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“League of Legends” aesthetic cross -border player design Nami necklace is extremely exquisite

“League of Legends” is the most popular multiplayer e -sports game at the moment. I believe that the charm of this game does not need to say that all LOL players can experience it. No, recently there is a LOL ashes player who designed Nami necklaces. The necklace is exquisite. It really makes people want to buy and buy. Unfortunately, such a beautiful necklace must be expensive. Let’s enjoy it together. Addicted!

No matter which field, good works can always produce unlimited cross -border derivatives. For example, League of Legends has created countless inspirations for many fields such as music, animation, literature, etc. The concept of concept is used in jewelry design, and his latest work is “Nami”.

《英雄联盟》唯美跨界 玩家设计娜美项链无比精致

This forum ID is called XPLO85’s player’s real profession is really jewelry designer. He has released his first LOL related work “Tarik” ring two months ago:

《英雄联盟》唯美跨界 玩家设计娜美项链无比精致

The entire diamond ring is made of platinum and gold. It is inlaid with a big sapphire drill with a high value.

《英雄联盟》唯美跨界 玩家设计娜美项链无比精致

A few days later, the “Izer” ring was also released:

From the design style, you can clearly see the shadow of Picheng Technology.

Then there is the “Ember” ring a week ago: