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“Plants War Zombie 2” evaluation: Following the classic plant defense zombie gameplay to protect the botanical garden

game introduction

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Plants vs. Zombie 2 is a new sequel to “Plants War Zombies”. On the basis of the classic plant defense zombie gameplay, the selection scene of plant energy, gesture props, zombie settings and game levels has been added. Fresh elements such as levels. At the same time, the game integrates elements such as instant strategy, tower defense war, and card collection. Players control plants to resist the attack of zombies and protect this botanical garden. Like the previous works, we can see the types of plants and zombies. It is only because the game of this evaluation is English version, so the content of the content is not understood, but as the Chinese version arrives soon, this problem will also be solved. However, it is worth mentioning that there are internal purchase links that players need to pay in PVZ2, but this version has helped players to crack.

Game characteristics


1. Theme page

The international version has always been the original style, while the Chinese version is the latest “steam era” page, so the Chinese version is relatively good.

2. Display

The international version is very clear, and the Chinese HD version is not as good as international, and the Chinese version of the card slot, plant, and maps appear a bit “fat”, and the international version looks slightly normal, so it is better than international.

3. level

After the level of the level, you will find that the Chinese version expands the field of view above the 5X9 grid, and the international version is a bit limited to 5X9, so the Chinese version is slightly better.

4. Map

After entering, of course, it is the map. After the first three maps, the international version is farewell and tedious, and the Chinese version still continues the big map. It is like the rupture of time and space and becomes a “road” method. However, the Chinese version of its own kung fu world is created, and the international version is faster than the Chinese version and each world has a rigid king, so both are good.

5. Reinforcement

Since the Chinese version continues the big map, the plant card slot+sun shovel+small cart+energy bean card slot+initial sunlight can be obtained directly, and there are individual enhancement in the international version that needs to be purchased, but this cracked version cannot be bought. Essence


6. Music

Not to mention the international version, the Chinese version of Egypt, Pirates, the West and Kung Fu all use a brief version of music. I still remember that when I was playing, “the music in PVZ was very nice, but why PVZ2 music was so boring” until I did After playing the international version, there are other international editions of music

7. Mini game

The international version of the magic potion, the sun bomb, the tank, and other levels are not interesting (the can the tank is slightly playing), but the Chinese version of the mini -game is unique, a single gun, a crazy doctor, a crazy theater, a teeth to teeth, a hundred steps to wear It is more interesting, so it is better in Chinese.

8. Unique

The international version has endless challenges. This is okay. For example, if the province is cleared, I want to play Egypt and do not know which level. Edition more maps and plants.

9. Get plant

Although the international version uses a road method, some plants still need to be purchased, and they can’t buy it; the Chinese version, only cherry bombs are obtained at 30 yuan (I heard that other places are particularly pitted), and other plants can pass the stars through the stars /Fragments/gold coins (about the stars and fragments, the stars in the future and the Dark Age of the stars need too many stars needed, and many players who play normally can not get basic good plants).

10. Plant enhancement

The international version is the garden mode. The plants obtained in the level can be planted. When you choose the level again, select the plant will immediately trigger the chlorophyll effect; the Chinese version is dressed and advanced. There are many, and zombies have advanced.

Cracked instructions

Built -in store patch, all the products in the store are free!

Plant fragments can be purchased infinitely, and plants can be upgraded arbitrarily!

Notice! Notice! Notice!

All products such as masonry, gold coins, and fragments of 2.1 billion are not available! Will be bad!

How to make your own level


First of all, prepare PVZ2 (version 6.2.1 and above), and MT Manager 2 (


click to download:


MT Manager 2)

1. Let’s enter first


2. Then we see our own level here


3. Let’s take a look at the level to read the level. Can you read smoothly?

4. After no problem, we will start to modify the level

5. Modify the zombie in the first step, we need to find wave1

6. The code of ordinary Zombies in Egypt is Mummy, and we can change its code to the code for specified zombies.

7. Then we went into the game to see and found that the modification was successful.

8. We can modify the level in accordance with this idea to achieve the production of homemade levels

All products such as masonry, gold coins, and fragments of 2.1 billion are not available! Will be bad!

All products such as masonry, gold coins, and fragments of 2.1 billion are not available! Will be bad!