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Changdezin: Party history learning and education promoted to solve the “dead knot” for more than three years

The electricity fee “heart knot” coordinates the scene.

Passenger tranquility is completed and accepted.

The construction site of the sewage network of Jiangnan Mingyuan Community.

Red Net At the moment Changde, May 8th News

(Correspondent Zhuo Lingli) Since the development of party history learning and education, Changdejin City Xiangyang Street Street has promoted the party’s history of reading party history, attending the party lesson, remembered the revolutionary martyrs’ activities, and “I do practical things for the masses” to promote the party History and education into the minds and educated into the minds, deeply solved the “dead knot” for more than three years.

Solving troubles for nearly 3 years of electricity costs

“Thank you so much, I didn’t expect to return these electricity bills.” On March 22, Chen Chunxia, ​​owner of the Baiguoyuan Fruit Store in Shangjuyi Pin, after receiving the refunded 2008 yuan electricity bill, the street staff continuously continued to the street staff again and again. thank.

Wang Heqing, an old party member of the street mass studio, is the coordinator of the “electricity fee of electricity” in the community. In December 2020, he received a report from the owner of the Baichaoyuan Fruit Store in the area that since September 2018, the three shops of “Power Supply” to the same building for the same building have charged electrical bills, which does not meet the relevant electricity price regulations. They used to Communicate the incident many times to the hotel and the power department. Because the community power supply is a dedicated transformer, and the power department has no right to adjust various reasons, it is still charging unreasonable electricity bills.

“Transfer power supply” means that power grid companies cannot directly supply power to end users. They need to be transferred from other entities. To find out whether the price increases in the middle, there must be evidence. Wang Heqing took the initiative to pick up the power supply company of Jinjin City and Shangju Yipin Hotel to inquire about the electrical fee details and actual payment of the three shops involved from September 2018 to December 2020. The dense pair of papers, the 66 -year -old Wang He Qing brought the old flower mirror, and calculated the difference of 56,756 yuan without stopping for 3 days.


“We all share an elevator. The elevator maintenance costs more than 6,000 a year, and the charging equipment also requires thousands of thousands. In addition to daily hygienic cleaning and fire protection equipment maintenance, our expenditure is also very large.” The hotel owner said. When the shop has reached an increase in power collection fees with the surrounding stores to make up for daily expenses, it is resolutely disagreed with the difference.

One month later, the two sides demanded the same “dead knot”. Wang Heqing began to think about, how can you come up with a discount? He has come to the door many times to understand the requirements and contradictions made by the two parties. He listed three working plans to convene two parties to put things on the desktop. Through 4 coordination meetings and 2 hearings, with the efforts of various parts of the streets, judicial, and communities, the hotel and 3 shops finally reached an agreement: the difference of 11,260 yuan! Agree to charge a 9 -point electricity fee for daily management expenditures per kWh. At this point, the electricity bill that has troubled the two parties in the past three years has finally been solved.


With a good walk and a safe way

“A road can’t go, one road is hard to walk!” It was difficult to travel to the most headache for the residents of the old orchard village.

It is reported that the residents of Lao Guoyuan Village have rely on two roads since traveling. One road is the main freight channel of local enterprise Hunan Salt Salt Co., Ltd., Hunan Province. Large -scale loading vehicles come and go. Another road is the production area of ​​Daoxiangyu Salt Corporation. Since the end of 2019, Hunan Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. has transformed into a state -owned food production and processing enterprise in Hunan Province. According to the requirements of food production, a closed management area must be implemented. This road has “cannot go.”

After learning that the crowd of travel difficulties, the main person in charge of the street conducted a field investigation on Laochaoyuan Village many times, negotiated with relevant municipal departments and enterprises, and built a mountain road for residents. Open. The residents of Lao Guoyuan Village were definitely convenient for travel, but soon after, the problem gradually appeared. “The original roads are more convenient to buy food and school. The new roads are far away, the slope is also steep, and the small electric vehicle is still unable to go.” Many residents reflect that the elderly and children at home are not convenient to travel. Considering the actual situation of the elderly and students, the streets have once again negotiated and communicated with relevant municipal departments and enterprises, and raised 1.3 million yuan under various efforts to build a new tranquility along the enterprise along the company. In mid -April 2021, the pedestrian road was officially completed and accepted, and the problem of difficult travel for residents of Laouoyuan Village was finally resolved!

The “small pond” next to the home no longer

“It’s so good, this sewer problem has finally been solved!” Residents near the Jiangnan Mingyuan Community in Jinshi City were glad at the sewage pipes that were excavated, and the problem of anti -water pipelines that had troubled the water pipes over the years must finally be completely resolved.

It turned out that there were certain design defects in the original sewage pipe network of Jiangnan Mingyuan Community in the area. In 2018, with the increase of the number of owners of the community, the sewage of residents has been difficult to discharge, and anti -water phenomena often appear in the sewer. As soon as the low -lying land on the east side of the community encounters heavy water, it has accumulated water into a “small pond”. Nearby residents are very troublesome. Wang Min, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, learned about this when visiting the street voter Li Guotao. “I live next to this. I often accumulate water next to the room. Although the community will help, it is not a way to draw such a way. It is necessary to find a way to solve it thoroughly.”

Wang Min remembered the “suffering of the heart” in his heart, reported to the Street People’s Congress Working Committee, and checked the stagnant area with the director of the Working Committee of the People’s Congress of the Street. Later, actively feedback from the municipal residential construction department, negotiated in the same community developer, renamed the sewer, and laid new pipelines to access the city’s southern sewage pipe network. In mid -April, the sewer renovation project was launched. It is expected to be completed in May. It will completely solve the problem of anti -water water problems and solve more than 80 surrounding residents for many years.


Since the development of party history learning and education, Xiangyang Street has taken the practical activity of “I do practical things for the masses” as an important part of party history learning and education. At present, the streets have carried out a series of activities such as “sending posts to the door of the house”, “five -entry”, on -site authentication services, damaged pavement rectification, and sanitary environment cleaning, so that the masses can feel the effectiveness of the party’s care and study and education.