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Novel: Team cooperation competition, everyone said that choosing a small guild is easy to make a limelight, but he didn’t think so

Xu Wen knew why Dongdu Mu Xuan didn’t dare to speak.

He can see at a glance that their places are obtained with unconventional means. It can be seen that this kind of thing is definitely not the first time, but a hidden rule.

The hidden rules are things under the table, which can only be placed on the table.

Now that the court is wide, he also sees the middle -aged people like the examiners not far away. If Dongdu Mu Xuan will continue to say, either he is not tolerate a grain of sand in his eyes, or a fool.

But combined with his previous behavior, he was not these two people.

Sure enough, the man glanced beside him, and he didn’t say anything for a long time with his lips, and the momentum immediately weakened.

The other candidates next to him were waiting for him to explain, and found that he suddenly didn’t speak, and looked at him in doubt.

“It is better to be careful to catch the wind and catch the shadow.” Xu Wen said faintly and greeted the people in Yao’s Mufang.

This disappeared, the apprentices of Yao’s Mufang unknowingly raised their backs and raised their heads, and their expression was no longer as embarrassing as before.

Xu Wen noticed this, smiled and whispered, “Trying such a thing, who should have the ability. Master has won the place for us.

He quietly changed the concept, and the apprentices nodded heavily, and Xu San said stutter: “Yes … yes! We have tested, they know me, we really have the ability!”


The children of the farmhouse were simple, and they were asked by Xu and Xu San away.

Their mentality of yesterday was more “trying”, but now, the desire of the county test is suddenly urgent.

A group of people came to the gate of the county, and occasionally someone smelled the smell, and looked here in doubt. But they looked freely, as if they didn’t have this at all. As a result, the other person rubbed his nose and thought he was wrong.

The time arrived soon. Two military officials at the county gate came out, checked their number plates, and put them in.

Candidates are honest, the fish goes in, and the cooked door arrives at the examination room, everyone is stunned.

The wooden house was arranged neatly in the examination room yesterday, which is their test room. But now all night work, all the wooden houses have been removed, leaving only a whole square of blue stone slabs.

This was originally the school field of the county. It looked up all the walls and wall stacks.

Candidates were a little nervous, and they dared not ask their heads, so careful like quail.

“Excuse me, the test room is gone, where should we take the test?”

At this time, a sound suddenly sounded, and it was as clear as wind, attracting all the eyes.

Many people who have a little childish baby face know it, it is Qi Kun of Yuemuxuan. He faced these sergeants frankly and was kindly affectionate to face his neighbor friends.

“Wait a little bit here, and there will be an adult to explain in a while.” To him, the expression of the sergeant seemed much mild.

“Thank you.” Qi Kun thanked him politely and stood calmly.

With such an explanation, candidates are also relieved. They squeezed and stood on the ground, and several people standing next to Qi Kun hesitated to talk to him. Qi Kun must have something to return, and his attitude is very humble.

Xu Wen stood far away and put everything on the bottom of the eyes.

“Puppet gentleman.” Lu Cheng glanced at there, his tone was not good.

Xu Wen didn’t speak, and frowned slightly.

Not long after, the door across the school field opened, and a team of people came out of the door.

It was a group of middle -aged and elderly craftsmen. At first glance, they knew that they were all masters. After they came in, they stood silently across the candidates and stood in a row.

“Mom, it feels like my master stands opposite to me …” Lu Cheng whispered beside him.

Lian Tianqing is a master who is completely different from others, but looking at the serious expression of these masters on the opposite side, Xu Wen said that he could understand his feelings.

After a while, Zhu Gantang and Song Qin also came out of the door.

The craftsmen gave them a road and saluted them.

Candidates were solemnly and looked at the three nervously.

Zhu Gantang walked to the center of the two teams, holding his fists, and said with a smile, “My name is Zhu Gantang, and is fortunate to be the examiner of the Type Trial. Now he will explain the rules of this exam.”

He was humble, and candidates relaxed a lot.

“Woodworking work is a group work, and most of them need multi -party collaboration to complete. The main responsibility of apprentices is to assist the master to work and cooperate. Today we invite you to cooperate with the master to complete a big job together. After that, we will score this overall work. The total score will be allocated from the leader to the participating candidates, as the final score. “

He turned around and hugged the masters again, and said, “Today, there are workers.”

The masters said they dared not to dare, and they returned to courtesy.

Xu Wen was a little surprised. He did not expect that the second round of exam would be a team collaboration.

However, it is reasonable to think about it. In addition to individual small pieces, many of the work of craftsmen need a team to complete. This is also one of the significance of organizations such as the Ziyi Society.

In particular, the exams such as Baigong Testing are not small craftsmen who build cars behind closed doors, but workers who can participate in or organize large -scale construction work. It is very reasonable to specifically determine such rules.

Team cooperation, individuals’ coordination and participation in groups are critical.

I don’t know what these ancient craftsmen value more …

In addition, there is a very critical part.

Team work cannot be completed independently, and teammates are also important. How did this test teammate choose?

Is the master randomly selected, or do you act organizational?

Zhu Gantang soon said this.

“The team’s composition adopts a recommendation system. First of all, one apprentice is randomly selected, and the apprentice selects another apprentice, and so on. The last fifty people are a group to form a team. People choose. “

Zhu Gantang looked around, and his words were full of meaning, “Selection and selection are determined by you.”

A bit amazing!

Between the electric light, Xu Wen understood the meaning of Zhu Gantang.

Everyone only recommends the qualifications of one person, so it is particular about who recommended who does not recommend. Recommended by a person by several people, whether the strength is strong or good? This is also very particular.

This tests a person’s relationship with other people, as well as choices at critical moments.

In other words, from the beginning of the selection of people at the beginning, the exam has actually begun!

“Great. Fifty people, we can all be together.” Xu Sanxi said.

When he was happy, he was not stutting.

“Yes, we recommend another one for a while. Let’s talk about who to push, and go to the name directly!” Qian Ming nodded again and again.

It didn’t take long for them to allocate all the names, who went to report who named.

Lu Cheng’s eyes turned loudly. He pulled Xu aspect and whispered: “We must be together in the twenty -one people. What about 29? How about finding a small workshop? “

He has his own reasons. “The small workshops are here one by one. They can’t hold the group and will not fight with us. And they have limited skills, and they will not compare us too conspicuous.”

Xu asked for a while, shook his head and said, “I don’t think it’s good.”


“The small workshop is too scattered and will not grab the dominance with us, but it is not good. The large workshops are organized. As long as it is discussed, it will be simpler to cooperate.” The score is high, and the score assigned to everyone will be high! “

“Well, it makes sense …” Lu Cheng admitted.

“As for who will compare with anyone … as long as we perform well, who knows the later things?” Xu asked a smile.

Lu Cheng was persuaded by him. Xu San heard Xu Wen’s judgment and expressed no opinion.

So what is determined now is who is looking for.

They now have twenty -one people, and there are two nine and not much.

They quickly selected the target -the Level 4 Qinglian Workshop.

The name of this workshop is very nice, and the personality seems to be more kind.

Lu Cheng remembered very clearly that when he was at the entrance of the Ziyi Club, only their people showed sympathy.

After listening to his reason, Xu Wen agreed with his decision, and Lu Cheng’s happy expression was revealed directly from his face.

He didn’t pay attention himself. Unconsciously, when Zhou Zhicheng was absent, the candidates of the entire Yao Shifang were led by Xu Wen.

Xu Wen and Lu Cheng went to the Qinglian Workshop. The other party had some surprises, thinking for a while, and accepted their invitation.

After a while on both sides, the remaining nine people were determined together.

They are as determined to be together, they are not so conspicuous, and they look more honest.

Xu Wen and Qinglian Workshop went to find these nine people together with Meng Tong. The communication was smooth. Everyone looked at it and nodded again and again.

The examiners seemed to be interested in staying for them to contact them in advance. After a pillar of incense, the sound of panicked, Zhu Gantang’s palm of the palm, and said, “Now starting the staff and forming a team!”


In the sound of Pan, the audience was quiet, and one person walked to Zhu Gantang with a tray.