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Danning lab original recommendation | Classic straight men’s jeans

Danning Lab launched the first original jeans series.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤


It is synonymous with this series. It is full of Danning Lab’s enthusiasm and careful thoughts on jeans. I hope everyone will excavate more details in the process of dressing.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤


It is the style characteristics of this series. It focuses on classic and simple jeans. I hope to be a daily jeans that are wild and easy to wear in everyone’s wardrobe.


DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

It is the quality standard of this series. It is the same as the first -line luxury brand denim production line. The denim production process is exquisite and the standard is superb.

Jx-001 non-bomb straight jeans

Number of pounds: 13 ounces

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Fabric: non -bullet -free cotton denim

Color: 靛 Blue

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Edition: high waist straight tube

Water washing process

In the classic retro stone washing process, light -colored jeans are added with a large area of ​​lightning patterns, and micro -damaged pumping should be treated at the position of the pants to create a fashionable and casual straight jeans.

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Jx-002 micro bomb straight jeans

Number: 11 ounces

Fabric: micro -bomb denim cloth

Color: Deep Blue

The water washing process that elastic denim fabrics can be made are relatively limited, so this jeans are presented in the most basic general cleaning process.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Two Danning Lab’s original details.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Original thickened ears

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

After thickened trousers, it can present a more three -dimensional washing pattern.

Considering the needs of men’s belt, the waist position of men’s jeans deliberately add two trousers.

The purpose is to enable the belt to fit the waist when the wearer sit down to reduce the damage to the belt.


Men’s jeans coin bags are attached to a stretching ring, which can hang small items such as glasses and keys.

After repeated testing and screening, this elastic material is finally selected.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

This material can effectively prevent items from slipping off, while reducing the damage caused by inadvertently pulling the items.

Classic jeans also have unlimited creation,

Danning Lab, who is keen on creativity and DIY, also leaves enough creative space for the details of jeans, so that jeans will become your exclusive personality item.

Lining in the pocket

The inner lining is carefully selected for making high -quality, thick and wear -resistant pure cotton fabrics.

Considering that the paper card label will be disassembled when wearing, in order to facilitate the wearer to check the information about the jeans in the future, the left pocket of the Danning Lab jeans is also printed with the details of the pants.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Inside the right pocket, a creative sector called “Stories”,

Personal customized design can be used for printing, embroidery, graffiti and other personal customization to create a space that is unique to hidden creative space.

Skin -friendly woven label

In pursuit of the comfort of wearing, the two woven puppets on the waist of Danning Lab jeans also experienced several version of the version of the version. Finally, the fabric and embroidery process were selected to create a weaving label that does not stimulate the skin.

The rectangular woven thorns on the right include name (name) and date (date),

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Personal operations such as embroidery name and commemorative date can be performed.

more details

Paper card rear bag tag

Danning Lab style number is inspired by the chemical element cycle table, and each style has its exclusive model.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Open the card, you can view the detailed information of the jeans including: version, fabric grams, and size.

JX represents Jeans-Relaxed (loose jeans)

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

YKK hardware zipper

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

All jeans use the ripple industry’s originator brand YKK’s hardware and zipper.

Choose to go to the logo mirror rivet to omit the rivets of some positions to bring a more comfortable dressing experience and make the jeans more concise and capable.

Chain lock edge

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

The waist position of jeans and the position of the pants are all made of chain -locking technology to make the jeans stronger and more durable.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

The waist position of the pants is also specially treated, so as to obtain a strong pants shape, bringing a better dressing experience to the wearer.

At the same time, the washing process can appear more three -dimensional patterns on the waist of the pants.

White edge design

Danning lab wide -legged, straight -type jeans on the feet of 20cm design.

When wearing jeans, folding the trousers can show eye -catching and stylish white edges.

The jeans’ pants chain open plackets refer to the suit pants to be used for wrap, and they also chose white edges for echoed pants feet.

Danning Lab is holding a comfortable and often wearing new classic jeans,

After countless trials and versions, it presents this sincere cost -effective jeans series.

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Do you prefer the original color jeans, classic jeans or super design -like personality jeans?

Edition: high waist straight tube

DANNING LAB原创推荐 |经典直筒男士牛仔裤

Water washing process