Flashlights & Torches

Lin Qiqi wore a white suspender skirt and brought a small deer to sending a card pure and moving, not like aunt

Lin Qiqi, the new host of the League of Legends in advance, believes that everyone is no stranger. Because of the beautiful appearance, it quickly became popular in a short period of time, becoming a very famous League of Legends hostess at the moment. The second road commentary, but it is not bad in terms of popularity. Relatively speaking, Lin Qiqi is not only a look, very beautiful, but also in terms of professional ability and various aspects. Lin Qiqi’s popularity was set to Flag when the EDG team won the League of Legends Global Finals Championship. Although this is an important part of Lin Qiqi’s popularity behind it, Lin Qiqi’s own level of strength cannot be ignored.

Then when it comes to this female anchor, everyone will definitely think of keywords such as figure and good face value. After all, this is indeed the case. When the second way host was hosted, we have always been very clear. In stockings, Lin Qiqi can always have different styles, sometimes pure, sometimes showing a very imperial sister style, but because of this reason, it is not called an old aunt by some audience friends. Three female anchors, indeed all the female anchors now, the age is definitely not small

Essence Even so, Lin Qiqi occasionally wearing a particularly immortal. Basically, every time he lives, wearing it is not the same. During this period of time, Lin Qiqi gave it again. Everyone showed a very pure shape, and it did not look like a female anchor who ran three.


Lin Qiqi was wearing a white suspender skirt, and then a little deer’s card was brought on the head. In addition to the finishing of the hairstyle, in fact, the overall look at it is quite pure and moving. The body curve is very perfect.

Lin Qiqi said that she actually paid great attention to her figure. In addition to the live broadcast, it was fitness, and then


Need to fight

After all the League of Legends, I am a host. After all, it is a host. It needs to form a certain understanding of the overall game in order to improve its professionalism.

Especially when Lin Qiqi wore this suit, the overall review of the audience of the barrage also changed a major change immediately. Previously, the audience and friends kept Lin Qiqi as aunt, but after wearing it, they immediately changed their mouths to change their mouths immediately. I called Miss Sister. Although it is just a simple dress, it does fill the overall program effect.


In general, Lin Qiqi really has a lot of flashing points on her body. Although many audience friends say that this female anchor likes to be hot, but in terms of their own heritage Lin Qiqi must have a lot of room for improvement in her popularity.