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There are more online celebrities and traffic stars in production.

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On the evening of October 17, the UP owner of station B, “The teacher, I called He, I called He,” released a video “I made an apple product …”. Simply put, he made a table that can provide wireless charging for electronic devices such as mobile phones and headphones. And this inspiration comes from the plan released by Apple in 2017. A wireless charging board AirPower, but it later died.

This is not the most amazing.

The sponsors of this video and the A -share listed company, which are mainly engaged in ergonomic office supplies, Lege, the second day on the second day of the video, the stock rose 14%and the daily limit. In other words, according to regulations, in order to suppress speculation, we cannot rise again.

No wonder some netizens said, “Internet celebrities can bring goods, but He can bring corporate stock prices.”

Is this classmate a big head? No, he actually graduated from university this year. According to the standards of human resources, it also belongs to fresh graduates.

But you can’t say that the classmate He is a “pure passenger”, because he has more than 7 million fans at station B, and the total views of 43 videos are 226 million; Cook, Microsoft Vice President Panos Panay, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun and other technology industries are leading and have a one -to -one dialogue …

The achievements of the classmate had to be said to be rare. After being famous, the easiest thing to be asked by hostages is why or why?

Some people think that on technology, this new video may not be complicated to ghost ax.

Even if you look at it at station B, there are UP owners who make rockets and self -developed robotic arms, let alone so many scientists and academicians in front of him, what is his child.

Some people think that the ingredients of luck are more. In 2019, the 5G video that asked He to appear on the party media was also because of catching up with the social wave that 5G attracted much attention.

It seems that these sounds look at it alone, but it is unable to explain the overall -how can Mr. He keep keeping heat to this day?

In modern society, 15 seconds are enough for a person to become famous overnight. We have so many video platforms, social tools and variety film and television programs, but you can often see that the vulgar net red blog eyes do not say much. Even a famous artist, in order to maintain the heat, it is often so unbearable, even hype, CP, human settings, scandal …

It even formed a entire industrial chain.

But you watch the classmate, after 5G video, almost every video has millions or even tens of millions of clicks. The interval between each video is less than half a month, and for several months. The reason for the frequency of exposure is so low, but the reason why fans are welcomed by fans, in fact, he puts all his heart on the video.

For example, the commemorative video of 6 million fans, the simple and rude ways of other platforms are “thank you for the old iron, draw a prize”. However, the classmate He borrowed a 400 million pixel camera and made the name of 6 million fans into wallpaper, covering the original dark room. And attach a tutorial to tell you how to find your own name in the wallpaper.

Is this video complicated in technology? Most of the knowledge of camera shooting, printing, and name grouping, high school mathematics level. But if you question it romantic and attentive, I think most people will oppose it.

Each video of He is a kind of romance of a “science and engineering man”. Whether it is this fan commemorative video, or a graduation video shooting, or an Apple computer in the early 1990s. In any topic, he can always extract humanities, history, and romantic factors from the cold topic of science and technology.

Of course, he is not a technical god, but he must be a professional and professional video creator.

Outside the work, you rarely see him on the Internet. The recent information of the classmate He is still in an article interviewed by another UP master. The UP owner participated in the event and lived in a room with He. So I ran to the hall alone to eat.


The work is strong, hard, and humble, which is most of the reason why he loves him.

Speaking of which is not a big word, but in front of the market full of huge temptation, it is really not easy to keep these quality and capabilities.


In recent years, when talking about public figures and entertainment industries, our first impression is probably not good. Recently, a live broadcast platform uses soft pornographic pictures to drain for e -sports competitions; Rolls -Royce has been siege because of the online celebrity; Fo Yuan and scenic spots are false marketing.


In the distance, there are also discussions caused by negative incidents such as Wu Yifan, Huo Zun, and Zhou Xuanyi. The rice circle lasted for more than a year of negative events.

Why do the public figures always look black? One is that the entry threshold for new media and performing arts industry is too low, but the more important factor is interest. Either you need to try your best to seize the traffic, but because of the low threshold, you can only use some low -level means to market yourself; or you are not able to keep your sentiments in front of interests, and may even be ruthless.

But idols were originally a good word, referring to the external cause of people’s progress. As said in the song, learning Lei Feng is a good example, and Lei Feng is the external cause of learning. Lu Xun also mentioned in Xu Guangping’s letter: “I seem to have become an idol.”


People need idols. It is unsatisfactory. The essence of idol regression is a role model, and there will be examples in each era. But the question is, what kind of person do we need to do an example.

Scientists, warriors who have defended the country, and medical workers who struggle on the front line are of course our idols, but creators like a classmate rely on works as competitive and social influence must be more than those who rely on the entertainment industry. The created net red and love beans are much more appropriate.

First of all, from the perspective of the threshold, he graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. After all, he received complete higher education. This is a hard condition. Of course, it is not to say that you have to have a high education, but to give full education to the complete ideological education and time of excavation, the willingness and time of specialties, this result is the most important.


Whether a public figure has a skill may become a criterion for judging gold in the future.

In addition, He has a work. I don’t think many people will use the Internet celebrity to describe the classmates He. Everyone usually uses the nouns such as UP master and new media practitioners. This difference is very similar to “traffic stars” and “actors”. What do you use to do is the meaning of the existence of the circle, or to win the traffic with the work.

He has the spirit of professionalism. He is not a scientific researcher and product manager. His table is neither a high -tech requirement or mass production. It is a communicationman of technology and geek spirit. He is very similar to craftsmen. He has more than 8 million fans, but only rely on 43 videos. It can be imagined how high the gold content and investment of each video.

On the contrary, if it is an Internet celebrity that circles for circles, it will definitely use the most aggressive and industrialized way instead of creating something. Not to mention the extravagance of others to create, without vulgarity, false, and challenging group opposition, everyone will feel that it is clear.


It is now a vacuum period of social models. The power of role models cannot be ignored, whether it is evil or good. In the big name, the role model, like film and television works, should be responsible for the cultivation of social mind.

In the past two years, we have gradually increased the handling of negative events, which is the so -called “broken”. This job is very difficult, and the main body of interests is extensive and complicated. But it is more difficult and more important to work as “standing”, and we need more examples that can establish positive effects.

I hope that in the future, there are fewer online celebrities who are vulgar, false, and without art. Young people like a classmate can be more.