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What should be noticed in installing the LED light lamp?

LED light shit light is a lamp with high -strength aluminum profiles. The light transmittance uses tempered glass, with high light transmission rate, anti -wear resistance, monochrome or triple -based color choice. At the same time, DMX512 can be performed. Color changes, integrated heat dissipation structure design, long service life, good stability; built -in high -efficiency power supply, more electrical conversion rates; demand for various application places in society. LED light lamp is also called LED spotlight. It is a lamp that is higher than the surrounding environment. Generally, it can see all orientation and has a structure that is not affected by climate conditions. Mainly installed in the building galleries, stadiums, viaducts, monuments, parks and flower gardens.

Basically, the large -scale lighting fixtures of all outdoor applications can be used as a light lamp. Its color, good monochrome, mild light sources, low output power, long life, shiny time up to 50,000 hours. And

LED lamp

The lamp arm is exquisite, easy to hide or installed, is not easy to destroy, no heat transfer, which is beneficial to maintain the obedient objects. It is very common in the scope of use.


The outlet of the light beam of the light lamp is wide and narrow, and the transformation category is between 0 ° ~ 180 °. Among them, the beam is particularly narrow.

Places to apply light lights:

LED light investment lights are mainly used in single buildings, historical ancient building wall lighting, light and transparent lighting in the building, local lighting indoor lighting, garden green landscape lighting, advertising card lighting, sculpture landscape and other lighting places.

Precautions for the safety application and installation of LED light lamps:

1. LED light lamp lamps are designed for waterproof moisture and moisture, and their protection level can reach IP65. It can be tested from the top to rain but cannot be sinking in the underwater work, and its protection level has not reached the requirements of underwater work.

2. The location of the lamp must have enough tolerance, and it should be able to withstand the weight of 10 times the weight of the power supply.

3. The power supply of the lamp is a high -voltage AC power. To stay away from the places where the crowd is easy to encounter, and do the grounding of the lamp, you must connect to the ground line.

4. This lamp is very sensitive to the environmental temperature. When the working environment temperature should be higher than 45 ° C, the life span will decrease significantly, accompanied by signs of severe light failure. Therefore, the lamps should be placed in a ventilated place, and keeping the lights have relatively good heat dissipation conditions.

5. The working environment temperature of the lamp should be between -25 ° C -45 ° C. Therefore, the temperature of the workplace must not exceed 45 ° C to ensure the service life of the lamp.

6. Because the lamp power is relatively large, the right power cord should be selected according to the actual power line when the power cord is arranged.

The above are the matters that LED lamps need to pay attention to during installation.

LED lamp