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Zhu Yawen also wear padded juvenile sense, sweater with jeans very significant figure, sportsman temperament Bel foot

# What to wear today?

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# Winter life card season #

Now it has come to the coldest of the season, even if it is estimated that men do not wear cotton clothing also could not stand up. Thick padded winter really is the most indispensable single product, not only wore


Very warm


Super practical

, Which is whether it is with a shirt or sweater, a perfect way to digest oh.

However, cotton is the most likely to Dachu single product passers sense, after all, we are wearing winter stereotyped shape, plus the boys wear girls not to catch so pay attention, it is easy to look

Bloated and atheism

. So how to ensure that in the case of temperature, the maximum extent possible to enhance their recognition of it?

The correct answer would outfit in Zhu Yawen of these sets of cotton, it turns out, choose cotton, cotton setting up, who can do

Stylish and practical


Men pick cotton tips

Not vote to choose a short length


Zhu Yawen are middle age is not greasy, dress with very chic, warm cotton wear clothing fashion sense. After the men to a certain age, you need to avoid too much in their own style

Greasy heavy

Feeling, so is used in cotton


Cotton short section of the hand is more conducive to reflect the proportion of body on the lower body, but it also appears to make a thick padded

More refreshing


Imagine itself has thick padded enough then with the length of the calf, and even the perfect body models are unruly, let alone ordinary people do? Moreover, the men of the dark has always been

Preference for me


And put it deep enough, and then with the long paragraph is really significant seasoned extreme.

Therefore, when men try to choose cotton


Select short paragraph

, Extra baggage men may choose not too hip hem

Many long paragraphs.


Thin not selected thickness selected from

Select cotton clothing plus body is of course


But if you still want to pursue some of the

Fashion sensation

, Then you do not choose too fluffy material.

Material factors that directly affect the perception of shapes, like the “bread service” so that the people will be directly in the visual fat lap, looking even more chubby.

Men do not wear after Samaranch girls

Lovely and by age

, But it is a kind of nondescript feeling.

However, under the same thermal conditions, if replaced leather fabric, then the visual effect is completely different. Leather fabric on the one hand is more three-dimensional stiffness of the material, in terms of contours is very distinctive, full version of the type plate board is simply

The weapon was thin.

On the other hand, the cortex itself is tough and masculine spirit consistent, more in line with

Male charm.

So the election is thin thickness men should not vote in the selection of cotton, note

Core principles.

Solid reduced with difficulty

Because winter weather is too cold, so we will not help to wearing a lot of clothes, in order to avoid mistakes, chose the most simple pure color is the most insurance. Whether black or mature

Cool colors


, All belong

Basic paragraph

Color, allowing you to appreciate the mix of fun and pleasure at the same time can freely mix.


Especially for those principles rather ambiguous fashion boys in terms of the top and bottom with a solid color outfit will become much simpler.

Stitching fabric fashion Dafa increase

It is difficult to find a purely leather fabric of cotton, mostly carries it throughout the body type version of the building, because the advantages of the cortex is very obvious.

But Xiao Bian also suggested that more choice

Stitching jacket

Splicing approach to fashion becomes a very simple matter, but also truly

Warm and fashionable


Note padded with a few broad principles

Comparison principle

Tips1: width contrast

Zhu Yawen also have to wear padded


With jeans, sweater very significant figure, sportsman temperament Bel foot. While the boys are very thin for the value, but can reduce the contrast using the width little heavy cotton is good.

However, the choice is wider at the

Narrow outer width

This can be worn to the maximum extent possible contraction of cotton out of a sense of expansion, which highlight the superiority of men of stature.

Tips2: color contrast

Although solid mix can reduce the difficulty of modeling, but small series does not suggest that you have chosen to toe

The same color

, From a distance up is a whole slice of

Fuzzy feeling

, The lack of minimum

The level and structure


Therefore the color contrast is added is necessary, and may be compare to upload and download divided superior

The proportion of lines

, It can be inside the ride and comparison also reveals straight jacket

Slender body line.

Tips3: length comparison

The final step is padded and inside the ride

Length comparison

, In fact, it is to create the shape of the structure, so that the stack does not seem Jackets

Bloated cumbersome

. If it is padded with a short section of the sweater, you can choose the length of the sweater is more than

Length of cotton

By Wei Yi Yi exposed to create a casual fashion pendulum effect.


But if it is padded with a relatively short section of the shirt, etc.

Ably inside the ride

Or padded long section, you should choose the shape is greater than the outside in, otherwise it will seem

Too messy.

Pay attention to layering

Although the above comparison principle for shaping the layering is certainly helpful, but layering effect the most important thing in

Neckline design

superior. Take the collar and jacket collar must take a different design, it will not have a repeat cumbersome feeling.

Here, Xiao Bian recommended for everyone comparison of two classic match. The first is to use a hooded sweater with

Collarless cotton

The sweater hat resting on the outside, really

Street lifestyle.


The second is to choose padded lapel or hat comes with cotton, which coupled with the simple round neck in a ride on it.


Within a round neck, relatively speaking will take a few more wild, but also

More docile

, With the hooded padded in the end it is the practical implementation of the two words.

Try to structure contours

If you can not resolve out of cotton


, It can go up as much as possible in the construction of other single product

Line sensation

. Select the relatively stiff straight jeans, straight out of shape can weaken the sense out of cotton

A sense of expansion.

Or with Martin Knight boots or boots, after wearing a very significant leg is straight.

Color echo

But apart from the clothing itself, other jewelry is equally important. Whether wearing a hat, scarf or around the back of the bag, try not to add an additional color.

In order to maintain the whole shape

Minimalist fashion sense


Best to choose a color model as the color of which echoes both stylish and can show men capable neat.

As long as you follow the small series to teach you the skills padded to match, not only to wear warm, but also very significant


The difficulty of modeling is pulled low directly to you, the novice can also rest assured use oh.

Not vote to choose a short length