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Is it illegal to inlaid snow? does not exist

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Deputy Editor | Peng Chongchong

After entering October, snowflakes have begun to float in some northeast, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, and various extreme weather followed. The harsh weather brings a series of troubles for everyone to travel, and at the same time, there are many serious traffic accidents due to the slippery road.

Snow on the snowy road, frequent traffic accidents

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Can’t stop the car, start slipping, slipping on the side … The safety of driving is the same as underneath, and the safety is greatly reduced. Every year, the tragedy caused by refusing to replace the winter tire:

In the winter of 2016, the tire was slippery and the high -speed 25 vehicles rear -ended, and the scene was chaotic:

In early 2017, due to the closed high -speed closed, many vehicles had to go to the national road, and the recorder in the car took a shock for a moment:

On October 29, 2018, the 7 cars in the Changchun South Lake Bridge collided, and the owner shouted: “The bridge is too slippery, and the car can not be kept at all!”

Sometimes, Xiaobang is thinking that when the snow is occasionally snowy in China, the discharge of logistics and frequent traffic accidents, so how should people survive in countries and regions covered by ice and snow in about half a year?

How to drive the car to 100km/h on the ice and snow pavement?

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Coincidentally, this year we were invited by the tires of Finnish tires to visit the Ivaro test site in the Arctic Circle. According to the locals, Ivaro has every year

More than 200 days

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Frozen temperature and weather, snow can be reached in some areas

1 meter

The above, and most of the roads are covered by ice and snow all year round. In such extreme weather, how do local people travel?

After we arrived in Ivaro, the temperature was low at the time

-16 ℃

And white snow everywhere. I thought in such a weather, even if the car using snow tires, I had to be careful to slow down, but when I sat on the bus of the Finnish tires, I found that I was wrong. It’s right.

After walking out of the airport, the entire road was completely covered by ice and snow, and was repeatedly crushed by the traversing vehicles. It has long been compacted, and people are likely to slide on it.

But the driver opened the bus on such a road and continued to accelerate.

30km/h, 60km/h, 80km/h

When the road conditions are good


镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Intersection That’s right, at night on the snowy road, Finland’s bus can drive at a high speed on the road at 100kn/h! This is almost the same as the speed on the domestic highway. It is not dare to think about how this speed on the domestic ice and snow road.

[Nuo Ji inlaid Snow Tire used by the bus]

And throughout the journey, the driver can easily control the car acceleration, turning, and braking of the car. The bus has no slip and out of control! This is completely unimaginable in China.

The nemesis on the snow -and -snow road -nail tire

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

In areas where the northern my country is relatively cold, the owners use more about not inlaiding snow tires, and not inlaid snow tires. Although the car can drive on the snowy road, it cannot be driving at high speed. There will be a stall and slippery phenomenon, and the control of the car will become difficult. And on some icing roads, it is impossible to not inlaid snow tires.

How does Finland cars travel high -speed and control on the snowy road? The reason is that their cars are installed

“Neme” on the snowy road -nail inlaid tire

The principle of nail tires is like the nail shoes we usually run. The nails can be inserted below the surface layer of the snow and snow on the surface of the driving to provide the extra grasp of ordinary winter tires.

For example, Nuo Ji’s latest product

Hakkapeliitta 9

This nail inlaid tire has a unique nail inlaid technology. Two nail patented technology located in the center of the tire shoulder and the center of the tire ensures the balance of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 vertical and horizontal grip. Even if the road conditions are bad in winter, you can ensure comfortable driving during braking, acceleration and turning, and deal with extreme weather in winter.

Nail inlaid tire has not been popularized in China

As soon as China encounters snowy days, it is because of nailing snow tires that have not been popularized in China. There are two main reasons for the popularity in China.

1. The region of China is wide, and most of the regions are less in snow, and the melting is fast.

China’s climate is complicated and diverse. Except for the northeast, northwest, Xinjiang and other regions, the snow weather in North China, south and other regions will not last long. Outside of the Northeast and Xinjiang, many car owners have not changed the concept of winter snow tires, let alone inlaid snow tires.

2. Inlaid snow tires are damaged to pave the pavement road surface

Because the snow tire inlaid is inlaid into a metal nail in the tire to increase the friction of the tire on the snowy road surface. This kind of tire has a very good performance on the snowy road, but if it is driving on the pavement road, for the pavement, for the road surface There is a certain damage.

Some people even have said that using nail -in -snow tires in China is illegal. So what’s the use for Chinese car owners? But according to us, we consulted Finnish tires and related lawyers found that

China does not have laws or regulations that cannot be used to inlaid snow tires

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Essence And some regions of traffic police are using nail -inlaid tires, because it is not possible to drive freely and high -speed driving on the snowy road without using nail inlaid tires.

China’s winter fetus legislation is imminent

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

In developed countries abroad, in order to maintain traffic safety, there are mandatory regulations for tires during winter driving.

Note: This data is provided by Nuo Ji tire

However, in China, my country’s winter tires have not been legislated, which has led many car owners to have not changed the awareness of winter tires, let alone inlaid snow tires, which not only threatened their life safety, but also irresponsible to other people’s lives.

The law has never been sanctions on people, but protection of people.

The lack of Chinese winter tire regulations has led to the lack of safety of car owners.

Looking at the shocking traffic accidents every year, Xiaobang really hopes

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Related regulations of winter tires in China can be introduced as soon as possible to reduce such tragedies.

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

Let the owners use winter tires and nails on the right road according to their needs to reduce the occurrence of winter traffic accidents and maintain winter traffic safety.

Pay attention to the car and wheel elite shop owner alliance, watch the summer tire vs winter tire vs inlaid winter tire detailed test

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在

镶钉雪地胎 违法?不存在