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How to wear a baby sleeping in winter? After reading this article, you will understand

Sleeping the quilt too much, and when he woke up, the 7 -month -old baby had no breathing … Winter in winter, be vigilant “Mongolian Syndrome”! Similar news has emerged endlessly, and it looks shocking.

In winter, the temperature drops sharply, and the temperature turns low. When you are discharged, the family members always ask, “How much clothes should I wear after going home? How can I cover the quilt?” This problem has troubled the old and middle -aged three generations.

Appropriate body temperature and room temperature

The newborn body has a fast metabolism, the body temperature regulation center is not perfect, and the adaptation ability of the external temperature is weak, and the heat produces is large, but the heat is slow. This constitution makes the newborn easily occur under environmental impact. Covering too much is not conducive to the normal heat dissipation of newborns, so we recommend that you adjust the appropriate room temperature, do not wrap too much.

Appropriate room temperature: 24-26 ℃

Appropriate humidity: 55%-65%

The main points of covering the quilt in winter

The baby must have a separate quilt. It is not recommended that the baby and adults cover the same quilt.


The baby is easy to kick the quilt, and pay attention to the warmth of the stomach.

The quilt should not be too thick and thick, and the thick quilt is easy to cover the sweat. Once the quilt is opened, the water takes away the heat and it is easy to catch a cold.

When the baby is covered with a thin quilt, pay attention to the placement of the hands. If both hands are in the quilt, it is easy to pull the quilt to cover the face and cause suffocation when raising their hands.

Recommendation for wearing in winter night

✿The choice of pajamas:

It is recommended that the baby wears thin pajamas.

Due to the incomplete cervical development of the baby, it is recommended not to wear a cock style clothes.

Choose a jacket, it is recommended to choose the open -style jacket to facilitate the replacement of the diaper.

Choice of ✿ sleeping bag:

Newborns often have shocking reflexes in the early days. Sleeping bags can relieve the baby’s nervousness and increase a sense of security. The wrapping of sleeping bags is good. Don’t worry about the baby’s kicking cold, which helps Bao Ma’s night rest.

袋 Choose different sleeping bags at different menstrual age:

Babies of 0-3 months can choose to wrap sleeping bags, or use the bag to be wrapped directly to enhance the baby’s sense of security.


Three-month-6 months can choose integrated sleeping bags to facilitate the baby’s legs freely.

You can choose a semi -leg sleeping bag for 6 months, which is convenient for the baby to turn over and crawl and meet the needs of the baby’s activeness.

Choose a sleeping bag that is convenient for changing diapers, and change the risk of cooling at night.

Writer: Shanghai Xinhua Hospital Newborn Manor, Bian Zheng


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