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Weaving baby clothes from the neckline, wearing it in winter is very warm

Product specifications: 38 cm in length, 44 cm of bust, and 23 cm in sleeves.

Weaving density: 18 stitches and 26 lines, 8 stitches, 300 grams of blue line, 8 buttons.


1: Start with a ring needle from the neckline, start with 46 stitches, 46 stitches into 2 pieces of 7 pins in the front neckline, 9 stitches each cuffs, 10 stitches on the rear tablet. Add needle points in each part.

2: Start with 1 needle on each side of the two diameter, and the next needle method is the same. After the 4 positions are added with 8 stitches at a time, the first lap is 54 stitches, plus a line of needle once, plus 14 times, all weaving plates, all weaving plates, all weaving plates, all weaving plates, all weaving plate Needle.

3:织第7行开始留扣眼,织3下针,用空加一针、右并一点方法留扣眼,隔12针再留一次扣眼,7排留一次扣眼,接着开始分片,14次加After the needle is completed, start sliced.


4: The front and rear films are connected to the front and rear pieces. The front and rear films are connected to a total of 84 stitches, weaving the ups and downs, and 3 buckle should be opened on one side of the front film. Then reduce one needle every 2 lines, decrease 17 times, plus 10 stitches for each line, do not reduce the weaving 20 lines, open the eyes of 5 eyes according to the picture, and complete it.


5: 39 stitches on each sleeve, weaving the neat needle and minus the needle on both sides, weaving 60 lines flat, stitching two sleeves, folding the bottom crotch to connect with the body, and suture 8 buttons to complete.