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The teacher shares pure handmade hand, black sesame, super delicious

By gum kitchen



Pure Lotus 500 grams


Black sesame powder 1000 grams

Honey 150 grams

20 grams of cooked glutinous rice flour


Corn oil 100 grams

40-50 grams of water

Practice steps


1. Take the lotus, honey, and pull oil in the basin, bring your gloves to keep stirring until you can’t see the oil and honey, this process is a bit long, if the moon cake will make more arm will be sour, worrying unicornThe sister of the arm puts the chef machine, I use the Hai’s M5 mute chef machine, replace the stirring paddle

2, mix with stirring

3, first open 1 gear for 2 minutes, turn 2 gears for 1 minute

4, then turn 4 gears to stir,

5, stir well is delicate paste

6, add cooked glutinous rice powder to dry powder,


7, mix evenly


8, finally add the hand milling black sesame powder, grasp the group, water is added according to the soft and hard amount of the stuffing

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!


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