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The cabinet under the sink is idle, it is better to store it well, and the housework efficiency is increased by at least doubled.

Why is it difficult to use under the sink! I think it ’s good to put some miscellaneous objects below, but this does not have much storage, often making people feel very ribbon. In fact, it’ s slightly changed. Instantly help you solve the storage problem. The housework efficiency is at least doubled. Can be tidy a lot.

The water pipe is installed backwards, and the pipeline is made of wall row


In the impression, the pipeline below the sink was always in the middle part. If we installed the water pipe backwards and used the space to the greatest extent, there were many space for the storage in front.


If the pipeline inside is not chaotic, you can choose the sink drainage pipeline to make the wall design, and the sewage pipe under the sink runs into the depths of the cabinet, and the entire space looks more neat.


Way of storage

⓵ ⓵ rack

The kitchen storage space is not enough. You can choose to place a shelf under the sink, put the pot and tableware inside, or choose a small debris. If you can retractable racks, the support holder has a gap, then the flexibility is higher, and it can be adjusted according to your own needs.

⓶ ⓶ ⓶ ⓶ ⓶

The water pipes are generally installed in the middle of the wall, so we can choose to put a pull basket on both sides of the water pipe, which is appropriate to hoard rice and hoard the oil.

The size may not be very large, but it is still quite powerful in storage. You can design 2-3 layers of pull baskets to effectively classify the total score.


⓷ pulley storage box

Others will choose to use the pulley storage box to organize, which is very similar to the role of pulling baskets. With some small storage baskets, it can achieve effective use of space. If it is opened above the storage box, it is very suitable for storing pots and stir -fried pots. Even if there are heavy objects, it will be convenient to get it.


⓸ telescopic rod

If the space below the sink is relatively narrow, it is recommended to install a telescopic rod inside to suspend the items and place it. If you do n’t take up any space, you can see it.


If there are two telescopic rods, a few small baskets can be hung between them, which can be used to storage small objects in the kitchen. It is used with a storage box below, and the entire flexibility becomes higher.


⓹ push -pull drawer


Some directly change the bottom of the sink into a drawer. Usually the upper one can be used, so that it will not easily affect the subsequent water pipe. space.

However, everyone should note that because it is in the occlusal space for a long time and the humidity beside the pipeline is heavy, it is easy to cause the problem of moldy mold.