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The water bottle used by students has a market

There are many kinds of water bottles used by students, but as long as a new style appears on the market, there will be a large number of such water bottle in the school. Is there a large market for students used?

Of course. People cannot do without water, and they should drink water frequently to ensure the water supply of the body. When the body is short of water, people will get angry and get sick. Students are no exception, and they have to drink water when they enter the school. Many parents are worried that their children should not drink water, so they have to ask their children to drink plenty of water at school and not thirsty to avoid getting sick. When children drink water at school, they need to use water cups, and water cups cannot be produced by themselves. People must buy them from the store. In other words, the water cup is a product, and it is a kind of grade and type, occupying a certain market size.

There are a lot of students in groups, one water cup, and even two water cups. Put one in the classroom and put one in the dormitory. Some put one in the dormitory and bring one with you. Some children hang the water cup around their necks and prepare to drink water at any time. If you lose the water cup, you need to buy one again. Unfortunately, of course, it is impossible to mix a water cup with others to avoid infectious diseases. Some parents not only prepare water cups for their children, but also have to prepare warm bottles, pots and other things, and do not allow children to lack water throughout the year. If you are in a physical education class, the students of the colorful water cups are placed in the lawn. What I do n’t know if I do n’t know what fresh mushrooms are growing.


The water cup has a thermal insulation cup, a non -thermal iron cup, an ordinary plastic cup, and a very large travel cup with a lot of water. The functions are different, the materials are different, and the price is different. Most of the cups used by students are not very expensive. Of course, they also have the right to buy valuable boss cups for their children, as well as magnetized cups. A cup costs five or six hundred yuan, which is considered a high -end cup. Generally, the cups that ordinary people buy for their children are plastic cups. They are not afraid of scalding, durable, and iron cups. They are not afraid of falling. Some also buy large insulation pots for children to use it as heating pots. Buy the insulation cup in winter and buy a plastic cup in summer. And the cup is a easily damaged thing, especially the students use a cup. As long as it is a plastic cup, when the water is installed, and accidentally falling on the hard ground, it may be broken, or broken. new. General plastic cups cost more than ten dollars, and some can be bought at ten dollars, but the material of the plastic is not very good, soft, and a taste of more than a dozen dollars. It has risen to twenty dollars, even thirty dollars. The material is good, the water is full, and the color is colorful. It also brings a soft pipe to quickly seize the market.


When the plastic cup is the cheapest, it can reach five dollars, and now it has risen to thirty dollars, but people can drink water for children, and they are not in the 20 yuan. Anyone is willing to spend money on their children, and it is okay for parents to be grievantly grievances. In this way, the colorful plastic cups are selling, and the school has a lot of the same cups. Driven by the psychology, many students also buy such cups. Of course, these cups are only suitable for use in summer and autumn. In the winter, another round of purchase of the insulation cup has been raised. The main purchase is still students, not those in other industries.


The weirdness is that the cups used by students every year are not just using bad changes, but some students do not like to use cups. They stay at home or throw away, and buy a new one. Parents are also helping the flames. They know that children do not like to drink water. They have to buy a new cup for their children and let their children choose themselves. With the new cup, the child has a fresh sense and is willing to drink water with a new cup. As a result, the merchant also figured out people’s psychology and launching a new cup in a timely manner. The target group is a student. The price is slightly high, and parents can accept it. Bright colors, plastic materials, large capacity, and straws. If the insulation cup is the preservation cup, there must be a setting mechanism that presss the water to make children like such agencies and also likes to drink water.

The style of the cup is constantly changing to adapt to the student group, and the student group is indeed wider. There are thousands of people in a small county. If there are tens of thousands of people in large cities, each person buys two cups, and it will have to be bought again in the middle of damage. Then, the market share of the cup will be greatly improved. Many students discard the use of water cups and throw them into the trash. When the new semester starts, you have to buy a new cup. In other words, the Xinshui Cup has become a must -have for students to start school, and it is also a kind of update, rather than one year or even three years. If some students drink water with a water cup, drink for three years, or even more years, they will be joked by classmates, as if they have seen others wearing a dress for five or six years, they will be laughed at.

Is it under the world? Perhaps it is why people’s living standards are improved. When people have a little money in their hands, they have to invest in their children. They must not be aggrieved. Of course, they must be reflected in all aspects. Parents with glorious clothes may be a migrant worker, and the parents of the child who drinks the new water cup may be a porter, and a water cup has been used for ten years. However, it does not hinder the market development of the water cup, nor does it hinder parents from buying new water cups for their children. It is also necessary to upgrade the water cup to allow children to drink plenty of water. Merchants are also constantly developing and promoting the renewal of the water cup. In fact, drinking plenty of water is not to change the water cup frequently, but to cultivate. The same is true of education, but it was ignored by many people …