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Polarized+multi -angle adjustment.

I. Foreword: I have to use Mijia Table Lantern 1S. I need to change the lights


As a enthusiast of writing and painting, at night, it is his own creation period, and when the night is quiet, he accompanies himself to the sound of the keyboard, which is the table lamp around him. In the past, I mainly used the Mijia Light 1S. The advantages were particularly obvious, cheaper and easy to use, and the light -colored temperature was adjusted.

However, because there is only one rotating connector, the adjustment range of the lighting angle is very limited and it will be inconvenient when drawing the draft (I use the Legeo ET6 painting reading table. In order to facilitate painting and design, the desktop is a flip -able desktop), plus the desktop), plus the desktop), plus the desktop), plus the desktop), plus the desktop), plus the desktop). After being used by my wife, take it as a bedside lamp, and I have to buy a table lamp that is suitable for myself


2. What kind of table lamp do I need?


Speaking of buying new platform lights, a lot of consideration. In fact, the following three points of attention are:

The color rendering index (CRI) should be high, and the best color rendering index value should be closer to 100 (the difference between the CRI index and the RA index emphasized by the general table lamp will be explained at the end of this article)

Supporting multi -angle adjustment, which will be particularly needed when doing some design and painting work. After all, it must not push the lamp to move back and forth.

Large irradiation area and large area, but the large pursuit of area often represents a dazzling light. This is a little headache.


Is there a table lamp that is suitable for me? After constantly looking for it, I really found a table lamp that was suitable for me. It is: Taotronics’s intelligent polarized eye-eye protection LED table lamp, the model is TT-DL092

Have made a simple out of the box and get to know it


The packaging box of the square is more than doubled than the original Mijia 1S packaging box.

Open the packaging is a table lamp fixed by the plastic foam. The table lamp is moderate in size, and the packaging box is relatively large. It is mainly used to fix the fixed plastic foam.


The lamp head, light body, and light base are one, plus a power supply. It can be seen that this is a table lamp that supports multi -angle adjustment


Next to the power interface, there is a USB output port (DC 5V = 2.1A).

The appearance is like this, let’s take a look at the performance in actual use.

3. Can the performance of this table lamp meet my needs?


Good multi -angle adjustment:

This lamp is set up on the light head, light arm, and bottom of the lamp.

The lamp head and base position are even more rotating joints. This angle is what my original desk lamp did not dare to think about it. It is really easy to use. The light arm light is in place

And it is too convenient to repair the light bulb at night, and the lamp head can flip up to illuminate the room (of course, like this at night to repair the light bulbs, I still hope that everyone will not encounter it)

Large exposure area:

My desktop is a length of 120cm wide 60cm. The old table lamp cannot illuminate the entire desktop. There is a laptop in the middle, and the old table lamp cannot be placed in the middle. The area of ​​this new table lamp is much larger, and through 96 high -performance high -performance high -performance finger lamp beads, the vertical range of the vertical range is 3200lx ± 15% when the lamp head is 30cm from the desktop.


Lighting area comparison chart


Finally talk about lighting



People who use lamps all year round are actually very concerned about lights, but they rarely encounter table lamps using polarizers. The previous table lamps only emphasized the RA index (CRI index and general table lamps. ) Now the CRI ≥98 of the new platform light is fine! Make the light closer to natural light, and the color reduction is high. You can accurately select the color during painting, design and other scenarios. And use unique polarizing technology to make the light intensity of light to the edges of the central area of ​​the lamp, making the desk full of light maximum efficiency. The side luminous technology has weakened the shadow of the area and effectively reduces the discomfort and fatigue of the eyes. Really achieved eye protection!

Fourth, some supplements:

1. You can adjust the lighting area without moving the platform light: this table lamp adjustment lighting area can not be adjusted by the position and angle of the platform lights, light heads, or light arms. The area moves forward or backward.

2. Color temperature control: The color temperature of the new platform lamp can be adjusted between 2700-6400K. At the same time, the table lamp supports the power-off memory function.


3. Intelligent photosensitive lighting: Design a brightness sensor in the position of the lamp head. The table lamp can automatically adjust the strength of the light source according to the surrounding environment of light changes to achieve the best lighting of immersion, reducing eye discomfort

4. Timing function: The table lamp supports 45 minutes to turn off the lamp function. It should simulate the class time, which is convenient for children to cultivate 45 minutes to focus on habits, but my son is still small and can not be used.

5. Some remarks about this article:


About brand


It is estimated that many people will be unfamiliar with this brand and worry about its quality, just like me. In fact, it is not necessary. In fact, the TAOTRONOCS brand was established in 2011. Among them, LED table lamps ranked first in Amazon’s market share and sales volume, with a cumulative sales of 200W+worldwide, and have a high reputation overseas.

The difference between CRI and RA:

CRI is the only way to evaluate the colorful parameters of the light source. A total of 15 test colors are given and the R1 to R15 is given score. Each color is high. The R1-R8 is called a typical color rendering index and belongs to the medium saturation color; the R9-R15 is called a special color rendering index. It belongs to the high saturation color. The higher the saturation, the more bright the color. The CRI score is the most common way to explain the color.

RA refers to the general color rendering index. It is the average value of the previous 8 common colors (that is, from the R1-R8). Its value represents the color of the light source, the maximum is 100. RA is also called color reduction. It is one of the reference factors to measure the reference factors. The larger the value, the better the color reduction. From the perspective of protecting vision, the use of the color rendering index of lamps needs to be greater than 90.

6. Last summary


Overall, I am very satisfied with my new platform lights, with polarizers to protect the eyes, can be adjusted by multiple angles, and the face is stable according to the face of the headlight. The performance of the headlights (supporting night light mode) is very satisfied. I personally like it mostly. How about you? Do you like this table lamp? Welcome to discuss