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“Skin Care”, “Beauty” and “Dailyization” for cheap and good things

Covering fitness, skin care, beauty, dailyization, etc., absolutely dry goods treasure, remember to like collection!

There are thousands of products in the world, but only three thousand weak water can only take a scoop to drink. I don’t like to use themselves as a little white mouse to buy and right.

All the products in the summary have been used for several years,

From ignorance to encountering the right thing to meet, they are still cost -effective, and then they do n’t change it much. Some of them are less than 20 years old to 20+. They are based on my own experience!

1/ fitness

If you have more fat, humpback, round shoulders, etc., it is better to change it and affect the image!

Recommended one

Station B Ouyang Chunxiao

A fat -reducing video, pro -test is effective, about 30 minutes,

The movement is interesting and sweaty, the collarbone swan arm vest line can be practiced by the way!


I have tried a lot of fat reduction and reduction of fat dances, the easiest persistence

The last drunken butterfly was drunk haha.

2/ skin care

Skin: neutral skin, mixed oil in summer, Huang Erbai.

Cleansing: I have used Dabao, Pianli Mizi, Doffin Bubble, Sitap, Fulfangs, Kurun, etc., the best thing is

Ben’s bubble cleaning

Intersection The cleaning power is just right. The foam is delicate and not spicy.

Wipe your face scarf:


, Flat or pearl lines.

Toner: Neutral skin is generally not used, if you use it, just use it

E Peilan or MUJI, by the way, Dr. Caochengye’s pores converge. I feel tingling with this tolerance face. It should be more suitable for oil skin.



Observe the morning C and late, take into account whitening and antioxidant.

, A alcohol with nicotinamide skin care effect 1+1> 2, except for more than a hundred OLAY white bottles,

The parity also has The Ordinary and the Kanier Essence in Thailand

Do not save each time in order to see whether it has any effect on itself. The effect of early C and late A is not obvious. Try skin care products such as cordin and other ingredients.

Lotion: General summer,

MUJI, Manxiu Reun Somoscocracy or Xiewei Weiwei E milk

Cream: Generally use

Cerave Skin Skin C milk

It is nearly 500ml of more than a hundred dollars, which contains mimam and other repair ingredients. It is very comfortable to use in spring and autumn. It may not be enough for moisturizing in winter.

Kuchu Cream

Mask: My current skin condition and financial resources have not risen to a functional mask, generally

Hydrate mask

The brand is not recommended, and the hydration effect is similar. Amway

Wulianchi Pond of Heilongjiang Volcanic Mud Mask

, One dollar a bag, the effect is not bad? Intersection

3/ Beauty

My beauty products are poor. After all, the appropriate powder products and lipsticks are almost incomplete, so I rarely buy new ones, and the reference is not very strong.


One white cover three ugliness is true!

I have used Dabao, Nature Hall, Takashi, An Naita, Birou, Mistine, Water Baby, Xinbi, etc., and I really can’t find it, because many sunscreens are not good, and more or less will affect subsequent makeup on makeup. , The problem of rubbing oil is really distressed, the best thing to use is


Although expensive, but worry -free, followed by

Takashi, Xinbi, Mistine

Essence In fact, when the outdoor minister takes time, sometimes it is natural to clear the sun protection.


Spring, autumn and winter are isolated with ZA, a little sunscreen+white+delicate pores. In the summer, it isolate with Sophina purple. The oil control is super powerful!

Concealer: There are not many flaws on the face, so don’t need haha.

Foundation: Recommended in the cheap price

Paris really found liquid foundation

, Advantages: skin care, cream makeup. Disadvantages: Dark oxidation and poor concealer. Based on your skin and needs, it is very suitable to choose the whitening Paris.

San powder:

RCMA transparent loose powder

The soft coke effect is great.

Powder: the most cheap one

Banana powder

It is a bit thick for cotton sugar powder.



The powder is delicate and the color is naturally practical.


colorpop Lunch Money

, Naturally, right, I only have one piece, because it is easy to use and do not need to try. Haha.

Blush: Many blush is


Well, the color is good -looking. It is pink and tender cream orange peach color in spring and summer, and plum color in autumn and winter.

Eye shadow:

NYX’s 16 -color eye shadow, 3ce overtake orange brown disk, the most affordable Los Angeles girl four -color eye shadow plate

Eyebrow pencil: only use


Ha ha.

Eyebrow powder:

Kate three -color eyebrow powder

Oichelial foundation:


Red models, the eyelashes will not fall after brushing! Intersection Intersection


kiss me

, But generally not used.



Choose a few favorite colors, and do not recommend the lip glaze.

Eyelash curler:

Marian eyelash cotton

, Also find better hee hee.

Makeup remover:

Bedma pink bottle

The main skin feel is really good, mild and not exciting, and there are

Meibian Eye Lip Makeup remover

The above is the good feeling of cheap beauty that I have used. They are all reputable products, but I just emphasize the feeling of it again.

The above products can be drawn all of those products

Clear natural cute and high -level

Waiting for the makeup surface, I was a bit disabled.

4/ dailyization

Wuhu, it’s about to finish writing.


Ginger ginger without silicon oil washed hair

Recommended by friends, advantages: The light and fluffy taste of oil is good, and disadvantages: dry hair quality will feel dry!

Together: The bee -yellow one is cheap and easy to use. I have been using it well since I was a child.

Bath milk: Doffen.

Hair care essential oil:


The golden model is not greasy.

Body milk:

Vaselin white bottle

Sometimes sometimes use in summer

Gong Lantern almonds

, Old domestic products, super cheap, relatively thin, similar to Dabao SOD.

The summary of the good and good price of beauty is for the time being, and the product may not step on the thunder. Of course, it is necessary to rule out the situation that the skin is really not suitable.

Skin: neutral skin, mixed oil in summer, Huang Erbai.