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Today, the highest temperature is to climb 30 degrees. How can Xia get to choose? Light, breathable, not vulnerable, good texture

Last week, Hangzhou’s temperature was not high, and the wind was blowing, which made people have an illusion that has not yet entered the summer. At the beginning of this week, the sun was no longer stunned. Standing in the sun for a long time, he was sweating straight.

Today’s temperature in Hangzhou will also be climbed to 30 degrees, and the taste of summer is back.

Is your quilt replaced with a thin quilt in summer?

Many friends may not know how to choose Xia? The reporter specially interviewed Yang Shaoqin, the sales leader of the Hangzhou leading home textile brand ASIA family. He said,

The quilt in summer is not thin, there are many key choices!

First of all



Essence “Summer quilts are not as thin as better. The too thick cup is very hot and can’t sleep at night, but it is too thin and easy to catch a cold, especially at night, the temperature is reduced, and the air conditioner is turned on again. Choose the thickness of the summer quilt. “

The weather is hot in summer, and it is easy to sweat on our bodies, so


It is also an important reference point for choosing the summer quilt.

Silk quilt

It is a very good choice. 100%of the silk is core. It is very humid and breathable, and it is not easy to sweat.

Yang Shaoqin also said that summer quilt is recommended to choose

Good clean and easy to take care

of. Because summer is the most vigorous season for the reproduction of animals and plants, and it is also the time when microorganisms and bacteria are most likely to breed, so the quilt is easy to stick to sweat and dirty things. So the best choice


Can directly machine washing

Summer quilt.


The last point must be

Soft and comfortable

Essence “In summer, everyone usually does not wear pajamas with long -sleeved trousers.

Good texture


The soft quilt can sleep more comfortably. “

The “Everyone Life” platform has a number of summer quilts on the Aris family,

The cost -effective fiber quilt, breathable and soft silk quilt

, Continue to do a hundred and ten activities, everyone prepares a thin quilt in the summer in advance.

Choose Xinjiang Cotton

Soft fluffy, skin -friendly breathable

The quilt is covered with it and used it every day, so the soft fabric is the first question everyone pays attention to. This time, the new thin quilt fabrics were good. The reporter touched it himself, and the material was soft and skin -friendly.

Yang Shaoqin, the person in charge of the company’s sales, said: “Four air -conditioning summer was selected by 100%cotton, cotton from Xinjiang, and experienced sufficient light for 3,500 hours. Dry. “


Among them, the fabric of the rhyme printing summer also uses a small jet technology, so the fabric is more soft and comfortable, and the feel is delicate.

Another silk quilt uses Laisle, commonly known as sky velvet, which is composed of natural plant fibers. The texture is soft, humid and breathable, and it is not easy to shrink.

In terms of core, air -conditioning summer is used in high -quality polyester fibers, which is fluffy and cool. Silk Xia was core 100%silk, soft silk, very comfortable hand, and fine sewing, which can fix the filling well.

Not only that, these thin quilts do not need to be quilt, they can be used directly, and the color is fresh and generous. The cold -air summer is a cold color suitable for summer, mainly blue -purple, lemon aroma, star blue … the names of the style sound and cool.

Can be washed up without quilt

Easy to take care

The use of these thin quilts can not only cover it, but also has many uses. Pure cotton diagonal air conditioning is 1.5 meters*2.15 meters small size, which is particularly suitable for placing on the sofa. The weather is hot, and when you watch TV, you can turn on the air conditioner. If you feel a little hot, you can put it with a cover and cover.

Many children also need a nap in school. They can also consider starting a small -sized summer quilt and sleep on their bodies to avoid cold colds during a nap.

According to Yang Shaoqin, some thin quilts also bought them as pads. “Some customers feel that the sheets are too thin, and it is easy to slide on the bed. I like to get the summer air -conditioning and be cushted below, and it is very soft and comfortable.”

In short, these thin quilts have a lot of use, and they do not need to be quilt. The cost -effective is very high.

I believe you have any questions. If you do n’t use the quilt, what should I do if the quilt is dirty? Don’t worry, these quilts can be washed, so cleaning is very convenient and not easy to deform. It is easy to take care of.

The Xia family was also given a preferential price by the Asseli family. At the same time, the “platform” was also overlapping the activities of 100 percent, and it was also free of charge.

These summer are good quality and the price is very cost -effective. Don’t miss it if you like a nap in summer ~

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