Flashlights & Torches

New Madman Diary

There are many titles of Luo Fatty, and what courses have been less than 10 million due to the epidemic. What logic courses are good at the banner and do not talk about logic. In fact, Zhai Mou Eagle did the same. Let you improve your knowledge, do not go to others, and then go to him!

Many brain disabled fans hold him, I don’t care, I owe several billion yuan to pay off the debtor through hard work.

In fact, what happened, many people were filled with fragmented knowledge in the new Internet era. He worked hard to repay your money. This is the same as the same as the same.


Now the pace of life is fast, the pressure of life is high, and many people are physically and mentally exhausted. By taking some addictive things, articles, and videos, it has become a common thing. What hip -hop and what RAP came into being. As for the spitting show, it uses negative energy to meet the threshold of people’s dark faces.

In this way, if you make money, you really don’t envy.

The epidemic is raging, frequent diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and high uric acid have become the problems of many ages in China that cannot avoid problems. Because the medical medicine has been suppressed for a century, some good treatment experience cannot be widely used, and it is also a pity that it cannot benefit humans. However, there are disadvantages. It can make people reflect, have awe, the body issues alert, let you think, let you reflect, from this perspective, it is enough.

As for cancer, AIDS, uremia and other life -threatening types of severe illnesses, they are actually organic. As long as you are willing to pay for it, you will always think of things.

In the new year, hoping that the mountains and rivers are unhappy, and people’s lives are full of hope.