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Sweater+thick coat, sweater+skirt, autumn and winter, wearing fashionable and fried

If you ask me what kind of clothes do you like most, then simple and comfortable


Definitely the first choice!


Whether it is matched with skirts or pants, you can wear your own fashion style.




Don’t be too good.

It is no exaggeration to say that when MI participated in the event a few days ago, I couldn’t help picking the sweater ~

However, although the sweater is suitable for all ages, it is better to wear it well.


There is a certain difficulty



Even the sexy Onckle and the small capable of the goods, the small capable of the goods, have recently encountered the sweater because of the sweater

Wear Waterloo



To be honest, this look is supported by Sister Jin’s face and figure. I wait for mortals to go out and go out.

There is also a malt private letter asking me, why the same sweater, others wear trendy fashion, I wear rustic little public? In fact, between you and fashionable essence, the difference is just a few


Wearing skills

△ Girls Group

△ Boy Group

So, today MI will come to you for a period of finishing for you

The Thunder Affairs Guide of Autumn and Winter Sweatshirts

, The following 4 kinds of pursuits are in a thunderous area, and you can change it quickly when you get the trick.


I told the malt before that most of the styles of sweaters are basic models, so if you want to wear a sense of fashion, the first thing you need to refuse is

Over -fit

But rejection of fit does not mean excessive looseness, so that not only does not feel Oversize, it is also easy to show.

Good -looking oversize sweater, in

Edition selection

Very important, at least the shoulder must be supported, so that it can have a relaxed and fit.


If the upper body is fatter, then

Shoulder+ultra -long sleeve


The sweater should also be cautious, and you can wear the sense of vision of Double fat accidentally.

The southern sisters want to put out the slightly loose long sweater out of the oversize, may wish to try


Disappear in the lower body

The method of wearing can light up the overall shape with double socks.

If you go out on the street every day, Pick has a slightly larger or slightly loose sweater, and then simply put on jeans,


I went up in an instant.

If you do n’t choose, you can choose a slight loose

Sweater set

It looks good and comfortable, and it also saves the troubles of matching.

Ouyang Nana’s sweater suite worn some time ago, it is very suitable for the student party to learn from.

Milk and milk


It was cold and the kit down jacket did not have a sense of disobedience.

The sweater stacked and used well, but it can be doubled and fashionable, but I can’t hold some sisters to take a different approach.


Stack it at will

Like wearing a camisole, a puff skirt, etc., even Hyuna did not control it. I wait for mortals to wear it honestly and normally.


The current season is quite suitable for using a sweater in a trench coat, which weakens the sense of British, and has one more

Leisure and playful

You can be the focus everywhere.

Sweater+strap skirt is also a good choice, full

Youthful atmosphere

Express the screen to get rid of the screen ~


Sisters in the north can choose one

Hooded sweater


With down jackets outside, it has a sense of layering and can add vitality to the entire look.

The classic checkered coat is equipped with a full -age rice mouse sweater, which can also collide out

Unique fashion


, Pick up a ball head, feel like a bright eyes.

When it comes to stacking on sweaters, this MI can’t help but want to take a brothers of Qianxi, all kinds of stacking

Handsome and personalized

It is really a small and unpretentious little genius!

After watching more black and white gray sweaters, it is inevitable that aesthetic fatigue will occur, and the bright and novel sweater in color can indeed make people shine.

But blindly choosing the color and style, really transform into the earthy spirit guy/little girl! Intersection

If you want to wear a dazzling eye, try it


It is warm and eye -catching, and the color saturation is relatively low. Even the girl with yellow black skin can be controlled.

When wearing a coat or down jacket, you can also choose the dazzling Morandi color sweater in the inside.


Full of eye -catching

Not too complicated.

If you feel not fashionable enough, then it has been popular in the past two years

Tie -dyed sweater

Learn about? But the shirt is fancy enough, and the bottom must be simple! Intersection


Zhong Chuxi’s new look, Cool Gril can be copied, leopard -print short sweater with workers’ pants,


I called this big brother first!

I don’t know when it started, many sisters feel that wearing up, width, and width can make themselves instantly transform

“Paper Man”


Sorry, sister! The wide sweater+loose trousers, if there is no supermodel figure, it will only make you look even more





Miya with superior leg conditions, Miya recommends that you try loose sweaters with tight pants,

Upper Panasonic

It can have a visual contraction effect.


Of course it is not to say it is completely eliminated


“Upper width and lower width”

It is just a little more attentive in the choice of style.


For sisters with thick thighs, you can match

Straight jeans

, Can not only cover the small flaws of the legs, but also show straight legs.


When paired with wide -leg pants and mop pants, it is best to choose

Loose and vertical

The pants can easily get fashionable model without picking figures.


Casual sweaters and sports pants are simply a natural pair,


Comfortable and beautiful

, It can also create a cool girl vision.



There are also sisters who like to use a wide sweater with long skirts. This is really not afraid of it.

Four or six points




(Crazy shout)

Sisters who like to wear skirts, you can use a sweater with a short skirt,

Clarify the waistline

At the same time, you can show long legs.


(Remember to wear light leg artifacts)

Where the weather is relatively cold, you can pick long A -line skirts and pleated skirts, but

Sweater length

Be sure to choose it, or stuff a little corner, it will look more refreshing.

Alright, today


Sweater area

It’s over here ~

Do you have a style that you like? Anyway, in the Double Eleven of the past, I have already placed several sweaters!