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Blue Aura Blue 1: High sound quality, multi -function integration entry micro audio

Speaking of Blue Aura, everyone may think of the gallbladder series first, but in fact, Blue Aura also has product lines such as player, singing, speakers, micro audio, etc. The concept of concentration of sound quality provides not only provides a new generation of users in Bluetooth function, but also has CD and radio function care tradition. The most important thing is that the sound is still excellent. With a pair of speakers, you can enjoy music in the living room and bedroom.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Design and function

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Bluetooth, CD, power amplifier, radio function in one body

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Blue 1 is a miniature audio host with Bluetooth function, which is convenient for mobile phone wireless connection to broadcast songs, or with its own Bluetooth player PG1. Wirelessly listening to vinyl can also be. In addition, the CD machine function is also provided, with inhalation design, plus the physical operation button of the fuselage, simple and practical, and take care of users who are still broadcasting. A built -in radio function can receive FM, DAB/DAB+ broadcasts, and support 40 preset radio stations for easy switching. The USB terminal of the fuselage can be used to broadcast songs, supports MP3, WMA, MPEG and other formats. It can also charge the mobile phone, provide 5V/1A output, and listen to songs with Bluetooth playback, charging while charging. As a miniature audio host, Blue 1 is also equipped with a power amplifier function, providing a power output of 50W × 2@8Ω, which is enough to cope with most bookshelves speakers. Share it in detail.

The drawing texture of the front panel, plus the full metal body shell feel and texture are quite good.

Although it is a “micro audio”, Blue 1 actually has a body shape of 275 × 120 × 317mm plus 6.4kg weight, and the box has felt sufficient materials.

The front panel has headphones output and LINE-in input. The USB terminal supports MP3 music playback, and can also be charged for mobile phones.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Support CD playback, adopts inhaled design, and there is information on the display number of the song indicator song number, sound source and other information on it.

On the right is the volume keys, boot/dormant buttons, and status indicator.

Random remote control can easily switch the sound source and radio to the table, which also provides various sound settings.

Specifications and interfaces

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Optical fiber, coaxial axis, RCA, AUX input headset, ultra -bass output extension is more practical

In addition to the use of Bluetooth or CD player, the host itself also provides a wealth of interfaces. It can be used with TV and other audiovisual equipment as a small audio -visual center. The back of the machine provides a digital input of optical fiber and coaxial axis, which is convenient for connecting different players and even digital players. In addition, two sets of RCA Audio simulation inputs are also provided to facilitate connecting two additional two -channel equipment. The radio part also provides an independent extended antenna, which makes the reception a clearer and stable. In addition to the speaker terminal, Blue 1 also has additional connection output, including the RC out (RCA Audio), and the super bass Pre-OUT connection. The front panel is equipped with headphones output, which is convenient to switch to the headset to listen to songs at night. In addition, there is a 3.5mm Audio LINE-in input. It can be temporarily connected to DAP and other broadcast songs. The connection design is quite practical.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Blue 1 body back.

The speaker interface supports banana plug -in, and provides a power output of 50W × 2@8Ω.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

The analog and digital input are complete. The fiber and coaxial axis are convenient to connect TV and audiovisual players. RCA Audio can connect additional music players.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

There are also long antennas, which are convenient for users who still listen to the radio and provide more stable reception.

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Sound quality

Full and warm, vibrant Bluetooth excellent CD is better

Blue 1 is a miniature audio host. In other words, you need to match a pair of speakers to form a complete micro sound combination. This time, Blue Aura’s PS40 bookshelf speaker was borrowed to cooperate with the test. I have heard the PS40 when I tried the Blue Aura V40 before. It is a relatively small but a good energy and resolution. With the sound of BLUE 1, the tone of Blue 1 is quite full and dynamic. The single -sided 50W output energy sense is indeed very strong. In addition, the low frequency volume is a bit more, and the design of the rear bass reflection hole. If the room is used “space. The thick and warm tone is quite charm, just the right voice and musical instrument sound, the sense of listening is very pleasing.

The low -frequency sense and strength are strong, and even the larger space of the living room is more than enough, and it can still provide a good sense of siege. Put on Mission LX-1 MK II to listen to it, and even the low frequency is more, which slightly affects the middle frequency resolution. It must be manually lowered to have a better effect, and the sound is still pleasing to the ears. Although Blue 1 only supports the basic Bluetooth encoding, it is equipped with PS40’s resolution is very good. The image is very clear and three -dimensional. The human voice is accurate. CD playback is mainly to improve the understanding of the analysis, the knot is more clear and three -dimensional. The details of the instruments such as the piano, the guitar, etc. are more abundant, but the overall is still warm, charm and vitality. Quite consistent.


Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响


Although online music has been streaming in recent years, when it comes to wireless listening, Bluetooth is actually the most mainstream playback method. Blue 1 continues Blue Aura’s consistent sound. It is full of warmth and charm. It is quite pleasant to listen. In particular, it is better to match its own PS40 bookshelf speaker. CD, FM, DAB and other audio sources have taken care of. There are still users who listen to CD and listened to the radio. Fiber, coaxial, and RCA Audio input can expand other connections. TV use is also a pretty good choice.

Blue Aura Blue 1 miniature audio

Play: CD, USB (MP3, WMA, MPEG)

Radio: FM, DAB, DAB+

Blue Aura Blue 1:高音质多功能一体入门微型音响

Output power: 50W × 2@8Ω

Enter: fiber, coaxial axis, RCA Audio × 2

Output: RCA AUDIO (REC OUT), 3.5mm Audio, Ultimate

Volume: 275 × 120 × 317mm

Weight: 6.4kg