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Parent -child reading | Children’s Literature “Old Things in the South”

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The author of this book, Lin Haiyin, was jointly cultivated and created by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The first Taiwanese female writer. After 1948, she lived in Taiwan for a long time and also brought a large number of Taiwanese literary youths. She is known as the grandmother of Taiwan’s literature. In 1998, she also won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Chinese Writers Association. And her book “Old Things in the South” is also regarded as a masterpiece of Taiwanese literature.

“Old Things of the City” was selected as the top 100 Chinese novels in Asia Weekly, and in 2000, it was also included in the must -read series of new curriculum middle school students. There are many articles in it that are also selected and selected for middle school textbooks. So this is a must -read classic.

Many people will also be strange that the theme of “Old Things in the South” is old Beijing and old Beijing affairs. In fact, there are so many books in this area. So why are there countless awards in this book?

Literary critics believe that the two themes of nostalgia and childhood make it stand out. The first is nostalgia. In fact, nostalgia is a very important theme content in Chinese literature. For example, Li Dushi, Wang Weideng, Dongpo Huaiyue, these are the treasures of art.

After modern literature, a number of new images emerged. For example, Mr. Lu Xun’s Luzhen, Mr. Shen Congwen’s Xiangxi, and in the “Old Things of the City”, Mr. Lin Haiyin’s image is Peiping. She depicts a style of old Beijing in the 1920s and 1930s. Therefore, to understand the tone of the entire book, it is inseparable from the interpretation of the feelings of the country.

The so -called nostalgia is the love township complex that we often mention. It is the original impression of human ancestors’ experience, emotion and experience in the past, and it is deeply engraved into our soul.

In “The Old Things of the City”, the yard of Yingzi’s family reflects the rich old Beijing characteristics. There are a lot of flowers and plants in her yard, a red pomegranate flower, a pink chip, a white jade pupa, a variety of horn flowers. There are small oil chickens, there are Bazhenmei in the Buddhist photo building, as well as those in the south of the city, the big drum book.

This is the Beiping in Lin Haiyin’s memory, and it is also a truly fascinating old Beijing. So if you bring your children to Beijing to play, you can go to the 5A scenic spots and remember to visit the alley. Inside, think about the life of the old Beijing before.

The hometown is actually the source of inspiration for creation, and it is also one of the eternal themes. The hometown is always home.

Perhaps the children are still young now and do not know the deep emotions of nostalgia. However, we have also discovered recently. Many WeChat public accounts have shouted loudly. The times have changed too quickly, many places have disappeared, and the countryside is gone. Our generation will lose our hometown with the next generation.

But in fact, you don’t have to panic. After watching the “Old Things of the City”, you will find that Yingzi’s hometown is composed of those living memories, so compared to travel, you may wish to engrave more beautiful marks in your child’s mind through your own way. For example, in the same place, go mountain climbing and climb in different seasons, so that after they grow up, whether they go out to study or work out of the country. Even if they are far away from their hometown, they will still have these childhood beauty in their minds, instead of reminding them. They only have endless homework and have a variety of helpless interest classes and make -up classes.

Mr. Lin Haiyin’s childhood is undoubtedly south of Beijing, and her childhood is also carefree. Because Lin Haiyin itself was born in an intellectual family. When she arrived at Beijing at the age of five, her father was also admitted to the Beijing Postal General Administration at the time. The family’s family did not worry about eating and dressing, and they were happy. However, Yingzi’s childhood was also seen in the book, and many other people’s sorrow and joy were also witnessed.

Crazy woman Xiuzhen led her daughter to find her fiance, but encountered misfortune. The thief he met to support his family with theft, and Aunt Lan escaped from a depressed place to pursue his happiness. Song Mom stayed away from her children for life.

These things are not only a childhood life depicted through Yingzi’s perspective, but also a portrayal of Beijing’s civilian life. What is worth noting here is that Grandma Lin Haiyin used a lot of details to pay attention to pavement. For example, Song Ma is from Shunyi County. She said it was not good. Parents who came from the south also said that they were not good. Mom told the Hui’an Pavilion as a “Gray Baby Pavilion”, and Dad told the Hui’an Pavilion as “Fei’an Pavilion”.

In fact, when interpreting a literary classic, let the child pay attention to details. Often the author’s seemingly inadvertent sentence, or a prop, in fact, it indicates the direction of the plot or the fate of the character.

For example, Song Ma and Yingzi’s mother’s seemingly stubborn dialect, although always became the object of ridicule, but the “difficulty” of the “Huihuang” indicates that Xiu Zhen who lives in it is about to be killed. Dad’s “Fei’an Pavilion” is someone who wants to go long. These interesting details, if you taste it when you read the parent -child, can undoubtedly enhance your child’s interest in reading.

Mr. Lin Haiyin and Mr. Cao Wenxuan together adopted a sorrow and no injury. Therefore, in the line of words, we can also experience the helplessness of her protagonist Yingzi, her little figure, but this helplessness is not reflected in the sorrow, but a humanistic feelings of compassion.

If the children are in reading, they can experience it

Although Yingzi is a young lady, she is brave, kind, and sympathetic. This is exactly what we expect children to do, and what we should tell the child is right and wrong, right, and not like we imagine It can be distinguished as simple as possible. In particular, don’t easily conclude a person or a matter of a label.

The span of the entire novel of “The Old Things of the City” was from Yingzi to five years old and continued to graduate from elementary school. Yingzi was sending the people around her in each chapter. She also practiced herself. Yingzi’s hometown and childhood in the memories. Everything, things, and scenery are like slow flowing water.

Therefore, in the works, we have also seen various images, slow camel teams, slow people who pass by, and slowly passing the years. Such an image is like Mr. Mu Xin’s poem “Slow”. “”

I remember when I was a teenager, everyone was sincere, saying a word, it was a word. In the morning of the train station, the long street was dark and there were no pedestrians. The small shop selling soy milk was hot. In the past, the Japanese color became slow, and the mail and horse emails were slow. The lock in the past is also good -looking, the key is exquisite, you lock, and people understand it.

Yingzi’s childhood “The Old Things of the City” occurred in the south of the city in Beijing. But whether it is from the northwest or Lingnan, children should have their hometown, childhood, and childhood.


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