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High -end green sofa, elegant and quiet long legs

The beauty bonus brought by high heels to girls is beyond doubt.

The moment a large -legged girl, the moment she put on high heels, it will inevitably become the most eye -catching existence in the audience.

Large -legged beauty, even sitting down, is very stressful for ordinary men.

What’s more, in this golden and brilliant room, under the eyes of long legs, it is inevitable that there will be some restless sitting.


The ellipse sofa in the room looks very good.


The soft touch and the dark green leather wrapped, making people’s eyes not too tired.


This matte dark green long strip sofa has enough length, enough to lie down alone, and it is difficult to express it in words.


The feet of the elliptical sofa are very cleverly designed, with arcs supported on both ends, and people sit on it very stable.

The texture of this long sofa is very good, and the golden border is very gorgeous.


Light on the sofa, a quiet and elegant beauty, so beautiful and moving.