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How about Youlan Organic Milk Powder? Is the price worth buying?

Youlan is a high -end organic milk powder brand under Heipuokai. It is favored by many organic milk powder mothers. Let ’s take a look at this high -end milk powder together?

Milk source

Youlan organic milk powder is from the Netherlands. The raw materials include salted milk powder, lactose, dehydrated milk powder, and concentrated milk protein powder. The freshness is average. It also needs to be noted that this milk powder also adds palm oil and gloutic syrup. Palm oil will increase the rate of constipation, and at the same time affect the absorption of calcium to a certain extent; the glucose does not have much nutritional value except for the energy, and excessive intake may also inhibit the absorption of other nutrients.

Nutrition formula

We won’t say much about basic formulas. In the six conventional enhanced formulas, taurine and nucleotides are missing in the whole stage, but DHA added in each stage is not bad, which is higher than the market average. Limited by the relevant regulations of the raw materials (the organic raw materials must reach more than 95%), so other non -organic components must not be added too much, so this milk powder does not add any special enhanced formula.


With reference to the price of the Tmall platform, the price of Yulan Organic is 458/800g at each stage. The overall price is high, and it is not recommended to choose.

Platform reference for the comprehensive comparison of milk powder


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