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From the “half quilt” to the “happy day” rural rejuvenation

CCTV News: In 1934, the Red Army passed through Shazhou Village, Rucheng County, Luzhou, leaving a touching story of “half quilts” here. On September 16, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the “Half of the Warm Warm” special exhibition hall. He pointed out that the story of the “half quilt” fully reflects the people’s feelings and nature of the people of the Communist Party of China. Keep in mind the general secretary’s entrustment that Shazhou Village adheres to the people -centered development ideas, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and make the lives of ordinary people happier.


The reporter Fu Lei: The story of warm China’s “half quilt” happened here. In 1934, the Red Army Long March passed Rucheng. Three female Red Army stayed at the villager Xu Xiuxiu’s house and saw a decent quilt in her house. Nothing, cut the only quilt half of the quilt when leaving. Here, there are still many moving stories of military and civilians. Now the staff is measurement of exhibits to prepare new information.

There is also a touching story behind it to be added to the exhibition hall. At that time, the Red Army had no crime to the villagers after the hunger and cold. After seeing it, the villager Hu Side took the house to raise food to the Red Army. The chief director immediately opened this “debit”, and wrote on the lending: Today, I borrowed 105 burdens of Hu Side’s rice rice, 3 pigs, and 12 chickens. After the troops left, Hu Side quietly hid it in the wall hole behind the stove, and did not take it out until his death. The chief director also sacrificed in a battle. Until the day after 62, the descendants of the Hu family accidentally found this debit in the wall hole. The Rucheng County People’s Government fulfilled 15,000 yuan to the Hu family on time, and the descendants of the Hu family donated the money to the money to The school in the village.

In this corridor, there are many stories like this “military love, the people embrace the army”. It is full of affection of the people of the old district to the party, and also carries the party’s great promise to the people. Now the children of the Shazhou Furong School are also competing here to be quite a little interpreter, telling these red stories to tourists, and inheriting the red gene from generation to generation.


We came to Shazhou Village to see the story, but also the development and changes. The comparison of this set of pictures can be seen that the previous Shazhou village’s environment was dirty, the house was broken, and the stinky water was flowing. Looking at the current style of the village, the village was diverted into the village and the sewing was green.


We walked in the village these days. The villagers often said that before the Red Army gave us a “half quilt”, and now the party and the government have given us a happy day. Now, the per capita disposable income of Shazhou Village has increased from more than 5,000 in 2014 to more than 17,000 yuan last year, more than doubled; village collective revenue increased from more than 3,000 in 2014 to 705,000 yuan last year, of which nearly 300,000 yuan Divided into villagers.

In order to drive the people to become rich, Shazhou Village organizes villagers to conduct chef skills training and fruit planting training. At the modern agricultural travel demonstration base of Shazhou Village, villagers are enjoying the joy of harvest. Logistics and e -commerce have become hot -selling and selling, and some of the annual income of operating households can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan.


At present, Shazhou Village has also established a folk literary team and cultural propaganda team, and the cultural life of villagers is becoming more and more abundant. The small villages of the Yao villages, which were closed in the past, have become the “Star Village” of the village Meiye.

Source: CCTV