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How to use knitted pants? 25 kinds of Japanese matching demonstrations are more feminine than jeans

What kind of pants do you like to wear? Is it a street leisure jeans, or is it suitable for commuting suit? In winter, there are many types of pants that we can choose, but the matching items I want to share today are “knit pants”. It is softer and comfortable than other pants, and it is very warm. I gathered on the following knitted pants with the following fashionistas. If you are also interested, just look down.


White knitted pants shape

White knitted pants X sweatshirt

This is a loose sweater from Gu’s knitted wide -leg pants from GU. The trousers of white knitted pants have a split design.


The big scarf converts the shape into a winter mode and uses the natural color of beige and white for color matching combination to create a relaxed atmosphere.


White knitted pants X Chest jacket

The combination of Laztic knitted wide -leg pants and Chest coats looks noble.

The contours of knitted pants are wide and elegant. There is a split on the side of the hem, so the clarity is added to the contour.

Complete the loose shape by combining the large silhouette knitting.

Putting the Chest coat outside can bring you a perfect balance.

White knit pants x down jacket

GU’s white knitted pants and beige down jackets are combined with natural sense.

By combining the pocket and hat, wearing a sports -style down jacket, and then paired with beige sneakers, the appearance is fashionable.

In winter, when you relax, you can wear big earrings with eye -catching accessories.

White knitted pants x plush jacket

The white knitted pants gently set off the shape, making the darker winter dress look fresh.

With a casual logo top, people impressed people.


Plush jacket can enhance the funny leisure, and the cute atmosphere is also seen by it.

Put on blackboard shoes to tighten the shape.

White knitwear X loose sweater

Wide -legged knit pants will not outline the leg lines, which can be used to relax during winter.

By matching purple knitted, it can improve femininity. Casual pull rope bands and sneakers are unified in black to obtain a contrasting appearance.


Black knitwear shape

Black knitwear X coat

Simply use the black sweater with a white sweater, wearing a coat similar to a man to enhance its style.

This will be a delicate balance, with a relaxed mood without wearing a loose outline.


Black knitwear X knitwear

This is a knitted panties designed with straight types and tattoos.

Specifies on the side can also keep your feet bright.

The light ripe color scheme of the beige sweater gives people a chic impression.

Use a white plush material shoulder bag to update the surface, thereby enhancing the winter sense.

Black knitwear X sweater


This gorgeous short cardigan is matched with GU tattoo knitted pants.

The eye -catching checkered shirt can make your stomach less obvious and more casual.

Purple cardigan is matched with black knitted pants, and the color scheme is fashionable and mature.

Black knitted pants, through the carefully treated lit tattoo knitting, can make the neat vertical lines clearly visible.

The loose silhouette knit pants and the contour -slim cardigan are worn together to create a balanced fashion style.

The letters shine in simple shapes, and fur bags have increased their creativity.

Black knitwear X thick thread cardigan

The combination of black knitted pants and thick knitted cardigan.

By combining white tops, sneakers and bags, you will be able to avoid heavy clothes in winter monochrome.


When you want to add personality to a cute dress with a loose atmosphere, you can match exquisite accessories, such as Beret.

Gray knitwear shape

Gray knitted pants x no collar jacket


This knitted pants are designed with a composite tattoo and showed their personality in the outline.

When combined with an elegant collarless coat, it can show a lady -like smoothness.

Such a beautiful dress like this completes a slightly casual atmosphere through pair of shoes.

The green sweater is eye -catching in monochrome shape and enhances the sense of fashion.

Gray knitwear X leather jacket

Knit pants are split on the inside of the hem, and the appearance is fashionable. You can enjoy a handsome style.


If you wear a handsome locomotive jacket, you will wear both handsome and delicate.

Golden ring earrings and sunglasses can enhance the fashion appearance of casual shoes.


Gray knit pants X jacket

Dark gray knitted pants give people a calm impression.

You can use a plush jacket to add cute atmosphere to the classic striped shirt.

The wide -profile knitted trousers with a balanced short coat, and then the fashion improvement is completed through the leather shoulder bag.

Gray knitwear x high neck knitted


If you combine the gray wide -leg knitwear and large profile sweater, the tattoo knitwear will also look good.


The gray and brown color matching schemes make the winter match look more intellectual and complete with a mature appearance.

Fashion beige boots will enhance the brightness of this simple match.

Gray knit pants X hooded sweater

Combine the sweater and littering knitted wide -leg pants. The split on the side makes the shape vivid.

The basic color combined with a beige jacket and gray pants, adding a sense of calmness to the shape.

If you want to wear eye -catching clothes, you can expose white inside from the hooded hood to improve the comfort.


Beige & brown knitwear shape


Beige knit pants X V -neck knitted

GU’s knitted wide -leg pants are designed with tattoo knitting, emphasizing vertical lines, and large pockets enhance the leisure image.

Create a relaxed atmosphere by matching the earth color shape with brown sweater and beige pants.

V -neck knitting uses a stylish white inner match, which increases the brightness of the shape.

The use of animal patterns, including as accessories, enhance a sense of fashion.

Beige knit pants X 克 seam jacket


Lobit knitted pants outline vertical lines, and it is also applicable in the outings of winter.

Green stitched jacket and brown scarf, natural color matching.

In order to complete such a leisure dress, I chose a cute half -moon -shaped shoulder bag.


Beige knitwear X thick wire knit sweater

Beige knit pants, clean tattoo knitted design. Complete the shape by matching a thick knitted sweater.

The knitted white shirt shirt is exposed to increase the sense of layering.

Matching high -quality leather bags on natural earth color style becomes fashionable.


Brown knit pants X jacket

Combine mature brown knitted pants with light and cute plush jackets to update your seasonal dressing.

The color of the ankle and ankle boots is black, making the shape tighten.

The overall color and basic color are unified, giving people a chic impression.

Brown Knit Pants X Banskin

You can be very fashionable if you wear light brown knitted pants with a cute light cardigan.

The V -neck sweater has a moderate split. When the hem is displayed at will, it feels feminine.

Black sweater and shoes are well matched, giving people a solid impression.

Navy blue needle pants shape

Navy Blue Knitting Pants X Fashion Knitted Sweatshirt

Navy blue knit pants can increase maturity. Modify the wide -leg style through the rose.

With a white rough stick sweater, it creates a simple and stylish style.

The scarf of a checkered scarf can improve the level of simple wear and make it more in winter.

Navy blue knitted trousers X locomotive jacket


This is a ladylike knitted pants, and the outline similar to flared pants looks refreshing.

This casual dress combines a hoodie and relaxed feeling. Use with hard leather jackets can improve handsomeness and make the atmosphere more refined.

Wearing small white shoes on your feet can highlight the relaxed atmosphere and use the brand handbag to improve the quality.

Navy Blue Needle Woven Pants X baseball uniform

High -quality wool and warm knitted pants.

The weaving pants are also very comfortable, which is also the main point that makes them easy to match any coat or on -out.

The split on the side gives people a sense of omissions. It is reminiscent of the sports style of the 8090s, so as to create a look similar to a male retro atmosphere.

Navy blue knitted trousers X knitted

When the small -footed pants are matched with simple gray knitted, you can show off the white inside to enhance the feeling.

To use chic color to complete the costume, use red sneakers.

With a hat and handbag, this is a casual fashionable shape.

Navy Blue Needle Woven Pants X jacket


Knit pants are easy to match with any shoes, with a camel coat, simple and good.


White sneakers bring lightness to your winter outfits.

Finally, bring a clean bag and add a sense of maturity.

Soft knitwear makes you look fashionable, loose and casual, and more feminine. It can be used for various styles, please try the fashion feeling brought by knitted pants.




Black knitwear X sweater