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What is the cost -effectiveness of Uniqlo’s jeans? Is it worth buying?

Uniqlo jeans on all conventional denim products in the market in terms of cost performance

Note that my conclusion adds the word “conventional”. It happens that you can buy cheaper and better pants to buy cheaper and better pants, but with personality to deny the logic of commonality with personality


The cost -effectiveness mentioned here, mainly refers to


Objective part

(Fabric, hardware, car seams, overall quality control) does not involve

Subjective part

(Whether the style, version, or wear good looks)

The following only share the part I know, but after all, I am not a member of the Uniqlo supply chain. If some information is wrong, please understand

Fabric: The denim fabric used in Uniqlo can basically be said to be the benchmark in the industry. Of course, it is not the best and most expensive, but the indicators in all aspects have reached a good standard. In terms of hard indicators, it can reach the level of Uniqlo that can already be regarded as high -quality products; in terms of suppliers, Uniqlo’s Japanese series products basically use the Japanese Kaihara factories. Business, the biggest advantage of more than 50 years of historical factory is to improve the stable supply chain and excellent quality control, which has a decisive impact on the quality of the finished product

Accessories: It is not clear which one is used for stitching. In terms of comments, YKK products are basically used. Not only are YKK zippers, buttons, nails, but also YKK products. Products, but at least guaranteed in terms of reliability

Many friends don’t understand the seemingly so simple hardware. What is the difference between YKK and Dongguan? In fact, this is the same as the fabric. It is a problem of stability. The large manufacturer has far -reaching technical accumulation and systems. Its products often need to withstand more testing and satisfying more indicators. YKK’s products, basically each hardware will have a dedicated mold, and even how many N for use, it is also stipulated that its products are more reliable and inevitable.


But please note that it is “more reliable”, and it does not mean that these hardware will definitely not fall!


Car seam: In fact, the car seam process can actually reflect the grade of a pair of pants because of this thing, one penny, a penny, two cents, two cents, two cents and three points. It is about five cents between two cents, or simply speaking, the quality of the seam is similar to the general counter products of LEVI’s, and it is even a little better. Basically, it is better than all other fast fashion. “The details, basically do it

(Rough chain line lock, five -line gate bone, double -chain line bottom wave) A small picture alone can represent a lot of things. You must know that this pants only sell for more than 200 yuan

Washing: 1. The overall color is natural (there will be no strange and rigid blue light) 2. All wash cats must basically transition naturally (there will be no obvious hard cat must appear). It will not be fired, it proves that the product has done a hard work after washing

Overall quality: There is really no need to say more about this. When you go to a casual Uniqlo, touch his pants, and you can know it. Uniqlo feels “comfortable” and “pleasing to the eye”. It is worthy of being evaluated as “good quality”

Overall, if you just need a basic denim product, from the perspective of cost -effectiveness, Uniqlo products are definitely the best choice

Perfect and extremely powerful industrial chain control capabilities, plus itself is based on quality and low price and low price as the foundation.