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“Categorize” aromatherapy lights or aromatherapy?

Speaking of aromatherapy lamps, there are not many Chinese families, but the Arab countries are generally used, so there is a certain export volume. It can not only light up to a certain extent. Categorized by the aromatherapy device?

Product Description

Let’s get to know this aromatherapy light first:


01 structure composition


It consists of a 25 -watt tungsten filament bulb, glass lampshade, steel protective shell, iron wax butterfly, base, power cord with switches, etc. (another style: a 25 -watt light bulb, ceramic shell, ceramic wax -making wax Composition of discs, bases, power cords with switches);

02 use

For indoor aromatherapy, suitable for heating aromatherapy wax blocks, aromatherapy essential oils, etc., so that it exudes fragrance;

03 How to use

Place the iron wax butterfly on the lampshade so that it forms a closed space with the lampshade. After connecting the power supply, the iron wax butterflies emitted by the tungsten lamps to heat up. The aromatherapy wax block or volatilization of the aromatherapy essential oil is emitted into the air.



First, from the appearance of the product, it is a beautiful lamp, so considering the possibility of returning to the tax item 94.05 according to the lamp;

2. From the perspective of the product description, first of all, the aromatherapy lamp has a certain lighting function, and has the function of power -powered and hot aromatherapy or aromatherapy essential oil. It is a multi -functional product. From the perspective of its use It is the possibility of heating aromatherapy wax block or aromatherapy essential oil, so it should be classified according to the main functions, and then the possibility of returning to the taxation of 94.05;

Third, the aromatherapy lamp is heated by the heat emitted by the tungsten light bulb, so as to melt the aromatherapy products such as the aromatherapy wax block or aromatherapy essential oil, and it is usually used by it. Under 85.16 items.


From this point of view, in the classification work, we should fully understand the attributes of the product, such as: structure, function, principles, and use, and cannot judge its attributes and classification from the appearance of the product.

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