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Dry goods! 1-10 year old children’s favorite 16 puzzles!

The child will exercise thinking and handshake through puzzles, and also enhance the ability to solve problems. For the child, every puzzle need to be meticulously observed, and gradually understand the relationship between “section” and “overall”. The puzzle is also the best game for cultivating the focus.

However, there are a lot of puzzles in the market, and today Xiaobian will recommend the best 16 puzzle puzzles. Dry goods, worth collecting!


Mellisa & Doug

Mellisa & Doug is the first big preschool brand in the United States. They have a lot of innovative games, wood-based, environmentally friendly reputation, and children are safe.

Thick block building block puzzle is suitable for children around 2 years old. There are fewer blocks, usually only 9, the theme is also interested in children, like this child can learn color, shape and transportation, each block of blocks can also be used to play scenarios.

Perspective building blocks – animals are also 9 pieces, suitable for 0 ~ 3 years old. The pattern on the top of the puzzle is a pattern of different animals. So, as long as you look well, put the animals can be placed on the color matching. The original hollowed puzzle block is placed in the picture. If it is wrong, is there a fun effect?

The four-in-one wooden puzzle is the first set of puzzles played by Jamie. There are four 12 puzzles in each box, suitable for 3 years old. The advantage of the box is easy to accommodate. Don’t worry, it will be mixed, and there are special tags behind each, it is easy to distinguish. I have bought 3 sets in this series, and Jamie has started playing more, and it is already too familiar to spell a dozen seconds.

The three-dimensional puzzle of the farm animal is suitable for 3 years old, and the small child can be used as a building block. Don’t underestimate it only 16 pieces, it is difficult to improve after stereoscopic. It is not easy to find a suitable square through color and pattern details and put it in place. If the child always squats to encourage them to continue to try, this is the best way to train frustration.


The floor puzzle is also very popular type. It is characterized by large dimensions. Like this elf parade, 48 pieces, all the length of the length is nearly 1 meter, 45 cm wide. Although the number of pieces is a little, the single-chip size is suitable for children, which will reduce the child’s frustration, and will make children feel a sense of 3 years old.



Goki is a German toy brand, and their products are also dominated by wood, and work fine. I can say that it is a love at first sight.

3D three-dimensional puzzle breaks traditional flat or multi-layered puzzle patterns, challenging the child’s space imagination. You can also put it at home after you finish, fun and practical. The baby above 3 years old can try it, set up each side, and then consider it into stereo.

The castle is looking for a road, and this is said to be a single board game. You have 20 character cards, and the 9 college pictures on the chart will join the people on the characters. Very challenging, it is also very playable, exercise and thinking, 4-year-old baby should be able to play very well.

There are many map puzzles, but there are not many rounds. This is a double-sided puzzle, one side is Eurasia and Australia, one side is the American, Antarctic North Pole, a total of 57. Let’s play a puzzle to understand the humanities of geography in the geography world. It is recommended to be 4 years old.


George Luck

George Luck is a British old name for more than 30 years. It is also a wooden puzzle, and their master’s products are multi-layer series. Some multi-storey will even play up with adults. Three words can’t say, come with me.

A total of 5 floors have only 5 pieces, completely relying on the shape of the animal to determine the number of layers it. Suitable for babies over 2 years old.

The child of the car can’t miss. Because it is the effect of two layers looks clear. 43 pieces, suitable for children over 4 years old. There are also cars, fire trucks, etc. can choose from the same series.




Djeco (Zhipue) from France, it founded in 1954 and established a professional aesthetic toy R & D center, successfully combined early childhood education and artistic visual design, and designed many amazing puzzle toys. Stunning, yes, this word is not exaggerated, I first saw it in an Australian local boutique toy store to see its home products. Djeco’s products followed the highest security standards in Europe, with very good quality. Many of their home toys, today we just come to talk about puzzles.

Children’s wooden puzzle color is bright, fewer, 1 year old baby can play. This jungle animal’s puzzle is large enough, which is very suitable for small babies.


Observing the puzzle is not only a puzzle, or looking for a game. This circus puzzle, after you finish all 35 pieces, can you find all the patterns listed on the edge of the puzzle? Such a beautiful picture, it is not bad as a poster. Suitable for 3 years old.

The three-layer puzzle of the wooden can make the baby constitute different picture visual stimuli during a layer of stitching and demolition, exercising, can also serve as a story. Look at this warm little rabbit house, don’t say your baby, my mother also resists it, cute.


The giant floor puzzle is always the favorite of children. This Chinese and Western binding fire dragon spells more than 1 meter long, 36 pieces of the number of 3 years old can also try. Don’t be relieved.


Begin Again

Begin Again is a creative US company. Its creator Benjamin Barlowe is a inventor of the early 20th century from Colorado. His philosophy is to switch children in different styles every day, let them become artists, writers, inventors, sports stars and heroes. Its toys are made of renewable materials, wood, wheat, or even corn. The puzzle of it produces is safe and reliable.

Wooden digital snail puzzle is composed of 10 pieces of different colors of different numbers of rubber wood blocks. You can guide your child to colors and numbers, suitable for 2 years old.

The little chef also has a puzzle! Not only is a puzzle, or a family toy! 26 pieces of puzzles are physical and seasonings with English name. The front of the storage box is a tray, and the back is cooking. It is the boutique that makes children can’t stop!

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