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The color of the female owner’s house is beautiful, and the vanilla kitchen is called a exquisite modern, great

“Listening to our inner voice, it will guide us to find ourselves and dream.”


Internal guidance and chase for dreams, there will be a lot of bumpy and discouraged moments on this road. However, when we rest,

Looking at the clean and beautiful house, the hard -working body and mind, suddenly, suddenly produced a wonderful sense of satisfaction and happiness.

We all hope to embrace life in another way in our own home.

▲ The hostess Jen


Jen Azoulay, the creative director of the self -made clothing brand, is a blogger with a very fashionable taste. She and her dog Ringo took Jia’an in Los Angeles. She likes retro style. She has created a delicate and elegant home through integrating traditional elements and modern design.

A comfortable space that can call friends and friends together

▲ Living room details

Arrange a home, starting from the most important furniture,


With a row of comfortable sofas, the comfortable sofa that you don’t remember should be the first order of many people.


Here, the importance of the sofa is even more prominent. The purple velvet sofa that is surrounded by a U -shaped is found by the hostess after visiting a lot of home stores. Vitality and calm.

▲ Dining area

The simple and sharp concrete dining table, the spacious countertop space is enough to meet the daily needs for the hostess who likes to call friends and friends.

With classic home products in the 1950s,

Such as possess


Elegant curve No. 7 chair,

There is also the top of the head


Bubble Lamp series chandelier,

It looks not tacky at all, and it is not old at all.

Romantic colors make the kitchen more pleasant


▲ Kitchen details


U -shaped kitchen design, one -shaped island platform,

While maintaining the brightness of the kitchen space, it also allows the use of space to maximize the use.

Gentle vanilla color cabinet+gray artificial stone table,


Interpret the modern minimalist style.

The owner feels that the kitchen is a vital place. Even if you live alone, you are willing to make a good meal for yourself, or invite friends, or bring your pets, here you can release yourself.


▲ Cabinet details


The kitchen space compares the living room, and it is much tough. Vanilla -colored cabinets, compared to common kitchen colors, can drive away dullness, low saturation, simple elegance in simplicity, and look more advanced. However, the grasp of this color is more difficult, and the deepening or shallow effect will be greatly reduced.

In reality, if you want to install a little bit of color, in general, you need to customize your favorite latex paint color to the cabinet manufacturer. Of course, all wooden work can be operated like this.

Easily hold the lazy and comfortable rest situation

▲ The master bedroom details

The heroine’s love for classic home works in the last century is also reflected in the bedroom. The minimalist and warm log beds and bedside tables of the same color, as well as French designers

Serge Mouille Fire all over the world

With the ginger cotton and linen bed, the comfortable and comfortable atmosphere of the natural close is flowing here.

Moreover, the owner also set up a projector on the wall, and the lazy life lying in bed at night was enviable.

And this LC4 lounge chair designed by Le Corbusier in 1928,

Now it still looks fashionable. The details of the H -shaped base, the hidden cushion and the head pillow make it a frequent visitor in many high -end indoor houses. In the view of the heroine, lying here to take a nap, or read a book, is the best choice to enjoy peaceful moments in a busy life.

▲ Reservation details


As a Virgo fashion blogger, the wardrobe is definitely very interesting. For the female lead who is the whole wardrobe, the obsessive -compulsive disorder tendency

Progressive color, display according to category

The clothing storage of other methods let us see a well -organized and convenient coat space.

▲ Corner details


This marble table was originally used as a table, but it was too small and turned into a desk. It was born in 1952 that it was born in 1952

Harry Bertoia metal net chair,

Exploring the modern aesthetics of a strong metal and stone. There are still on the table

Hay’s Matin folding umbrella table lamp

, Increased a lot of poetic and literary flavor.

Regardless of the size of the house, there will be a white -leisure at home, which can be alone and empty. This corner is the room for relaxation of the hostess. Sitting elegantly on a diamond chair, with warm lights, bringing a rare tranquility.

You only need a little green embellishment to be different


▲ Details

Light or white bathroom space is very common, but through a transparent acrylic wash basin, give

The white -based bathroom space adds a touch of green embellishment, and immediately makes the entire space appear vibrant.


And the curved lines and the wavy mirror echoed, highlighting the sense of fashion.

As a fashion blogger, the heroine likes to take pictures here and share daily wear. The pure white background is the best filter and can be perfectly matched with various styles of dressing.

The white home that is clearer than the sky

▲ House appearance

The seemingly colorless “white” is the background that can release people’s emotions.

Like a white house, because it is pure enough and bright enough, you can set off other materials and items brighter.

Here, not only the outer wall, but even the ceiling are white, which appears more open and tolerant, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


▲ Garden details

The spacious courtyard space is one of the charm of this home.


Hay’s classic Palissade series outdoor table chair


It is a star in outdoor furniture. It can be seen in many net celebrities’ homes or cafes, coffee shops, and courtyards. The owner chose a deeper black model. With the appearance of the white house, the strong contrast seemed full of existence and high -level texture.


Home is the epitome of living people living. The furniture and color of the family are not as many, the key is just right. For home design, finding out what you need is the primary problem.

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▲ The master bedroom details