife. But the military division’s body … We also know that he did not cook until … Well, Zhu Jun is intelligent, but unfortunately he can’t tolerate talents. “

The coffin was slowly closed, and Xie Tingyu walked back.


In the southwest, the emperor also chased Zhu Yunsheng as a Wu’an Hou, and everything was settled.

“Everything is settled, Zhu Yunsheng.” Xie Ting poured a glass of wine and fell slowly on the ground. “But you still can’t come back, this king has said that he would not let you go … I am the king of Yan now, and I have long been higher than you. If you are still there, you will definitely not be able to beat me. “

“You have not changed anything, but I have become too much. If you come back alive, can you recognize me? You go so easily, but have you thought about me? I will be young, even if you like men, even if you like men, even if you like men Also, I still want to pick me up and make me now … “

Xie Ting’s words were not finished, and there was a sudden “click” not far away, which was the sound of broken branches.

“Who?!” Xie Ting quickly looked back at the sound source.

The woman in a goose yellow dress was particularly conspicuous in the bamboo forest, and he didn’t find it because he was too painful.

When the woman was found to be discovered, she just looked back at her. She was not as fast as Xie Ting. The veil in the panic was stunned by the wind, letting His Royal Highness Yan look directly at the place.

Wrong, illusion?

But the footsteps of the escape, he could hear clearly.

When Xie Ting finally reacted to chase, people had long run away.

It was just a hurry, and he also saw the face of the woman’s veil.

He made a bold speculation that he never thought about, is Zhu Yunsheng a woman?

“Impossible!” The informed Zhou Da Shuai directly denied his speculation. “When the body of the military division was returned, all the military doctors had a test. How could no one notice if it was a woman?”

“Yes, when the military division was still living with us in the early years, we also took a shower together …” General Zheng Nan touched his chin, but he didn’t finish his words, Xie Ting took the table: “Do you still take a bath together?!”

“Yes … Yeah, is there any problem with this? It is inconvenient to march on the way to fight. Basically, several people have been baptized together. But then the military division became weaker and weaker, and the girl Xinyi arranged him alone. The medicine bath was raising. “General Zheng Nan was shocked by his shock, and then stood up and answered honestly.

“Sister Xin Yi … yes, what must she know!” Xie Ting murmured and rushed out again.


After Xin Yi returned to Beijing, she stayed in the medical gallery left by her master’s life, and began to continue to find a pulse for the people in Beijing.

When Xie Ting came over, Xin Yi just finished watching the last patient and was ready to clean up the door.

“Lord Yan, a rare guest!” Xin Yi glanced at him, and the movements on his hands did not stop. “The daughter of the people will be closed.

“Sister Xin Yi, what about Zhu Yunsheng?” Xie Ting heard the meaning of her rushing, and asked directly to see the mountain.

“Just burial, the bamboo forest in the suburbs, if you want him to worship himself?” Xin Yi raised his eyebrows, and seemed to not understand what Xie Ting was talking about.

“There is only a female doctor in the barracks. His body has always been taking care of you. Sister Xinyi, why? Why did he not bath with others in the past few years, why he intentionally or unintentionally avoided the military camp men, why … “

“Enough!” Xin Yi drank and looked at him coldly, “Did they tell you? How can the military division’s body make trouble with a group of rough men? And don’t you forget, although I am a female doctor, but I take care of it, but I do n’t care about it. I wish you alone. “

Xie Ting did not forget, including many of his injuries, which Xin Yi raised him.

But he didn’t want to give up.

Just when the two were deadlocked, the back door of the medical hall was suddenly pushed away. A clear and quiet female voice came: “I saw the last patient, isn’t it good yet?”

Xin Yi’s face changed, Xie Ting followed the reaction this time, and he caught the person in the past.

“You are …” The woman’s wrist was suddenly grabbed by death, a painfulness, and after seeing the man in front of her eyes, she suddenly condensed.

“If you come out a little later, I will send this kid away.” When Xin Yi saw things like this, he could only shrugged helplessly. “You know his spleen, and I don’t care about it.”

Xie Ting looked at it this time.

The woman in front of her, her appearance was a little different from Zhu Yunsheng, who saw in the coffin a while ago, her facial features were softer.

Although her appearance is different, her voice is different, and even she is not a familiar plain and white gauze. But with the two words of Xin Yi, Xie Ting still had a fixed voice.

“His Royal Highness, Songsong’s hand?” The woman coughed slightly and smiled politely at him.


“How do you hide it?” Xie Ting’s heart had a lot of doubts in his heart, but he was not as good as his current joy.

“Well … Where start talking about? His Royal Highness asked first.” Zhu Yunsheng took him to the small pavilion in the backyard and started to think.

Zhu Jun’s sixteen -year -old army was not fake, but it was Zhu Yunsheng’s brother.

I wish the family ancestor a lot of well -known civil servants, but later they gradually fell. It wasn’t until their generation that they came out of the air.

Because the twins have always been regarded as an unknown sign, the world only knows that there is a good son who wish him, but he does not know that there is a daughter who was born in a time when he was born.

I wish the family low -key, and the brothers and sisters were closed in the house before the age of fifteen. The schoolaries they learned were exactly the same, and the talents and achievements of the two were not much different.

Later, I wish the elders died in both elders, and my brother Zhu Yun gave birth to the house. In just one year, he made his debut and entered the Xianshen Army to become a military division.

The sister Zhu Yunsheng quietly arranged for the army.

It is a pity that the young talent is too sharp, and as soon as it arrives in Qingling Pass, it is a hand -to -hand.

The Xiao Shen army just took over the task of setting up the northwest. At this moment, the army could not be chaotic because of the military division. So Xin Yi used his military doctor to secretly replace Zhu Yunsheng.

Due to fear of revealing the flaws, under the strong requirements of Zhu Yunsheng, Xin Yi made a special effect medicine, which could make the brothers and sisters look exactly the same.

It was just that taking this medicine, although the characteristics of Zhu Yunsheng’s daughter were hidden, it also greatly hurt it. This is why everyone later saw the military division’s weakness.

Zhu Yunsheng is a little bit more sensitive and intuitive than his brother, and no one aware of it after taking over the affairs.

The first outsiders who knew the Miao Xinjiang maiden was the first outsider.

In retrospect, Zhu Yunsheng rubbed a little embarrassingly and rubbed the temples: “She gave me a charming meal at that time, but because I was not a man, she seemed to take me half of my life on me, so she reacted it. “,”

Xie Ting hesitated: “So the one in the coffin I saw on the day of this king was …

“It is my brother Zhu Yunsheng. His body has been hidden in the secret room of Xuelu, and placed in the method of herbs and frozen.” Zhu Yunsheng pursed his lower lip, “Miao Xinni reported to me, so I was that I was that I only revenge, so I did Will help her. “

“So that’s it, this can be explained.” Xie Ting nodded.

Why Zhu Yunsheng blushed when he saw that he had a bath, why the military divisions in the generals were two, and there was a bath together … can be explained.

“I said so much, I haven’t asked you yet!” Zhu Yunsheng suddenly thought of something, frowned, “What do you like to like men on that day, there is a stringing you, and something that is not finished … This is What’s the meaning?”

Xie Ting just raised his breath again, and he smiled: “Yes? Why don’t I remember?”

“I’m not good at my body now, but I am not a bad mind.” Zhu Yunsheng stunned him, but he did not show the signs of past.

“The military division wouldn’t talk to me like this …” Xie Ting’s voice was smaller. He still remembered that in the past, Zhu Yunsheng hung “crime should be dead” to his mouth.

“It would be a military division and had to hold the shelf. If His Royal Highness didn’t say it, please go back. The little medical museum is not where you should come.”

Zhu Yunsheng turned to leave, Xie Ting panicked, and quickly reached out to drag her.

This is different from the past, Xie Ting is now a lot higher than her, and this drag can easily pull people into her arms and firmly imprison them.

Zhu Yunsheng was stunned, and she heard the sound of low sinking sounds in her ears, and it was no longer like a slightly green juvenile voice in the past:

“Because I didn’t know that the military division was a woman at that time, the queen knew back and thought that I fell in love with a man.”


Xie Ting changed.

This kid really changed.

Zhu Yunsheng’s face has been hot from the evening to late at night. The last time she was so disappointed, she accidentally met Xie Ting’s bath.

Xie Ting Xie Ting, Xie Ting again!

“Normally, he saw what the coffin was like that day, and to say that he didn’t mean anything else to you, that was the ghost.” Xin Yi briefly commented and said that it was not surprising.

“I just helped Her Majesty as a short -lived dad … He wouldn’t have a love father’s complex?” Zhu Yunsheng was surprised.

Xin Yi held the needle bag in his hand: “This acupuncture.”


Zhu Yunsheng had a hard time to sleep, but Xie Ting had been opened for many years, and he opened up.

He knew that Zhu Yunsheng was in the medical hall, so he went there without moving. Xin Yi wants to treat him without any time to treat him, and it is only Yun Sheng who receives him.

“If His Royal Highness is healthy and healthy, don’t run away in the medical hall.” Zhu Yunsheng couldn’t bear it.

President Xie was handsome, and a pair of peach blossoms laughed and looked at people even more tenderly: “You know, this king runs here, not because you are here.”

She dressed as a man’s clothing into the military camp was an official.

Zhu Yunsheng didn’t look at him, and continued to read the book scroll in his hand: “Do you know that you are like a peacock on the screen?”

“The peacock’s screen is a puppet, and the king is really the same as it now.” Xie Ting has a lot of thick skin in these years. “Military division, I don’t know what you are now?”

“Wish Yunsheng, the drum blowing Sheng Sheng.”

“Yun Sheng, Sheng Sheng …” Xie Ting lowered his head and repeated.

“Xie Yuzhi!” Zhu Yunsheng’s ears moved, and he raised his head and stared at him in an instant. Because of too fast, he coughed fiercely after the blutal.

Xie Ting quickly came behind her, patted her back and sighed at her back. “You see you, the king even tells you that you are not allowed to be closer. The king does not shout. “

“I am a half master, how do you …” Zhu Yunsheng was so angry that his face still flushed.

Xie Ting didn’t stop in his hand, and watched her silently, and then said, “But when I was about to be seventeen, I had different ideas for the military division.”

Zhu Yunsheng hadn’t responded yet. Xie Ting took back his hand and took the opportunity to make a supplement: “The day of the military division left was my 17 -year -old birthday. I couldn’t live with you, it was my regret. Li, can the military division come? “

Xie Ning’s royal family has an unwritten rule that unmarried princes will be assigned in and crowning. Xie Ting’s move is quite obvious.


The emperor has nine princes. Except for the prince, he loves the youngest son most.

A large part is because of his mother -in -law.

It was a heroic general. She drove with the emperor several times, and finally died on the battlefield for the escort, becoming the biggest pain of the emperor.

At that time, the young prince was given to the queen to raise it. The queen was his aunt, so she never said harshly, so Xie Ting grew up under the indulgent love of the emperor.

His crown ceremony was naturally solemn and tedious.

Other princes are generally as the guests by their own teachers, and Xie Ting personally adds crowns to him by the emperor. All the guests are also big people with heads and faces.

“Son, after worshiping your mother and the emperor, at the guest banquet for a while, you can pick up the girl who has no eyes.” After the Grand Crown was over, the emperor quietly said in his ear.

“Yes, Father Emperor.” There was a quiet outside, and the person he wanted to wait has not come yet.

In fact, he just gambled today. If you Zhu Yunsheng do not come, then he will refuse the emperor’s marriage.

The whole process is in the plan, and it is carried out smoothly and orderly. After Xie Ting worshiped the sweet wine, he prepared to find someone he wanted to wait.

“His Royal Highness, a woman came in with your waist card. She said she didn’t have to pass through, but her subordinates …”

“Where is she?” Xie Ting, who had been stable all day, heard the guards reported and unexpectedly excited.

The guard hesitated and replied: “Ah? In the last seat.”

Xie Ting didn’t stop, and rushed to the end of the long seat.

“You said that this child is so reckless?” The queen, who had always been dignified, frowned slightly, feeling helplessly.

“Let him go.” The emperor touched his stomach cheerfully, looking at it.

Among the female matches, all kinds of flowers are rustling. Xie Ting’s eyes turned straight to the last seat. There was a quiet woman there. She was wearing a chocolate skirt, which was completely opposite to the high mountains and snow in the memory.

“You …” Xie Ting was too excited and almost bite his tongue.

Zhu Yunsheng hooked his lips and looked up at him: “Xie Yuzhi, I just ask you, do you like me or my brother?”

“Naturally you.” Xie Ting did not hesitate, and said seriously, “Whether you are wearing plain white, goose yellow or red chrome, no matter who you are playing, male or female, you are just you. Those who can make me dream for a long time. “

“Well, I am not in the past two years, what have you learned?” Zhu Yunsheng was caught up by his words, and muttered, “Xin Yi has to inspire me, let me come here and be strange by your child. embarrassing……”

“I’m already the crown, and the marriage is old.” Xie Ting heard her words and dissatisfied, “So because you have been excited by Sister Xin Yi, did you come?”

Zhu Yunsheng immediately refuted: “How is it possible? I thought for a long time.”

Thinking of her cheeky, a few shyness in her life was because of this person in front of her. Even if you are slow, you should understand your mind.

After getting her affirmative answer, Xie Ting was at a loss. It was not until the emperor called him before the emperor returned to God to bring Zhu Yunsheng over.

Later, it was the His Royal Highness of King Yan who was rumored to be rumored to be rumored to be a man. He got the marriage of His Majesty at the ceremony and married the little daughter who was raised outside.

Oh, I also heard that on the day of the marriage of the two, His Royal Highness Yan was rushed to the princess to sleep for a night.

(Original title: “Autumn Water Silence and Spring Thinking”)

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