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5 casual canvas bags that are not heartache casually

do not know



What kind of bags do we usually do when we go to work?

For a while I bought those beautiful but not using it

(Can’t install a computer)

Hand/underarms bag, but the chance of actually use is not particularly high. Occasionally, when dating on weekends …

As a new media worker,

Basically, computer phones are not left away

, Colleagues also take the computer home every day to rush the manuscript, always carrying a variety of large bags in the storm, walking in the storm, walking in the storm, walking in the storm.

So have a large bag that can be installed,

It is indeed a rigid need for social livestock and student party

(I didn’t say that the social animal was bad)

Essence And I personally prefer to work on environmental protection bags, light weight and not tolerate shoulders. The key price is very touching. If you think about it so, no one does not love it?

Today, I recommend you canvas bags suitable for commuting. It is not only beautiful in appearance, solid, practical and resistant, but also the capacity.

Basically, it is a hundred yuan brand that can be bought by Taobao!

Then not much to say, while the Taobao 88 promotion has not passed, you can get the discount price by the way, and prepare the wallet to be enough!

Ruo Su Liangpin

It is a original baggage shop that I have been concerned about for many years. The canvas bag is the absolute



Pass. The types of bags are super rich, canvas and shoulder bags, backpacks and pockets are all available. The price is generally around 45

Its bag patterns are super cute, soft cute girls must not miss,

Simple Japanese style design

The overall style is small and fresh, the color color is gentle and fresh, very summer




It is very surprising on the details of its bags and parts, and you will find some very clever small designs.

for example


Different colored stitching bags, double straps, drawstring and other inconspicuous design


, Make the environmental protection bag not so boring, and not afraid of bad streets


Green canvas bag

The color is very suitable for summer back. The bag material is thick canvas. It is slightly more hardly more three -dimensional. The three -dimensional filling shoulder strap bag is also one of the characteristics. It is a bit like a sponge.



Folding canvas tolerance


The tight design in front makes the bag more stylish. The simple and cute pattern in the middle is the design of the magic sticker, which can be replaced.

Editor Yaoyao bought this canvas bag last year and is still in use!

The bag capacity is super super large


Yao Yao said that she often took a computer home to write a manuscript, so basically she was a sailing bag to commute and installed one.



It’s more than enough, you can put a cosmetic bag and so on …


And it is particularly light to carry, there is still inside


Beam design

, Prevent things from falling out


In addition, the recent new drawing folds folds canvas bags are also surprising.

Use the elasticity of the loose band to pump folds


You must know that the canvas bag has no pattern blessing, you have to be clever design support, simple but very special bag

If you feel that the color is not bright enough, you can look at the discry, which is also a drawing line design.

Read -eyebrows on the street


Well, ok, wipe

It also has a lot of cute hanging buckles, you can hang it on your bag

Crying center

It is a local brand in Guangzhou. It is a non -gender wear, men and women can wear, and clothes are basic models.


But simple basic models are actually difficult. To test the outline version, the texture of the fabric, and the details of the details. I have also bought its clothes by myself.


Both quality and price are beautiful

The compatibility of the body is also very high

Its bag money is also very good, I bought its house

Blue canvas bag

, Just 50


The quality of the hand is very good

And the color is very special,

The combination of yellow and Klein blue is very fried

One side is its special illustration, and the other side is eye -catching text. The two backings can stand out in the canvas bag.

Simple bag+illustration+eye -catching color color


It is the characteristics of its family, it is really difficult to hit the bag at work and commute

I am here

Seeing this canvas bag on the little red book of the principal, the color is almost in my heart ❤️




I also fancy, please ask the shopkeeper to go to new!

In addition to the complicated canvas bags, there are also this relatively low -key and simple canvas computer bag. Although it seems ordinary, the bag is at first glance



, But it is not mediocre, the key is not expensive! If some friends go to work, if you have strict requirements for clothing, this is also a good choice

One more


Canvas Pinpacker Postbox


There is no complicated design, the style is very young. Although you can’t let go of the computer, the daily commuting capacity is also very large.


The practical large -capacity Totbags that everyone has been seeking before. There are really many in its family. They are not all canvas bags. They are quite practical.

The chance of repetitive use will be high

Capacity player fitness package

, I feel that I can install the entire universe and also use it as a travel bag.

Yun Duo hand -random bi -use bag is also suitable for commuting


Oil wax



Polyton bag


A bit





In the future, the meaning of technology, the pattern on the bag is its iconic



There are two size



Usually, you’re going to work to decorate fragmented items

Not only the shape ️, the quality is also strong,


Most prices are basically concentrated in one or two hundred yuan

You can start without eating soil!


Capsule events


Founded in 2017, the domestic niche bag brand, the main canvas bag design, the design is more pioneer, the first feeling given is a very high -end tide brand. Once you enter the pit, you want to buy seven or eight home!


Cpapsule events

Can be said to have seen it

One of the most patient brands of polishing bags

, There are not many new styles every time, but they are very personalized

Each bag is made of highly difficult handmade methods, so basically each bag has spent a lot of thoughts to make. This



Irregular black and white letters canvas bags

The attitude text above is completely hand -dyed


Series canvas bag

It uses its unique handmade infection, each of which is unique


New ocean

The series is also

Handmade infection process+three -dimensional embroidery

, The design is very strong, the deep and shallow blue looks



Refreshing, suitable for summer back ~


What makes me feel stunning is its home


Handmade burning canvas bag


In the column, there are irregular holes left on the canvas, and the texture effects on the bag are randomly generated.




The burning texture is relatively obvious, there are irregular holes left by burning, and there is a sense of artistic art of withering roses.




Also use focus process

The most special is burning edge or


Magic sticker design

, The shape can be free


, Very personality, I must be asked the link!


But because of hand -made,

It’s best not to clean the bag often

, Destroy the original packaging type, do not clean it with other light clothes to avoid dyeing.

The price in today’s environmental protection bag is expensive.


The bags are between 79-285

, I like the special, unique style, can


Its bag

Super geometry

It is a new brand of the country, “ghost horse” and “fun” are its consistent style, with simple


The geometric pattern is mainly, which is quite recognizable

Its bag

Basically, they are both double -sided design


, Different designs on both sides are equal to two bags!


I am in my each other at a glance

Super geometric environmental protection woven shopping bag


(Not a canvas bag)


, Drag a very attitude, one side is “not welcome”, and the other side is “




“, Kebuki crossbody

You must not let go of this one with coffee star


“Dalvation coffee”

“People in the painting”

The design of the canvas bag is inspired by the legendary female painter in Mexico



And American female chess player


, Are all contemporary independent women in the world, remind you that no one can define what kind of sex should do, what should be done?




1 The bag of its house is too characteristic, that is, the kind of at a glance makes people keep in mind that there is no need to be afraid of hitting the bag when you carry the door.

Closed -eyed versatile

“Super Chai”

Azhai dog’s head is cute and loved, and a few simple strokes are very vivid. Red and black with yellowed canvas. The design is very special.

“be the best you can be



The green pattern environmentally friendly bag is super suitable for summer! Intersection Although it is single -sided, because of the design concept, “There are a lot of flash points on everyone”, it is quite poke to the heart.

The overall price is also 50/60

It is not a soft canvas material. The texture belongs to the kind of thick canvas. If you do n’t have to install things, you have a lot of sense. It is quite stylish and the capacity is still large. In short, it is very recommended.

Four is


The home bag is very low -key,

There is no design

, It’s all this warm rural wind or simple commute wind

Simple and comfortable literature, retro, versatile, lightweight

… These keywords are reflected in its bags, not only to win by the bag, but also the quality is also over.

Polka dot+striped jacquard combination is very advanced

On the surface, there is also a layer of thick European roots. The lining is the splicing of linen and bright silk. Seeing the sparkling drip is good.

“Mianmian Ice Cream” shoulder bag of the shoulder bag seems very ordinary.

The overall soft and thick durability

Golden European Roots and Color Lines woven handbags,

The fabric is in the sun



Super dazzling

Usually go out and some things are right, and commuting is okay, but the bag can’t put the computer.

Four hours

In the aspect of texture, it is really a must,


The price will not be high

, Top Tot Bags in 100

For left and right, don’t forget that its home is essentially canvas bags, not at all delicate.


There are a lot of it in it

Well -folding autumn and winter retro grid model

, Extraordinary and unique

The warm color is a whole set


Increase some temperature


Small floral garden bag

It is my favorite French retro style, with a relaxed and casual feeling. In autumn with retro skirts, and sweater coats are super finishing touch.

There’s some left

Cute and loved toilet

, Usually, can be used as a hand bag or sandwiched under the armpit, the capacity is enough


However, the store style is a bit small. I hope that the owner can produce a good -looking style 8!


Well, ok, wipe


Crying center



Cpapsule events



Series canvas bag