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How to mix and match the hard disk video recorder of different brands?



Regarding the mixing and matching of cameras and NVR, this is very common in actual projects, and many friends have left messages to ask related questions. Today we have a special topic on this question to understand the method of mixing and matching the mainstream camera.


Understand how to mix and match NVR and cameras? We need to understand these three common mixes.

1. How to add other brands of NVR of Hainan?


2. How does Dahua’s NVR add other brands?


3. How does Yushi technology video recorder add Hisan WeiVE camera?


1. Haikang’s video recorder adds other brands cameras


1. Hikvision models do not contain “/p”, “/n” video recorder access to other brands camera methods as follows:


Step 1: The IPv4 address (main menu -system configuration -network configuration -basic configuration) of the fixed video recorder The basic settings interface “enable” automatically obtain the IPv4 address and do not check.

Step 2: Customized adding

Note 1: If there is no password for a third -party camera, it is recommended to set the password to 12345 before adding it.


Note 2: Confirm that the IP address of the third -party camera and the address of the video recorder is in the same network (modify the third -party camera IP address and is recommended to contact the camera manufacturer for consultation).

2. The video of the video (/p “and”/n “of the video machine model adds a third -party camera method as follows:

①. Support standard onvif protocol


②. Username: admin, the password is set to be consistent with the video password.

③. The IP of the camera needs to be in the same network segment with the IPV4 address of the video card.

The parameters and how to set the third -party camera, it is recommended to contact a third -party camera manufacturer for consultation. If it is not added in the above method, it is recommended to connect the power supply outside the POE camera, and then connect to the LAN port of the video recorder to add it.


2. How to add a video of Dahua to the camera of other brands

NVR video recorders often have problems with IPCs, sometimes they cannot be added, and sometimes they cannot search for IP. For friends with a certain network foundation, this is a relatively simple process. In Dahua’s example, there are several points that still need to be paid attention to.


Note: Please modify the camera IP address before connecting the Dahua video recorder, and then add operation. 1. Start the click of the Dahua video recorder to enter the boot guide next.

2. Enter the username and password of the video. Click to log in.

3. Enter the general settings to see if the time is not allowed to modify it. Click to save it. If the time is normal, you can directly click the next step.


4. Enter the network settings to remove the “√” in front of DHCP. Do not automatically obtain the IP. You can fix the IP to (as shown in the figure below) other do not need to modify it. Click the next step.

5. Click the device to search. If you find the device, the connection is normal. If you do n’t find it, please detect whether the video recorder is the same network as the camera? Is the network cable connected well?

6. Select the IP of the camera IP to add below.


7. After the success of the camera is successful, the camera will appear the IP of the camera, and the connection status is (green circle). The display (red circle) means that it means that it is not added, and it is enough to re -add it.


8. The device that is added manually will directly click Manual Add.

9. Manually add the number of channels to select the camera. The manufacturer protocol is changed to the onvif protocol, the previously modified IP address of the camera manually enters the camera, and then changes the HTTP port number to 8899, and you can directly click to save it.

10, successfully add the camera manually.


11. Set the video mode and click to complete to save all the added monitoring cameras.


Third, Yu Shi video recorder adds Haikang’s camera

How to add a Hisan -VV camera for Yushi video recorder.

method one:

Enter the homepage of Hikvision’s camera, click the “Configuration” option, find “Security Services” in “Safety Management” or “Advanced Configuration”, and close the “Open illegal login lock”.

Method Two:

Change the protocol of the Hikvision Camera to ONVIF and change the video to H265