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Men wear these three shoes in summer, comfortable, cool and beautiful

Fan said: This is a delicious article ~


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Recently, the discount season in the season, many girls around Fan Master have opened the buying and buying model.


But men have not acted, because they are busy asking the question of Fan Lord:

What shoes do you buy in summer?

Entering summer, shoes have become the resistance of boys to buy and buy. They choose a single, limited type, do not understand the brand, comfortable and cool cannot be both …


Give you a friendly reminder

So today, let’s talk about the two or three things for men’s choice of shoes in summer ~

Summer men’s shoes mine area: sandals

The coolest, fast, comfortable and popular shoes in summer are naturally



Look at the girls’ shoe cabinets, must be a variety of sandals with colorful and six colors.

But for men, sandals are their “severe disaster”. Although it is cool, there are very few people who can wear good -looking and not abandoned people. People who “step on the thunder” appear (please ignore the male model)

The female friends around Fan Lord said that they said to men’s below sandals

Weakly vomit


For example, this ugly CRY is deeply won by the fans of the programmer’s crowd


Another example is this eye and hollow sandals that emphasize “breathability”

Or it is necessary to match with socks to form an alternative method …


Although some sandals are not ugly, they will become weird once they wear their feet.

For example, this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti metal buckle sandals, Huang Xiaoming is like this.


The design of strange shoes is not good? But Chang Ye, who was replaced by Dongfang Shenqi, became harmonious in the painting style ~

You know that men’s sandals are very picky, and it is 5889 yuan Saint Laurent. If it is not well worn, it is a 20 -free copy of a treasure.

In addition to looking at the temperament, the matching of sandals and clothes can also be added or reduced.


For example, the sandals are proportional to the skin of the calf and ankle.

Like Feng Shaofeng, wearing a rural and heavy suit, the legs and ankles are wrapped tightly, and the effect of a pair of sandals can be imagined …


Summer wearing god horse men’s shoes


So how should ordinary men choose men’s shoes except sandals in summer without the face and temperament of the star and the long legs of the male model?

First of all, please follow the following principles:

Light and breathable, not bulky.

It can help you run the “foot” when running with your friends.

The color is fresh and refreshing.


The refreshing foundation and the popular Morandi color will look particularly fresh and refreshing, which is why small and white shoes are the most popular in the summer.

And a little bright color can also bring a refreshing feeling in summer.


Semi -leisure will not let your feet sweat.

The style of summer shoes is best to be light and leisure. Do n’t look good if the hairy decoration looks good. It can be cautious when you look at the heart of your feet.


Follow the above principles, Fan, feel,


Straw shoes, loafers, gum bottom sports shoes

It is the face value and comfort of men’s shoes.

If you are an office worker, these shoes do not necessarily apply some atmosphere of the workplace that requires a suit and formal shoes every day, but the company that is not so strict in facing the dressing requires you to easily have no problem in the workplace.


———— I am a flavorful segmentation line ————-

底 Fisherman shoes (hemp bottom cloth shoes)

Speaking of “fisherman shoes”, you may feel familiar and unfamiliar: Is it inspired by the shoes worn by fishermen? But many fishermen old men obviously do not wear shoes ~

In fact, the English of the fisherman’s shoes is


It is the name of a weeds along the Mediterranean coast. Many locals wore this weeds woven shoes to fish or farm by the sea. Later, they simply named this type of shoes as Espadrilles.

Later, this kind of shoe spread from the southern France and became a pair of “national shoes” for French women. Many men also loved their feet. Its style is casual and comfortable, light hemp bottom, breathable cloth surface, which is most suitable for summer. Wear on the street or vacation.


Fisherman’s shoes and summer shorts, cropped pants, etc. are not stressed, especially


It can be said to be a versatile partner of fisherman shoes.

The rolling pants also have a “fishing” posture, and the translation of “fisherman shoes” probably also came from this.

There is a not good place for hemp bottom shoes, that is, it cannot be dipped in water, otherwise the soles will become very heavy, and it is not easy to dry.

Among the fisherman’s shoes, count the Spanish brand



most famous.


Casta 可er is the best partner from Princess Kate to a group of male and female stars. Castañer was born in 1927. As early as the 1960s, it became popular with YSL.

Most of Casta 的er’s shoes are made of handmade in Spain, lightweight and breathable without grinding feet. Based on this quality, the price will not be too expensive.

700 ~ 800 yuan

No, different colors are slightly different.

Also French brand



I have to mention that this brand founded in 2009 started with Lefa shoes, and it was the European style of vacation and leisure in the 1950s.

After the little plum was wearing its fisherman’s shoes many times out of the street, the brand gradually became famous.

Rivieras’ fisherman shoes have always been canvas+mesh stitching, and the design of woven soles+leather lining, lightweight and durable. The price is also very conscience, and the price of e -commerce is generally only

500 yuan



In addition to the above two fisherman shoes brands, many of the first -line big names we are familiar with will also launch some lightweight fisherman shoes every summer, but the price will be slightly more expensive.

This double


Fisherman’s shoes, dark gray cotton and linen uppers look low -key and versatile, the price is about 2946 yuan.


This pair of brown leather noodles with yellow hemp soles has a little more texture on the basis of leisure, which is very suitable for summer commuting, the price is about 3,000 yuan.


I believe you will recognize this is this weaving upper

Bottega veneta


Exclusive label.

This is the upper of the BB fisherman’s shoes. The sole is made of anesthesia and the plastic soles. It can be switched freely in cities and beaches, but the price also follows the consistent high cold of BV, and e -commerce is priced at 5350 yuan.

☞ shoe (casual shoes)


Sports shoes have always been regarded as men and women, and there are hot -selling shoes that people love to wear all year round.

For office workers who do not have special requirements in the company, the comfortable rubber base and casual style of sports shoes can become the first choice for commuting.

As summer approaches, various small white shoes have become the best in sports shoes. GUCCI’s small white sports shoes have become popular on the street overnight, becoming a must -have for tide people.

The popularity of Gucci small white shoes made many big names take advantage of the situation and launched many element embellishments. Although it is not the kind of “pure” white shoes, it has a very summer feeling.


For example, Moncler’s La Monaco small white shoe is printed with logo and red and blue stripes, which is very Mediterranean, while Burberry cleverly designed the classic Nova grid at the heel, refreshing and British.

Valentino’s “blush makeup” small white shoes have been sought after for many years. Givenchy’s straps white shoes seem to have a chocolate pulp for cream, which is quite design.

If you already have a pair of small white shoes, the pair of sporty and casual gum sole shoes are also a good choice.

Such as this


Adidas clover series

Sports shoes, Fanzhu was attracted by its washing ink green at first glance. This color was very vibrant in summer. The combination of fluffy upper and the bottom of the rubber bottom is light and suitable for walking. The price is about 1,000 yuan.


Maison Margiela

This leisure series of shoes has become popular for several seasons. The edge of the stuffy yellow sole is its characteristic. Compared with ordinary casual shoes, it looks more comfortable and flexible, and the geometric design of the upper and clean color are also highlighting the texture. Now electricity is electric. The commercial sales price is about 3000.


The last recommended sneakers are from



In addition to making high -end suits, Zegna has recently launched this casual shoes stitching with leather. The unsaturated color matching is to cater to summer. Although the price is as high as 4000+, the texture is impeccable.

☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Although now we see more girls kick beautifully

Lefu Shoes


Out of the street, but it is actually born in this world as a men’s shoes ~

In the eyes of Fanzhu, most of the men who like to wear a hundred -year -old loafers are restrained and chic, revealing a relaxed and casual.


Edgardo Osorio, the founder of “New Princess” Meghan’s favorite Italian shoe brand Aquazurra, is a “Leffing Shoes Madman” wearing only Loafers.


Although Lefu’s shoes are a lazy and fashionable binding body, you want to wear it for a second to kick out, many men see it as a matching weapon for formal clothes, and will not drop in many important occasions. chain.

For example, the Oscar film emperor, “Little Freckle” Eddie Redmayne, walked the red carpet several times, and Lefu’s shoes were his “shoes”.


There are various formal occasions in summer. Choose a pair of semi -casual and semi -official Lefu shoes to meet the needs of different occasions.





Doudou shoes are classic shoes in Lefu’s shoes.

Doudou shoes are not the kind of shoes that are suitable for walking, but it is convenient and easy to wear and take off in the office. You may wish to try some fresh and bold bean shoes in summer to add color to the styling.

TOD’S later launched this kind of slippers with heels, which is not urgent to release the heels. It is more suitable for summer to go out in summer. The price of 2837 yuan is cheaper than ordinary bean shoes.

In addition, the “century old name” from the UK

Edward Green


There are also many good -looking loaf shoes. The style of Edward Green is slightly “supporting”, but ingenuity craftsmanship and quality assurance are also its characteristics.

This pair of “PORTLAND” fluffy leather shoes is very suitable for wearing the sun in summer formal clothes. The price of 4356 yuan is a bit expensive.

In addition, Fanzhu recommends one



Although the colors are blue+black, the shoes of these shoes are very thin and thin. It will not give people a heavy feeling in summer. about.

If you think the above Lefu shoes are high and paved, then the following is from



Lefu shoes should be able to meet your needs. Shoes are light and casual. The designer uses lightweight lines to outline the most comfortable men’s shoes in summer.


The price of 1300 yuan is not too expensive, it looks like the style of fisherman shoes.

——— Don’t worry, it’s not over yet ———————————————————-

Having said so much, if you still think: I want to wear slippers, I don’t want any bicycle …


Then Givenchy, Raf Simons, Paul Smith, GUCCI —— There is always a pair of these slippers suitable for you

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