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Don’t worry in the fall, this year popular wears your own grid shirt, trendy retro and wild

# What to wear today?

# 明 教 How to wear #

# 穿 红 黑 #

# 明星 造型 评 大 大 #

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There are many models, and the color color of the color is not the same, and the fashion feeling of wearing is also different.

As a hit shirt with some orthodox feel

In the fall of this fall, it is still very hot, I got a lot of fashion women’s favorite

Whether it is in the workplace or in daily life, you can wear a distinctive taste.

So don’t worry in the fall, this year is popular wearing your own grid shirt, hipster retro and wild


Plaid shirt star worn

In many star wardrobes, plaid shirts are also very popular, especially in their daily private service, there is a high appearance rate.

Wearing is elegant,


And it is also very leveling

Different shapes and grit patterns can show unique trendy style, combined with different items,

Easy to wear a full trend of trend

Pattern of grilled shirts

The lattice of the plaid shirt is also sorted.

Large small or color, or dark

It can create a different visual feeling.

Combining different clothing units, you can perform different fashion tastes, and one of many girls who love their love.

Large gant


Large brood shirt,

It looks warm and air,


And the level of layers is also superb




And also create a full level charm

In combination with the version of the shirt, you can wear yourself very well.

Fashionable style


In many different scenes, you can wear a very easy top,

Perfect to create a temperament lady

Small grid


Small grid shirts seem to be strong,

The upper body is wearing a simple concise

If the color is bright, then you can create a different trend of temperament.


If it is a dark, then a low-key charm is also easy to show, in many different scenes, it can be very easy to top.


Wear your own unique style


Color of the plaid shirt

The plaid shirt has different distinctions in the color, and you can create different visual feelings, and combinations with different other items.

It can easily wear your own unique temperament.

And it also adapts a variety of different scenes, and many sisters love


Light color

Light colored plaid shirt, fashion and simple,

Bring a beautiful fresh visual effect


Take the upper body


Skin is white


For the yellow-skinned sisters, they can be very easy to top.

The temperament is full of fashion visual sense, and it can wear it in different occasions.

Highlight your own unique style


Brunette plaid shirt,

Fashion is elegant and it seems to be very stable

, Is also very suitable as a workplace OL

Or mature female friends are wearing, and it is very suitable

With light or dark trousers or dress, you can wear your own unique style.

Where is the warm atmosphere?

What are the styles of a plaid shirt?

The plaid shirt is in the style, and there is also different, different styles adapt to different decoration, and it is also suitable for different body shapes.

Wearing up with different stylish tastes, likes, you can combine your own clothes, to choose,


Create your own fashion temperament

Loose master

Loose style large version,


Fashion is simple and seemingly natural

It is very strong for the body shape, you can wear simple and casual feelings.

In some modifications in the street or play, it is very suitable, and many of many sisters are super favorite single items, and they put together with the slim pants.

It seems fashionable and concise



Tight-style small tattoo shirt,

Simple is still very sluggish


It can highly highlight the shape and charming


Can take the design

Forming the slender curve of the waist, and then matching your favorite, it seems to be fashionable, and it is sexy.


Highlight full trend


How to match the griller shirt

The plaid shirt is in front of it, and it is also different. It can be combined with different braces to create a different visual feeling.

And which different combinations, interested sisters, let’s take a look together

Plaid shirt + casual pants


Plaid shirt with casual pants,

Practicality is quite high

, Can wear your own simple wind very well

In many scenes,

Can be easily on

, Perfect to create a distinctive style


Outside the street, these scenes,

It is very pleasant

And such wearing design, I also got a lot of sisters liked.

There are a lot of style colors of casual pants, but it is matched with a plaid shirt.

Most of them use more solid color systems

This seems to be more

Fashion and hierarchy.

If the color is also very popular, then the entire wear is more


Wear a pair of comfortable sneakers combine


You can do your own unique breath, the casual trousers of Harlan style.

Simple and elegant

And for the sisters of the thigh, it is quite suitable.

The pants is slightly narrow,

Dressed in a concise while

And I haven’t dragged it again.

Match the fashion and simple plaid shirt, which is full of wearing a full



Come out, choose the adaptive shoe bag, you can easily go out to the strek.

Tongzhuang or smooth dressing,

Fashion and simple

The upper body is full of comfort.

Combined with casual plaid shirts, you can wear your own

Unique temperament


In combination with the fashion and simple casual shoes, the perfect creation is simple and casual.


Where is it very picking?


Plaid shirt + dress

Classic plaid shirt,

Fashion and simple

, Is wearing some

Elegant breath

Combine with elegant small A word half-body short skirt, look fashion and elegant, you can put the clothes in the dress,

Demonstrative fiber

Replace a pair of fashionable heels or boots, you can easily wear your own

Under the disappearance of the disappearance is quite popular in many times,


Fashion is simple,

And it can also highlight the long legs appear

If you are more relaxed,

So the trend of the wearing is also very good

I will replace a pair of comfortable self-suggestive shoes or flattening boots, it can highlight full trend style, very much in many occasions


Plaid shirt + tights

If you are relatively large, then wearing fashion leisure wind is relatively strong.

And the inclusiveness is also very strong.

Combined with tights

It can be very easy to wear and different



, Then wear a handsome baseball cap, you can easily wear your own playful youth trend.

Plaid shirt + shorts

Fashion simple grilled shirt, elegant and generous, comfortable to wear,

And don’t pick people

With loose and comfortable shorts,

Very free feeling 100%

And like this is also a lot of sisters like it.

With different shoes, these items are matched, they can wear their own


Unique style

Where is the super eye-catching eye?


Pure color shorts, match with grilled shirts,

Visually, the level of layers is also very eye-catching

Wear also look


Fashion and fruit

. Using a short-term dressing combination, you can perform your own unique temperament, and like this, it is also a super favorite.

And it is also suitable for different people and occasions, it can make your own

Autumn must have a British grid shirt, trendy, retro, single dress

These style colors different plaid shirts,


Fashion and simple and generous, wearing elegant beautiful

, Can wear your own unique style

And different other items, you can wear your own trendy style, you can easily do it in a lot of different scenes.

Unique temperament

Unique temperament