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Chengdu skirt sharing, simple style not simple skirt, literary and high level

The season of wearing a skirt is coming soon, and even the girl who is not afraid of cold is already paired with a coat, and wearing a skirt will go out. Not very afraid of cold wear, look more

The feeling of temperament and elegance


Essence Everyone wears a more refreshing style when matching, and the high -level retro style is also different. There is no requirement for wearing skirts in spring, but different clothing styles can be displayed differently. Chengdu skirt sharing,

Simple style is not simple skirt

Son, literary and artistic.

Wearing skirts can learn Chengdu people, the style of literary sense is full, it looks very angry


Maybe because the weather in Chengdu is warmer, the clothing you wear is always more even more


Of course, it will show the sense of fashion and freshness of the skirt more obvious.

Literary skirt

In the spring and autumn seasons, it is very suitable for wearing design

Slightly literary and retro style

There are more advanced effects to make clothing wear, but also make the gas field look elegant. Summer is more suitable for special

Live skirt.

For example, the brown, fat skirt is selected, and the sense of atmosphere can be created a lot, and there are some

Advanced Fanhe Pure.

The matching method is equally literary and good at all. Sports shoes, shirts, and striped patterns are all good. Large sports style bags also

The first style.

However, the combination of the retro skirt with the shirt and the hypertrophic version is a bit short -legged, only suitable for

Tall people wear it.

The difference between the middle and retro sense is mainly reflected in the clothing

Sense of fashion

superior. The literary costume is one of the important reasons that attaches importance to the atmosphere in the clothing and matches a more fashionable design, so the temperament of the clothing can appear gentle.

For example

Brown skirt

With the green texture on the child, the pattern is very distinctive, full of literary effect, and also makes the temperament in the clothing look at

More advanced

Essence The dark gray skirt is extra spans. After the stitching is designed with pattern, it is more distinctive.

Of course, if you want to create a sense of clothing, you also need to match a more fashionable retro hat.

A lot of retro.

More practical lazy skirt wear

Many people even have reached the spring, they are all

Be careful of your body,

Don’t want to wear a particularly cold time. For example, bloated and advanced are good choices. Black


Super long skirt,

Without a very obvious waist design, the skirt is more free and high -level, and the handsome ones are particularly available.

Atmospheric sense and sense of literature


When matching, the same black wide -leg pants were selected to make the effect of stacking, which also added the retro charm in the clothing. However, when you are matching, you must be careful of the short -legged effect of this skirt. It is really embarrassing to match it. The pure black design is not as good as pure brown and pure white.

Fresh and fashionable.

In the lazy skirt, the design is slightly unique, and it is easier to wear a stylish feeling and literary effect. For example, everyone wears light brown when it is matched, and I also brought a little bit

The style of the pattern,

The effects that can be displayed are obviously stylish. The stack of tulle and brown fabrics also created


Retro and romantic feeling.

When matching, a dark brown jacket was selected, and the contrast between the color between the clothing was also a lot gentle. At the same time, the color matching naturally released a very elegant retro charm.

The styles of skirts and tops are slight

Loose design

However, unlike the long dress directly, the beauty that the skirt can release will be more


Essence The design of the positive shoulder in the top is also quite thin.

Fresse and beautiful skirts

Among all kinds of skirts, the refreshing temperament has always been very popular. It has a fresh and sweet effect, and it can make wearing more fashionable and delicate. Skirt design.


Everyone chose shallow when matching

Color fabric,

The freshness that can be released will obviously highlight a lot. Especially the white A -line skirt, the girl is full of sweetness and gentleness. The upper body of the vest and a fluffy skirt, and the not tight design elements make the whole skirt both

Gentle and cute.

Compared with the high -end skirt, design

Cute and fresh


In the skirt, the comparison effect between different versions is much stronger, which not only makes the temperament more personalized, but also let the wear look at

Fashionable and different charm.

for example


Segmented design

It helps to enlarge the sense of fashion and young temperament in the clothing, even if it is a long skirt, and after the segmented exposed navel design, the coolness and youth of the clothing are particularly eye -catching.

The short skirt is a bit early in the spring, but the short skirts are all sooner or later

What you want to wear


The effect of the display is not only sweet and advanced, but also a very delicate self -cultivation effect. If you want to show your waist thin and long legs,

A -line skirt please

Try it.