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What are the categories of the hierarchical pages?

Both the pages and hinges are used to connect the two solids and allow the two to make a relatively rotating mechanical device. The club is mainly installed on the doors and windows, and the hinge is more installed on the cabinet. So do you know what kind of matching pages are and what are the categories of hinges? Next, I will tell you one by one.

合页有哪些类别 合页应用在哪些场所

The club can be divided into the following categories according to the difference in the place of use:

1. General club

It is the general club we often say, it can be used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. The pages can be divided into: iron, copper, stainless steel. From the specifications, it can be divided into: 2 “(50mm), 2.5” (65mm), 3 “(75mm), 4” (100mm), 5 “(125mm), 6” (150mm), 50-65mm. Cabinet, wardrobe door, 75mm suitable for windows, gauze, 100-150mm for wooden doors in the door, aluminum alloy door. The disadvantage of the ordinary union is that it does not have the function of spring hinges. After installing the hinge, you must put various beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door panel. In addition, there are special hinges such as removal hinges, flag hinges, and H hinges. They can be disassembled and installed according to the wooden doors of various special needs. It is very convenient. It is limited by the direction during use. It is divided into left and right.

2. Spring hinge

It is mainly used for the door and wardrobe door. It generally requires the thickness of the board to be 18-20mm. From the material score, it can be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy. From the perspective of performance, it can be divided into: holes, no holes. It is what we call a bridge hinge. The bridge hinge looks like a bridge, so it is commonly known as bridge hinge. Its characteristics are that there is no need to drill holes on the door panel, and it is unrestrained. The specifications are: trumpet, medium, large. To be a hole, it is the spring hinge that is commonly used on the door of the cabinet. Its characteristics: The door panel must be touched, the door style is limited by the hinge. After the door is closed, it will not be blown away by the wind. There is no need to install various touch spiders. The specifications are: & 26, & 35. Among them, there is a separate orientation hinge and non -dehuminarless hinge. For example, the 303 series of the dragon hinge is a removable orientation hinge, and the 204 series is the springs that are not removed and unloaded. Bend) Hanging (or large curved, large curved) hinges with adjustment screws, can adjust the height and thickness of the board up, down, left and right. The two screw fixed holes on the side of the hole are generally 32mm, and the distance between the diameter and the plate of the plate is 4mm. (Drawing). In addition, the spring hinge also has various special specifications, such as: 45 degrees hinges in the inner side, 135 degrees hinge hinges on the outer side, and open the 175 -degree angle hinge.

The differences between the three hinges of right -angle (straight arm), semi -curved (semi -song), and large curved (large song):

The hinge of the right corner can completely cover the side board;

The half -curved hinge can cover the door panel to cover part of the side panel;

The large bending hinge can make the door panel and the side panel parallel.

3. The door hinge

It is also divided into ordinary types and bearing types. The general type has been mentioned on it. It is now about bearing type. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel. In terms of specifications: 100×75 125×75 150×90 100×100 125×100 150×100 thickness is 2.5mm, 3mm bearings have two -axis and four -axis. From the perspective of consumption, there are many copper bearing hinges. Because of its beautiful style, beautiful appearance, moderate price, and screws.

4. Electromechanical cabinet hinge

It includes nylon hinges with high abrasion resistance; corrosion resistance, higher -intensity zinc alloy hinges, combined pages; corrosion resistance, oxidation, high -strength stainless steel hinges, often used in electromechanical cabinet doors, mechanical equipment operation boxes and other products Essence

5. Heavy hinge

Due to the particularity of the installation location, the requirements for hinges are also very large. The general size is above 150mm, the bearing capacity is large, and the shape structure conforms to the special structure of the cabinet door. Alloy material.

6. Exic hinge

合页有哪些类别 合页应用在哪些场所

It is also a corner of the corner. The opening angle is large, and it is also widely used in daily use.

7. Other hinges

There are table hinges, door hinges, glass hinges. The glass hinge is used to install a frameless glass cabinet door, and the thickness of the glass is not greater than 5-6mm. There are holes in the style and all the performance of spring hinges. No holes are magnetic and upper and lower -mounted, such as Pepsi, magnetic glass hinges, etc.

There is a category in the following function as the function

Ordinary union: used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. The material is iron, copper and stainless steel. The disadvantage of the ordinary union is that there is no function of spring hinge. After installing the pages, you must install various beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door panel.

Smoke fighting pages: also called spring hinge. It is mainly used for the connection of the furniture door panel. It generally requires the thickness of the board to be 16 ~ 20 mm. Materials are galvanized iron and zinc alloy. The spring hinge has a adjustment screw, which can adjust the height and thickness of the upper, lower, left and right. One of its features is that it can open the angle according to the space and the cabinet door. Except for the average 90 degrees angle, 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees, etc. are matched with corresponding hinges, so that various cabinet doors have corresponding extension.

Gateheet: It is also divided into ordinary types and bearing types, and the normal type has been mentioned in front. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel. From the current consumption situation, there are more copper bearing pages, because their style is beautiful, beautiful, the price is moderate, and it is equipped with screws.

Bearing pages (copper): Each pages of the club are equipped with one unidirectional thrust ball bearings. The door switch is light and flexible, and it is mostly used on the steel plate door of heavy door or special steel skeleton.

Landscape removing unloading pages: This kind of union is automatically closed by the weight of the oblique surface and the door fan. It is mainly suitable for half doors such as the lighter wooden doors or toilets.

Cold storage door union: surface paint, large steel plate, small cast iron. Used on the cold storage door or heavier thermal insulation door.

Fan -shaped union: The thickness of the two pieces of the fan -shaped union is about half thinner than the thickness of the general pages, which is suitable for various doors and windows that need to rotate and closed.

Silent club: Also known as nylon cushion circle, when the doors and windows are switched, the pages are silent, mainly used on the doors and windows of public buildings.

合页有哪些类别 合页应用在哪些场所

Single -flag -by -page: Made of stainless steel, rust -resistant and wear -resistant, easy to disassemble. Mostly used on double -layer windows.

Follow the window: The two page boards with a staple axis should be installed on both sides of the window frame, and the two pages without a staple shaft should be installed on both sides of the fan. One of the unintentional axis negative boards with a slot must be installed on the side of the sneaker band groove in order to load and unload. It is used to turn on the window for events, warehouses, residential, public buildings, etc.

合页有哪些类别 合页应用在哪些场所

Multifunctional hierarchy: When the opening angle is less than 75 °, it has an automatic shutdown function. When the corner position of the 75 ° -90 ° angle is stable, and the automatic positioning is greater than 95 °. The club can replace the ordinary co -pages on the door.

Anti -theft union: ordinary unity, when the axis is pulled out, the door fan can be unloaded, the anti -theft union, the self -locking effect of the sales of the two slices on the two slices of the club, can avoid the door fan unloaded, and the door fan can be avoided. It plays a role in anti -theft and is suitable for residential households.

Spring Hollying Page: It can be automatically closed after the door fan is turned on. The single spring combination page can only be opened in one direction. Mainly used on the gate of public buildings.

Double -axishery: Double -axis united pages are divided into two types, which can open, close and disassemble the door fan freely. Suitable for ordinary doors and windows.

What is a club?

The club is a copper ornament of furniture. Commonly known as hinge. It is often formed two % off, which is a metal part that connects the two parts of the furniture and can make it move. Union: A device for connecting or rotating. The door can be rotated by the cover or other swinging parts, which is usually composed of a pair of metal blades connected to the nail.

What is hinge?

The hinge is a mechanical device that is used to connect two solids and allows the two to make relative rotation. The hinge may be composed of a mobile component, or a foldable material. The hinge is mainly installed on the doors and windows, and the hinge is more installed on the cabinet. According to the material classification, it is mainly divided into, stainless steel hinges and iron hinges; in order to make people better enjoy the hydraulic hinge (also known as damping hinge), it appears (also known as damping hinge). It is characterized by the buffer function when the door is closed, which reduces the noise of collision with the cabinet when the cabinet door is closed to the greatest extent.

Hinge classification

The hinges in the furniture hardware accessories occupy an important position. The quality of the hinge is directly related to the use of furniture and door.

Common classification

1. According to the type of the base, it is divided into two types: departure and fixed type;

2. The type of pressing the arm is divided into: sliding in and card type;

3. The cover position of the door panel is divided into a full cover (straight bending, straight arm) generally covered with 18 %.

4. The style of the development stage of the hinge is divided into: one -stage force hinge, two -stage force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, touching self -opening hinge, etc.;

合页有哪些类别 合页应用在哪些场所

5. Opening the door of the hinge: Generally, 95-110 degrees, special on 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.;

6. The type of hinge is divided into: ordinary first, second -stage force hinges, short -arm hinges, 26 cup mini hinges, marble hinges, aluminum frame door hinges, special angle hinges, glass hinges, rebound hinges, American hinges, damping hinges , Thick door hinge, etc.