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Choose 6 indicators of engineering shovel (lifeshovers), which is suitable for backpackers and camping 3 soldier shovel

A engineer shovel (life -saving shovel) can be used for many outdoor scenes.

The simplest usage is to use it to dig a hole to dig trenches, build shelons, fire pits, and so on.

When you want to get angry and have no ax, you can also treat it as a tool to split firewood.


Don’t forget, it can also be used as a self -defense weapon.


The sharpness of most lifelong shovel is enough for self -defense.

Although it may not be the ideal weapon to deal with its beasts, it can also be used if you have no other choice.

The following is the main function of the engineering shovel (life -saving shovel):





Self -defense



1. Why is it important for engineering shovel?

If you do not have a small ax or a sharp knife, the soldier shovel is the best tool for survival.

If you get lost in the woods, you may need to use a troops to shovel and use the surrounding vegetation to build a shelter.

When the jungle is explicit, the military shovel can clear the roadblocks and improve the speed of travel.

Engineering shovel has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

It is durable and easy to carry, and it comes with a lot of survival tools. It can be folded and carried on the body, or put in a backpack to cut off the branches and saw the wood.

The engineering shovel head is extremely sharp. When performing shovel, planing, and digging in the wild, it can greatly improve progress and efficiency.

At present, there are many types of engineering shovels on the market, and the quality is uneven. Choosing a engineering shovel suitable for outdoor activities may be a difficult thing.

However, today we will introduce the six major elements that you choose to choose to consider to everyone.

2. How to choose a engineering shovel:


1. Price:

The price often plays a decisive role in the process of choosing a military shovel. Many survival tools and equipment should be within the budget.

However, if you have conditions, never sacrifice quality and pursue cheapness.

on the contrary,

The best quality of investing in the budget is always one of the safety principles of outdoor sports



2. Material:

Steel and aluminum are the two most used materials for manufacturers.

Good military shovels often use 440 stainless steel shovel heads with aviation -grade aluminum shafts and accessories.


If you want a troops that can be used for more than ten or even decades, carbon steel may be a good choice.

3. How many tools are there:

Different engineering shovels often have different numbers of survival tools.

Refer to the outdoor activities you are going to do to determine which tools are needed by your activities, and then choose the appropriate military shovel according to your needs.


Most military shovels include more than a dozen basic tools, including but not limited to whistle, ice ax, knife, ax, ignition and hammer.

The important thing is to consider using multiple tools instead of buying separate tools, which can not only save money, but also save space.

4, durability:

This is very important for the soldiers shovel.

Because durability will allow you to take a long way on many survival items.

You need a survival shovel, which can handle abuse and multiple numbers of impact without scratches or dentasions.

In addition, durability will let you know how long it can last.

5, sharpness:

A good soldier shovel is easy to cut off wood, shrubs, and even stones.

The more sharply shovel, the better its effect.

Especially when it can be used as a survival tool, the troops shovel can do more and better than ordinary shovel.


Most soldiers have many sharp edges and can be used with guards.

6. Easy to assemble/carry:

Easy to assemble and carry is also the most important indicator for backpackers and outdoor workers.

Some soldiers may be difficult to store in the backpack. This is not to say that they are not designed well, but that they use different use scenarios.



Easy to assemble and easy to disassemble, it is always a reflection of the portability of soldiers shovel

At present, most soldiers shovel is designed with folding design. After using it, it is convenient to store in the bag.

Second, a engineering shovel suitable for hiking and camping:

1. SOG (SOG Folding Survival Shovel) Folding engineer shovel:


The SOG soldier shovel is 46cm in use, the folding is only 25cm long, and the total weight is 695 grams.

The shovel head is made of fire steel, and the shovel can also rotate 90 degrees down to form a hoe or pick.

The side of the shovel head is partially serrated. It is used for sawing wood and can be folded. The folding handle is made of carbon steel.

It is small enough to put it in the backpack and do not take up too much space.

It can also be easily hanged outside the backpack.


Light weight 695 grams

Small, can be folded to 25 cm

Comfortable triangular handle

Easy to carry


The short handle is more laborious to use


After a long use time, rust spots will appear.

2. Evatac Elite Tac Shove:

This is a suitable

Workers in short -distance wild travel, backpack hiking, hunting, fishing and camping.

It consists of 440 stainless steel shovel head and aviation -grade aluminum shaft and accessories.

This is a multi -functional integration tool, including the following functions





One word screwdriver

Cross screwdriver







Small saw


Iron rod

2X hexagon wrench

Two nylon with a shovel protective cover

Small and light

440 stainless steel provides corrosive and solid shovel head structure

Have many functions

Very useful mining weapon

It is easy to switch between straight shovel and 90 -degree hoe configuration


All blades are more blunt


3. Pathway North Camping Axe and Survival Shove:

PathwayS North is a combination of camping ax and survival shovel.

The compact type of foldable design combines the two most useful tools required for survival.

The ax is composed of chromium and carbon. Chromium and carbon are the two most hard metals. Therefore, its durability is excellent. It is used to build asylons, split small round wood, cut wood, etc.

This ax can also rescue people from the car in an emergency.

The handle is based on the anti -slip ergonomic design. Two long -bodies make this tool easy to use when digging deep pit.

The sides of the shovel cutting the roots, vines or branches, shrubs, etc. are very powerful.

Combination sets include: whistle, hexagon wrench, 2 X extension rods, screw knife set, window breakfast, portable tactical canvas pocket.


These survival or first -aid items are stored in the handle pipe. Essence

In addition, it is also a perfect chop, cutting, cutting, tool, and it is more appropriate if it needs to be defensive.

Super qulity

Very suitable for outdoor camping activities

Suitable for cutting wood, shrub or digging

You need to lubricate threads before assembly

Need to be tightened, because it is easy to spread

Working soldiers are almost widely used in countries around the world, and their functions are similar.

However, the production process of engineering shovel is very different.

There are many imitation engineering shovels on the market. Even if the appearance and function are the same, the structural design and metal materials are very different, which also directly leads to the low quality of imitation engineering shovels and the service life is greatly reduced.

So be careful when choosing a engineering shovel.