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Bathton strong cleanliness tips, bathtub bathing cannot be more wonderful

Summer is here, the season of “I love to take a bath, and the skin is good” is here again. In the hot summer, the tired body, I can go home after get off work to enjoy a comfortable bathtub to take a bath time, and life cannot be more wonderful. Then the problem is, bathtub bathing is good for the body, but the water that does not flow is easy to produce bacterial infections, especially the public cleaning of the whole family. When it happened, Xiaobian specially brought you a tips for bathing cleaning, comprehensively cleaning the bacteria and glowing!

1. If you want to remove the scale on the bathtub, the wall and the faucet, you can soak the rag in the vinegar, and then cover it on the scale for one night. The next morning, the soda powder and vinegar are tuned into a paste, and the toothbrush is dipped in a paste to wash the place to clean the place.

2. Wipe the bathtub with an old newspaper to remove dirt. You can also wipe it gently with clean cloth or brush dipping powder, and then rinse with water.

3. The cleaner dedicated to the bathtub can not only effectively remove the common stains on the surface of the bathtub, but also have special effects for the organic aged yellow scale that is difficult to remove. It saves time and effort, and it will not damage the surface of the bathtub.

If you want to prevent scales in the bathtub, after using the bathtub, it is best to use the water stain in the bathtub to dry it. The shower and faucet in the bathtub should be turned off. Do not put water such as water and other cleaning supplies near the bathtub to prevent water droplets from being in the bathtub.