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Toner recommendation: Adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, let the overall skin feel natural gloss

Toner recommendation: Adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, so that the whole skin is naturally looked ~

Elizabeth Yatoton Silk Skin

Product introduction: This silky water of Arden does not include alcohol, pigment and mineral oil, so sensitive skin and acne muscles are very suitable, and it will not have a stimulus of skin at all. It is raw material with pure soybeans, which can effectively adjust the skin’s balance of skin, so that the overall skin is present.


Chanel Mountain Camellia Moisturizing Skin Water


product description:

Camellia Moisturizing Essence is not a simple lotion, but the key sequence of daily moisturizing care is to apply to any skin type. The daily environment invasion and repeated cleaning will destroy the skin of the skin, and its natural barrier will also be weakened, and the skin that is fragile and short of water is not easy to absorb the active ingredients in skin care products. The essence of this gel-like water contains powerful moisturizing and repair energy, helping the skin to restore the balance. Fengrun comfortable texture, the miasing is transformed into thin essence water, and the use of elegant fig fragrance is more comfortable. For example, the morning lack of light and soft lotion, can deeply act, assist skin barriers quickly restore the ideal pH and ideal moisturization. Unique nanotechnology helps strengthening the effects of active ingredients such as Lancha Essence PFA * and Blue Ginger Essence Pfa * with Powerful Oxidation Function.

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Hao Li Poetry Women’s Cream really blows out! It can both resist age and maintain it. After a period of time, the skin barrier has a lot of sturdy, the whole state is super stable, how to make a problem! It is completely inseparable! With a white mangoma oil, the ultimate nourishing and soothing repair Lost skin, enhance skin stability, help the skin itself. In fact, use does have this effect! Staying up late party worth buying! But this cream is used, it is best to use it, this repair effect is really not said, but it is dead, skin state Some of the poor, it may be that this cream is too powerful. This cream is comparable to the classic work of the blue mystery. Even more wins.

Flower collection


This flower is a toner, rich in natural rice fermentation ingredients, cereals and yeast extracts, whitening hydrating, purification, moisturizing, can improve the skin of the skin’s horny barrier, so that the skin texture is more soft and tender, improve skin nature In particular, it is effective to prevent the black spots and stains caused by sunlight, and more mildly eliminate the skin’s various flaws and bleak phenomena, so that the skin color is more fluent and soft, especially the skin skin. More tough, naturally, the skin tone is lifted more bright, showing a more clear skin state.

At the same time, it contains hyaluronic acid moisturizing factor, which is conducive to absorption and penetration, which will make the skin more moist, especially if the dry and sensitive skin is more hydrating and translucent, the skin will become more stable, do not worry about stinging and Sensing, so that the skin makes more moisturizing and clear, adjusting rough skin into a tender skin state. Supplement for skin supplements, balance the skin oil, repair the muscular skin, clean whiteness and smoothness.

The fluidity is very good, the fragrant rice flavor. Especially good. After cleansing, the amount is properly in your hand at a time, then tap it quickly on your face. The skin looks brighter and the skin is updated. Very moisturizing, feels delicate skin, it has become super comfortable after two or three weeks, and the T area is not as sharp as before, and the pores are not so thick. Almost more than a month, the skin is very dull, and now the skin has become more soft and delicate white.