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What is the effect of Estee Lauder’s new “Multi -effect Zhiyan Evening Cream”

Recently, Estee Lauder Domoty Yanyan series has a night cream, and many bloggers and experts are promoting. Many small partners have a private letter Zhen Yan, hoping to analyze it. Because the autumn and winter season is coming, the essence and emulsion can no longer meet the needs of the skin, and the cream is needed to bless. Zhen Yan carefully read the filing composition table of this product and felt that there was a writing content, so write about the article carefully.

Estee Lauder Duo Zhiyan Night Cream products are as above, net content: 50ml, official retail price: 880 yuan, the price is very Estee Lauder. Zhen Yan downloaded the ingredient table from the website of the Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau, as shown below:

Estee Lauder’s past cream, most of the oil selection, mostly synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are stable, simple in ingredients, and easy to control quality. They can make smooth and delicate skin feels, bringing special “high -level sense” to consumers. The advantages of synthetic oils are outstanding, but there are also insufficient. Some synthetic oils and skin are poorly soluble. It is not easy to be absorbed and used after penetrating into the skin. Although it does not cause damage to the skin, the ability to nourish the skin is worse.

Compared with the synthetic oil, plants and animal oils come from nature. Most of them are well -soluble with the skin. After penetrating the skin, they can be used by the skin and nourish the skin without rejection. In addition to the triglyceride of the vegetable oil, vegetable oil also contains many antioxidant and anti -aging ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Of course, there are some irritating components. Since the outbreak of the British Crazy Cow, animal oils are worried that the virus carried by animals has been transmitted to humans, and the application of animal oils in cosmetics has become less and less.

The disadvantages of vegetable oils are also obvious. The place of origin is different, and the years are different. The vegetable oil will be different, and the quality is not easy to control. The composition of vegetable oil is complicated, and purification treatment needs to be done. Purification technology and technology will affect the final quality. In the process of purification, some ingredients that are beneficial to the skin may be lost. Botanical oils are much worse than synthetic oil.

A little running, returned to talk about Estee Lauder’s Wisdom Wise Night Cream. In terms of oil selection, this night cream is used to use less synthetic oils, with vegetable oil, advanced fatty acids, and fattyol as the moisturizing ingredient.

The first ingredients are water, and the second ingredient is

Wild soybean oil


The touch is soft, and the skin is smooth and delicate. It has the effect of relieving dry skin, obvious effects, and nourishing the skin. The third ingredient is

Bitterness/citrin/pecmethyl acid/hard fatty acid triglyceride

Extracting from coconut oil can soften the skin and have the effect of promoting penetration.

The fourth ingredient is

Sweet tonsil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil


Many small partners of this vegetable oil may not have heard of it, but saying that sweet almond oil may have heard of most friends, especially those who know essential oils. Sweet almond oil is one of the most commonly used massage oils. Sweet tonsil oil is sweet almond oil, one oil, two names. Sweet tonsil oil is gentle, lubricated, and not greasy. It is an ideal face and whole body oil. The effect of nourishing and moisturizing is good. It also has the effect of slightly soothing and anti -allergies. It has a certain effect on improving skin dedivilation and itching.

The fifth ingredient is polymailing siliconane, which can improve the skin feel and texture of the paste. In addition to the three large -scale vegetable oils above this cream, some vegetable oils are added as a supplement. Full of leaf Australian nut seed oil and olive fruit oil.

The choice of this cream in moisturizing oil is still good. The vegetable oil and skin are soluble in good solubility, which can nourish the skin and improve the symptoms of dryness, roughness, and water shortage. The texture will not be sticky and heavy. In the autumn and winter seasons, most of the skin can be used, with medium moisturizing. If dry skin is slightly insufficient in the dry and cold season, it will feel dry and need to be dry and need to be matched with other products.


The sixth component is

Acetyl sixth peptide-8

One of the most commonly used anti -aging ingredients in Estee Lauder is a biological active peptide, which is similar to Botox, which can inhibit the release of acetylcholine to reduce muscle contraction and achieve the purpose of removing wrinkles. This ingredients have sufficient amount, and there are still some effects. In this cream, the sixth is ranked sixth. There should be no enough amount. It is a routine addition and has anti -wrinkle effect, but it is not excellent. It is estimated that Estee Lauder believes that consumers will use this cream with the essence of her house, so there is no need to add enough. It is also possible to use this cream to locate the use of old skin.

Another component of this cream focusing on speculation is


Moringa pterygosperma seed extract

However, there are very few related information, which has the effects of antioxidant and anti -aging, but it is more difficult to judge to what extent. Zhen Yan tends to be an auxiliary ingredient. Another component of Estee Lauder’s hype is nicotinamide, but the addition here should not be higher than 2%. It is estimated that it can play a cooperation in brightening skin color and antioxidant. In summary, this cream has the effect of anti -aging and wrinkle, but compared with the essence of his family, the effect is still inferior.

In terms of the use of water -soluble moisturizing agents, this mask maintains the consistent level of Estee Lauder. In addition to glycerin, butanol and other alcohol moisturizers, a variety of plant extracts are added. For example: glycerin, water, watermelon fruit extract, soldering bean fruit extract, apple fruit extract, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, this raw material is reproducible, containing a variety of excellent moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing effects good. There are also acetyl glucosamine, sodium polytramine, hydroxyetoette, -like kelp extract, algae extract, cucumber fruit extract, milk protein, etc., all of which are some good moisturizers. It has a certain effect on improving skin dryness, peeling, and roughness.

This cream adds a lot of plant extracts, some of which have the effects of anti -inflammatory, blood circulation and stasis, and promoting blood circulation. Coupled with caffeine, it can accelerate blood circulation, avoid metabolic waste accumulation in the skin, improve the dark skin tone dark Shen has a little effect to brighten the skin. Some pigments are added to the ingredients to adjust the color of the cream.

In summary, this night cream is moisturizing, not greasy and heavy, smooth and smooth, and has a good improvement effect on dryness, water deficiency, and rough skin. In terms of anti -aging, wrinkle, brightening skin tone, and improving dullness, it has a certain effect, and the effects in all aspects are relatively balanced. The disadvantage is that in addition to moisturizing, other effects are not particularly strong. It belongs to daily high maintenance products. It is suitable for old -age skin. Mature skin is recommended to use strong essence.

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