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Application of vibration switch -type smart remote control

With the rapid development of intelligent products, the remote control we often use has also carried out technological innovation. More and more remote control integrates smart voice, connecting WIFI, Internet of Things connection, etc. For example, a smart voice remote control user only needs to pass the voice dialogue to easily and quickly complete the TV channel switching, film and television and television and television Search, playback control, application game, air -conditioning temperature adjustment, refrigerator control and other functions. We can experience the fun of the interconnection of all things through smart remote controls.

Intelligent remote control

Traditional remote controls can no longer meet the era of the Internet of Things, which is different. The multi -functionalization of new intelligent remote controls is an inevitable trend. One of the key factor that restricts the new intelligent remote control is the battery power. More functional applications mean greater power consumption. In the process of actual use, if the remote control takes a few days to replace the battery or charging, the entire experience will be greatly reduced.


The breakthrough of battery technology is currently unreasonable to apply on smart remote controls, and the effective way is how to make smart remote controls more power -saving. There are many ways to save power, reducing the power consumption of ICs, reasonable programming, etc. Here is a simple and practical application method, using the characteristics of the vibration switch to manufacture the provincial electrical remote control.


The vibration switch has appeared in the market for many years. The reason why it has not been widely used in remote control for many years is because the vibration switch has not made a breakthrough in technical. Remote control is a high -frequency device. Stable performance and long -term use time are basic requirements. The traditional vibration switch has always been unstable, low -life, and performance failure of high temperature welding, so that it cannot be applied to various high -stable long -life products.

Here is a miniature vibration switch of Yingte Precision and Independent Patent YT-JM-CGQ. The specific characteristics can refer to the previous articles of Yingte Precision, which solves many shortcomings of the vibration switch for a long time. The advantages have been widely used in the field of remote control.

Vibration switch

The vibration switch YT-JM-CGQ is a comprehensive perceived vibration sensor. Simply put, it is a sensor element that perceives the external mild motion that can output ON and OFF signals. In practical applications, we can use the vibration switch to perceive the outside to pick up such a movement, and then trigger the wake -up smart remote control, so that it is in a dormant state when no one is picked up.


Vibration switch YT-JM-CGQ application principle


Such an idea can reduce the standby time of the intelligent remote control, which can accurately identify whether anyone is using the remote control. The actual time to use the remote control is only ten seconds. Remove unnecessary standby time, which can save at least half of the power for smart remote controls. Reducing power consumption means less battery discarding. Energy -saving and environmental protection is the core idea of ​​all electronic product design in the future.

The intelligent power -saving mode applied to the remote control is a simple and effective solution. Yingte Precision will provide more actual applications about the vibration switch in the later stage.