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Popular science five: technology and application of water pressure pump pumps

Popular science five: technology and application of water pressure pump pumps

Definition of water purification machine pressure pump


Cleating machine pressure pump is also called RO diaphragm pump,


The English name of the RO pump is Reverse Osmosis Diaphragm Pump. The full Chinese means reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis) diaphragm pressure pump. The earliest RO diaphragm pump was originally invented in 1979 and was invented by E.Dale Hartliey, USA. The pump was later promoted and applied to the water supply voltage area of ​​low -pressure areas.

The structure of the water purification machine pressure pump

It is composed of motor, eccentric wheel, bearing frame, film, piston, middle plate, pump shell, etc. Now the booster pump motor on the market is basically a low -voltage motor adopted. Why is there no brushless motor?

Reason one: mainly to control costs;

Constitulbility pump parts assembly diagram

Reason two: The key membranes in the booster pump are currently only more than 2,000 hours, but the life of a brushless motor

It can work continuously for about 20,000 hours, and the conventional service life is 7-10 years. Therefore, there is no need to use a brush -free motor, otherwise excess performance is not the best design.

The installation of the booster pump in the water purifier

RO pump classification

Classified according to the water production specifications of the RO membrane, which can be divided into two categories. One is the case,

The pumps corresponding to the “national standard specifications” are 50 gallons, 75 gallons and 100 gallons, 200 gallons, 300 gallons, 600 gallons, 800 gallons, etc. The RO membrane has gradually developed to a larger session. Therefore, such pumps are also called home machine RO pumps. The other type is the pump corresponding to the “non -standard commercial large flow RO film”, including 150 gallons, 200 gallons, 300 gallons, 400 gallons, 800 gallons, 1000 gallons, 1200 gallons, or even more common volume RO membranes, so The corresponding pump is called a business machine RO pump.

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