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Vidama Yinglong’s adult diaper was detected by the pH value! Pack and refreshing can migrate fluorescence

On October 14th, a reporter from Nandu learned from the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission”) that recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission on the market for adult diaper, diapers, and care pads sold on the market Wait for the product to test. The experimental results show that well -known brands such as “Fujian Hengan”, “Vida” and “Ma Yinglong” all have related products such as the detection of the PH values ​​and do not meet the standards. There are also brand products such as “Qifu” and “Bao and cool” have been detected.

It is reported that in this comparison test, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission purchased 90 items through offline stores and e -commerce platforms, including 30 diapers, 30 diapers, and 30 nursing pads, involving “Ma Yinglong” 56 brands such as “reliable” and “Master Bao” are priced at 9.9 yuan to 59 yuan per package. The indicators of this test test include hygienic safety indicators such as the total colonies, the total number of colonobacteria, the total number of fungal colonies, the performance indicators such as leakage, the recovery volume, and the pH value.

The test results show that of the 90 samples, the pH value of 30 samples exceeds the standard, including 7 pieces of diapers, 5 diapers, and 18 care pads. The average value reaches 8.3. The national standard requires the pH value of adult diaper (tablets, pads) products between 4.0-8.0. Including well -known enterprises including Fujian Hengan Group Co., Ltd., Weida Nursing Supplies (China) Co., Ltd., Ma Yinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Wal -Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd., all have adult diapers (nursing pads). The pH value has exceeded the standard.

In addition, in two samples, migrant fluorescence substances were detected, namely the trademark “Bao and Cool”, adult diaper tablets produced by Shanghai Shu Shuangxiang Health Products Co., Ltd., and the trademark “Qifu” as “Qifu” Multi -functional care mattress produced by Zhengzhou Qifu Health Products Co., Ltd.. It is reported that at present, there are no relevant requirements in product standards such as adult diapers, diapers, and nursing pads, but the standards of sanitary napkins and paper towels are clearly required not to detect migrant fluorescent substances.

In terms of the absorption of diapers, a sample is poorly absorbed, that is, the trademark is “Heart Kang”, and adult pull pants produced by Shenyang Jinlida Health Products Factory, the 150ml liquid is poured on the sample in the test As a result, 73ml liquid was not absorbed (standard reference value ≤30ml), which exceeded the standard nearly 1.5 times.

In terms of water locking performance of diapers (slices), there are 5 samples of samples less than 1g, and the water lock performance is strong. Huiyi “” brand products. Among them, the “Master Zhou” brand of adult diaper has the least seepage.

Writing: Nandu Xueju reporter Huang Xiaoyin