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The difference between water -based nail polish and oily nail polish

There are many nail polish on the market. Different nail polish components are different. Water -based nail polish is mainly composed of water and acrylic. Water -based nail polish is also harmful to the human body.

Is water -based nail polish harm to the human body?

Water -based nail oil is harmful. Although water -based nail polish has no taste, it is also toxic. Water -based nail polish is mainly a lotion composed of water and acrylic, which has a certain harm to the human body itself, which is much smaller than oil. Water -based nails are sparse and well coated. You do n’t need to remove nail water when unloading.

The difference between oily nail polish

1. Different solvents

Water -based nail polish is based on water and acrylic as the main solvent. It contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. The natural plant vitamins and active substances in it are rich in content. Can be used safely. Oily nail polish contains solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, and formaldehyde.

2. Different texture

Water -based nail oil is relatively thin; oily nail polish is thick.

3. Different durability

Water -based nail polish is more fragile and easy to drop than ordinary nail polish, but it is easy to apply evenly; oil -based nail oils must be washed off with organic solvents, and the durability is better.


4. Different liquidity

The liquidity of water -based nail polish is larger than oily nail polish. After the film formation, the acrylic is scattered in water in the form of particles. After the water is dry, these particles will stick together, so that the waterproof effect will be waterproof.

5. Different chemical composition


The chemical composition of water -based nail polish is relatively small. Oily nail polish taste is relatively heavy, and chemical composition is relatively large.

How to dilute the water -based nail polish is a bit dry

1. Add dilute agent

The water -based nail oil is dried, then a few drops of diluent can go in, and only a few drops of drops can be restored to the previous state.


2. Add water

When using nail polish, the bottle is opened, and the water will evaporate into the air. Let you find that it has become a thick layer. Then quickly drop a drop of water and shake it a few times. Every time you see it, you can drop a drop of water.

3. Add transparent nail polish

The reason why transparent nail polish is added is because it is colorless and will not destroy the color of the nail polish before, but pay attention to the amount, not too much, too much will change the original color of the nail polish, join in Later, shake it and then use it.

Why does the water -based nail polish drop the water as soon as you touch the water

Water -based nail polish is dropped as soon as the water is touched. The texture of water -based nail polish is relatively sparse, and the liquidity is very large. It is painted on the nail without drying, and it is rushed off with water. Compared with hydrophilic nail polish and chemical nail polish, chemical nail polish will corrode the surface layer of the nails. It is very strong, the damage to the nails is large, and the damage of water -based nail polish is much smaller, but it is easy to drop.