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Women should have “long shirts”, four universal match formulas, easy get French romance

The prosperity and capable of white shirts seem to be inherent.

In French wear, white shirts can also be very style.


The slender tailoring, soft fabric, and detail embellishment outline beautiful pictures.


Women should have a “long shirt”, elegant and romantic is really easy to wear!

What is a “long shirt”?

The so -called long -changing shirt is naturally unpredictable in style.

It can be elegant romance, handsome and cool, or casual laziness.

The only thing is that the length of the shirt is below the thigh, and the version is relatively loose.

Such a gowning shirt is more casual to match, and the style has unlimited possibilities.


White shirt + skirt


The combination of white shirts and skirts has the romantic style of French wear.

Black and white matching will never go wrong.

The romance of French style is presented in the exquisite tailoring of the suspender skirt.

The cool style and French romance are more natural, and the color matching is also impeccable.

Although it is more comfortable and natural with sports shoes, it is recommended to match high -heeled shoes to be more elegant and advanced for women.

The combination of long shirts and skirts allows us to see the infinite possibilities of fashion.

A sequined skirt with a hollowed out is naturally unable to wear it alone.

With a long shirt inside, it just forms a sense of vision.

The neat long shirt, with the hollow half of the sequin element, the exquisite modern girl Fan presented.

Long shirt + trousers

A handsome combination is more suitable for commuting.

Long shirts must be relatively loose tailoring. Only a certain amount of looseness can create unlimited possibilities.

Even the long shirts of striped elements can be used to create a sufficient lightness.


Loose striped shirts, vertical vertical striped embellishments, avoiding visual expansion, is a thinner style.

With the same color nine -point pants, the visual sense is more impressive. Commuters are elegant and comfortable.

Although the long shirt is generally reached the length of the thigh, if it is a tall woman, you can also choose the length of the knee.

If you choose a shirt with a knee length, be sure to choose the design of the straight version. If the version is too inflated, it is easy to widen the visual ratio.

The straight shirt with a straight tube, with a small black pants, looks more slender and slender.

As a commute, such a combination must not make an error.

Unbutton the button of the long shirt hem


Unbutton the hem of the shirt, more romantic French style.

When wearing a long shirt, in addition to paying attention to the careful thinking, you also need to pay attention to your own small details.

The long shirt is easy to wear a rigidity, so it is more romantic to unbutton the hem’s buttons naturally.

In particular, the more monotonous long shirt is unbuttoned to unbutton the hem, which forms an effect of an open swing.

Not only enhances the fashion sense of overall dress, it is also a particularly high way.


If you want to have French romance, the design of long shirts should also have a unique style.

The design of the hem is slightly romantic, which is playful and lively.

There is a sense of vision of a long shirt skirt. It is unlocked to unbutton the hem, revealing the slender thighs, French style and romance, which is really fascinating.

However, this long shirt with the length of the calf is more suitable for tall women to wear.

Use a belt to outline the waistline of the long shirt

The embellishment of the belt enhances the refinement and optimizes the figure.


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Long -sleeved fine stripe shirt shirt dress

¥ 119.9


Because most long shirts are a relatively simple style, and the overall version is relatively loose.

If you want to show the exquisite and romantic of women, a decorative belt is also essential.

The embellishment of the belt can not only outline the tall waistline, but also optimize the proportion of the figure.

Make the original plain dress instantly become fashionable and exquisite, and more feminine.

The shirt skirt is also a type of long shirt, which is more unique in the version. The tailoring of the neckline and hem shows a different breath.

The natural waist design, under the embellishment of exquisite belts, has more high -level beauty.

The combination of white long shirts and brown belts is also neat and advanced.

On the basis of long shirts, with exquisite belts, it is really a more fashionable and high -level matching method.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to wear a long shirt out of French style? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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